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Review:rozen_maiden says:
Huh... Despite what Scorpius thinks, the scene with Hector and Rose had me completely on edge with worry that she was going to tell Flynn about her and Scorp. Not really the time or place, and I'm glad that she didn't. But, Scorpius was upset about it, a lot, which brings me back to the huh and thought of Miranda and Flynn ... His clear hatred towards Hector *does* go beyond that schoolboy rivalry, and I if I remember correctly, you may have mentioned before about Miranda cheating on Scorpius with Flynn ..?
Hmm, a hard situation for the young Malfoy. So very different from his father and grandfather, yet clearly a Malfoy - and I love that. I love that you haven't just made him completely different and better than what his ancestry is. He slips between brave and bitter fluently, and, man, did it really come out in this chapter. As I was reading the Jones, Selena and Scorpius scene, I was just cringing with the anger he was unleashing .. But Selena: "Did I stutter, Malfoy?" Ha! What a girl. She surprises me every chapter.
Ugh, and the part with Albus. That is sad ... I just hope that Scorpius can look back and see what Albus was trying to say about himself always being there for Scorp.

As much as I love the romance in this story, I really feel like it back burns with the amazing plot, and the curious - exceptionally curious - appearance of Thane. I can't even begin to guess his intentions or goals... He is the perfect picture of a psychopath without the title to go with, and barely knowing anything about him, I'm hesitant to say he's a psychopath. Though they have been through his file, I still feel like I know nothing about him. And to top it off - though it is probably completely irrelevant - I find it curious that he looks like a Malfoy. I know it is probably nothing, but it makes me uncomfortable nonetheless.

And the name Miranda! Honestly, I would never have picked up on that, as, like you said, they are completely different women. And I am more of a Dragon Age girl myself, but I had to sate my curiosity and ask nonetheless :)

Anyway, awesome as always. I'll be sad when it is over, but if you do write more, I'll be on that as fast as a cat on a mouse. In the meantime, I still have half the novel to go, so all is well :)

Author's Response: Rose can be thoughtless and unkind with it, but she's not quite that hapless. She wouldn't want to do that to Hector if she could help it. Not that she's in an ideal situation.

Scorpius has his reasons, which will get elaborated on in the future. I have, indeed, tried to find the ways in which he is a Malfoy to the bone, and then shift him around in others. While I don't think there are many Scorpiuses like my Scorpius, I shouldn't think he's completely alien to a lot of interpretations. For now he's intent on not being his father, his grandfather; some day he might see the positive aspects of his heritage, but... not yet. That's a WAY off, he has to become his own man first.

I'm glad Selena surprises. She, above all of them, is meant to have more to her than meets the eye! And yes, poor Albus gets much maligned in this chapter and we finally see him have enough of it.

I like romance, as you might tell, but I need my romance to be alongside a meaty plot to push the characters in extreme directions, and also to give them more to their lives than just the mushy. Characters in a romance must, for me, be complete individuals with their individually complete lives, and it's easier for that to happen with a firm plot. And I like plot!

Thane has his own motivations. You might question the psychopath assessment... we'll see! As for his looks, well. He does remind Scorpius of himself. A dark mirror, or something more sinister? We'll see.

I shan't lie, I'm more a DA girl too, but ME provided a solid source of inspiration for a three-act epic, the trilogy form and character and plot arcs which come with. We'll see if I can pull it off.

Plenty more to come! Thanks for reviewing.

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