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Review:sharzamow says:
I actually read this story ages and ages ago, back when I didn't have an account here, and then I forgot what it was named, but, seeing as I acquired an account on here a few days ago I decided to go on a quest to find this fic again! Found it, re-read it, and laughed just as much as I did the first time, if not more. Gosh, gosh, gosh. It's just fantastic, seriously. So witty, so clever, so wacky, so original!

First off, your characters are absolutely fab. I have a soft spot for Percy and so I'm always delighted when I run into a Lucy Weasley or Molly Weasley fic and you seriously made the best Lucy ever. I love how you made her rebellious, a bit wacky, a bit of a dosser, and a bit naff and wibbly on the edges. I think sometimes people make the next-gen characters a bit too - I don't know, perfect? But Lucy was just the right amount of sassy and clumsy, and I was never quite sure if she was so uncool she was cool or so cool she was uncool. Either way, she was excellent, and I adored her, which is awesome, because it's so easy for people to hate main characters. I honestly wish I had a mate like Lucy, I'd keep her around through thick and thin for pure entertainment value. Plus, she was quite easy to relate to, as well, which is really great! (Also I love how you used Hannah Murray for Lucy's face, because Skins. Cassie. Lovely.)

And I swear to god, whenever Scorpius was in a scene I never stopped laughing. I downright cackled. Absolute favourite characterization of Scorpius ever, without a shadow of a doubt. He was so...awkward and droopy and like a Smiths song personified! I just wanted to shove him and Lucy together because they are actually the most perfect artsy-fartsy, naff, droopy, hipster-disaster, hilarious couple ever.

Huge love for all of the other characters as well - Tarquin and Raven were absolutely spiffing (I have a crush on Tarquin and I am unashamed), Al Potter and his many elbows was so fantastic (I adore him and his everything), Molly had me clutching my sides because she was hilarious, Rose was utterly terrifying and I'm glad Scorpius got rid of her and went for Lucy instead although I feel sort of sorry for her, and Obscure Henry. OBSCURE HENRY. And Lettuce, and Dean, and good gracious you forget how many characters are in one fic. Regardless, I loved them all.

I also loved how you wrote Percy and Audrey, and the little cameos from Harry and Ron and whatnot. Seriously great.

I genuinely can't say enough good things about this fic, it really cheers me up when I'm feel low, and it's just so fresh and funny and witty and makes fun of itself and actually makes me laugh out loud and I just love all of the characters to absolute pieces. Plus, it's so clever, too - like, there's a silliness factor, but there's a real wittiness, and I just love it. I wish I could remember all my favourite bits and all the fantastic quotes but I can't - basically, every single chapter made me laugh my socks off. Every single one.

I also loved absolutely everything with Al, particularly when he fell down the stairs. I also muchly enjoyed the reader's first meeting Al, when Lucy's taking pictures and Rose is being disapproving.

"Thus Spoke Scorpius" is quite potentially one of the funniest chapters of anything I have ever read. I want a Scorpius I can follow around and laugh at. His antics are brilliant.

The still life class which involves the nude bloke and the ducks was also priceless. Seriously, a golden moment.

Aaand I do love when Lucy snatches Scorpius' poetry and reads it aloud for him. Dodgy poetry, but seriously hilarious.

Anyways, yeah, I could fawn and fawn - but I basically adored every single little bit of it. Really such a great fic. The sort of fic you read when you're all sad and droopy and huddled in a jumper and you think you're going to be droopy until the end of time and then lo and behold you're snorting with laughter and seeing the funny side of life.

Author's Response: Oh my god -€” first off, please let me apologise from the bottom of my heart for not responding to this review from !OCTOBER LAST YEAR! until now, and secondly, please let me virtually hug you for a thousand years over the internet because this is one of the nicest reviews I€'ve ever received and it means, so so much to me to hear stuff like this! I actually took a bit of a writing hiatus at the end of last year because, ironically, I was too busy being a starving art student to work on fic, and I didn'€™t see this review forever. But now I'm back without a vengeance and here to respond.

Thank you so, so much for going on a quest to find my fic - I'€™m so happy it made such an impression on you! I actually did a similar thing ages ago, haha. I started using HPFF in 2005/2006 but didn'€™t start seriously posting until 2009, when I went on a series of mini-quests to find all the stuff I'€™d read before. (Also, what the hell, I just realised I'€™ve been reading fan fiction for nine years and I want to cry)

I have a soft spot for Percy too!! He'€™s definitely an insufferable git but I can actually empathise with him a lot. I'€™m really flattered you like Lucy, mostly because her voice sort of sprung from my own mental narration (although I'€™m definitely more of a Scorpius on the outside. I could win a gold medal for tripping up stairs). Also ♥ Hannah Murray ♥ I could look at her face forever.

I'€™m so glad you liked Scorpius too! and Tarks and Gwendibird!! Everyone seems to fancy Tarquin (even me, a bit). And I'€™m actually really glad to hear you feel sorry for Rose as well - one of my biggest regrets about this fic is that I made her so one-dimensional and horrible, which I tried to atone for in the sequel.

Lettuce has such a cult following. It's actually made my life. He's definitely my favourite character I ever dreamt up. Fun fact: I invented him after going to a gig where the support band were a bunch of emo kids who lit candles on stage and wore silk scarves around their necks and looked so artsy untilll...their lead singer moved his guitar and we all saw the massive rip in the crotch of his jeans.

I'm basically glad about everything you say in this review because it is SO DARN NICE and I really don't want the phrase '€˜I'€™m glad'€™ to sound overused and cheap because I genuinely am really pleased...I'€™m so glad you say it cheers you up when you're down - literally, it means the world to hear you say that - because it'€™s a lovely thought, that, thinking I can cheer people up! And that you think it's witty. Fun fact #2: when I make jokes IRL and people laugh, one of my friends just tuts and says '€˜stop laughing, you'€™ll just encourage her!'€™ I hope your feet didn'€™t get cold when you laughed your socks off. I actually laughed a lot when I was writing this. That sounds a bit bigheaded, like, 'oh, I'm so funny, I made myself laugh'€™ - I mean more like it was the most fun I'd had in ages. And I still smile thinking up crazy things for these characters to do, even if I'€™ve sworn to stop writing stories about them.

♥ ♥ ♥ thank you so, so much for this review, and I'm so sorry once again for how long it took me to reply - it'€™s cheered me up a lot on a blustery tuesday and I might just print it out and look at it forever - it means so much to hear people say this sort of stuff and eee basically thank you to the ends of the earth for being nice ♥

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