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Review:MargaretLane says:
Hmm, I got what Amanda meant about him telling them something by telling them nothing, but the idea he hadn't even shared it with his colleagues hadn't occurred to me. Curiouser and curiouser, to quote Alice in Wonderland.

And Rose has a point that this is going to be a LITTLE more difficult to solve than mysterious happenings at Hogwarts. I'm assuming they WILL be involved in solving it all the same. Though you never know. I once started a story about kids at Hogwarts trying to solve a mystery and it was going to end with their being wrong, but I never finished it, partly because the last two books came out and it started getting confusing remembering people who were dead in canon were still alive in my version. Really doubt that'll be how things work out here though, but it is possible Albus and his friends will only figure out a small amount or that they'll just find out how Hogwarts is involved and Harry or somebody will explain the rest Dumbledore-style.

Oh gosh, I remember those days of having homework for exam preparation as well as for what you're actually studying. Over here, we have booklets of past exam papers. They are among the schoolbooks you have to buy in 3rd and 6th year.

I think that's a distinct possibility - that he's trying to counteract the effects of Polyjuice. Not on himself, because as they said that'd wear off. But maybe he suspects somebody ELSE at Hogwarts is under Polyjuice and is trying to find a way to force them to reveal themselves. 'Twould be funny if he spiked somebody's pumpkin juice or something with something that would turn them back into whoever they were before taking Polyjuice.

Hmm, I think, like Mr. Grayson, Elsie has told him something by not telling him anything. If she'd nothing to hide, then why say what she did. Of course, it's possible she's just traumatised by seeing a body and all, but she seemed to be able to tell the Aurors about it and besides, I think if that was the case, she'd react a little differently. Her immediate reaction, saying she can't talk about it and her voice shaking sounds like that all right, but the "I can't say anything" sounds like there's a little more to it. I could be wrong, of course. You might just have included her so Albus would have somebody to get the information from, but I think her reaction was somewhat suspicious.

Elsie said she didn't see anything because it was Professor Young. Should that have been she didn't say anything.

Well, I did suspect Young was in two places at once, though whether it is somebody else Polyjucing as him so they won't be suspected themselves or whether he got somebody to Polyjuice as him in Hogwarts, so he'd have an alibi for the, that doesn't make sense, because he wouldn't be stupid enough to talk to Cedonia. I think the murderer is Polyjuicing as him. Assuming Elsie is telling the truth. I still sort of suspect there was a reason she was in Hogsmeade on just that day. Hmm.

This gets more and more involved.

Author's Response: Whatever Mr. Grayson is hiding, he doesn't want it to get out, so he hasn't shared it with many people. Aw, I love Alice in Wonderland!

Rose is right that Albus is not going to solve the murder. Writing this series is difficult, because I can't have Albus & Co solve everything since none of them are the Boy Who Lived and there isn't an overarching plot involving Albus directly. It's more about their adventures at school. But they still have to be involved somehow, otherwise it wouldn't be exciting. It's tough to balance it.

I remember those days too! My teachers always had us take practice Regents exams (the exams you take at the end of every year in high school in NY) to study, although we never had to pay for them.

It would be funny if Young suspected someone was under Polyjuice and spiked their pumpkin juice! It'd certainly make for an interesting meal. That in itself would make for a very funny one-shot.

Elsie is traumatized from seeing the body and was terrified she'd get in trouble for being in Hogsmeade when she wasn't supposed to. But it is possible she's hiding something, especially given how shady her family is.

If someone were Polyjuiced as Young, they wouldn't have talked to Cedonia. Of course, that could've been the real Young and the fake Young could've still been elsewhere. If there is a fake Young. ;) Thanks for reading and reviewing! :)

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