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Review:BookDinosaur says:
Hey Deets! It's Emily (finally) here with your requested review! :D

So, I really loved this chapter. It was really interesting for me to see Delilah's reaction to Dominique's accusation. I think, before reading this chapter, my main theory was that Deliah wanted a journalist who could give firsthand accounts of being a werewolf, but I think your solution was much better, and very believable. Power changes people, and I think you demonstrated that with Delilah perfectly. Her and her obsession with power, coupled with jealousy of Dominique, were the perfect ingredients and motives for the crime she committed. She was completely realistic and believable, both in the actions she was discovered to have done, and the actions she carried out in the capter. I liked the little touch where the threat of the Veritaserum was the thing to break her and get her to slip up.

It may be a little odd, but I really liked how you wrote Delilah as she was acting innocent. It was perfect, and I loved how at the beginning she was as sweet as sugar and certain of herself, and then when Teddy brough Wilson and the Auror in she started to get nervous, like when she started stuttering and when she made that outburst at Dom. It was interesting how calm and in control she was when she confessed her crime, and I though, well hmm, shouldn't she be losing it, but then it turned out that she was only confident because she thought she could escape, and then the icing on the cake was when she just lost it at everyone and started screaming profanities at everyone when she realised there was no way out. I think you wrote her progressive stages of emotion in the story really well, showing us everything rather than just telling us that she was nervous, and then a little more nervous but still certain of her escape, if you get my meaning?

I liked the Auror too, I think he handled the situation of having one half-mad criminal and one wrewolf ready to tear the criminal apart in the same room very well. :P He spoke and acted like a proper Auror, so well done on managing to capture his character so well, even if we never even got to know his name. :P

Just like always, I loved Dom and Teddy together in this chapter. I've said this way too many times, but you write them absolutely perfectly together, and they're always able to calm each other down and cheeer them up. I only want to imagine what it would be like if they both lost control at Delilah. Mayhem and probably murder, I'm guessing. :P

Also, I loved how each of them acted during this chapter. I respect Dom so much now because she was able to keep herself so level throughout the interview with Delilah. I did like that one little touch you put in though, when she flew into a rage at Wilson. It made her and the whole interaction a lot more believable for me. Teddy was just perfect, how he brought the Auror and Wilson in, and how he had sorted everything for Dom about Wilson, it was so obvious how much they cared for each other in here, just like in pretty much every other chapter.

I also really enjoyed how Delilah couldn't escape the office by Apparation, just like howw Dom couldn't escape the werewolf attack by Apparition. In terms of poetic justice, it was perfect.

I liked how we saw the Julia at the end, and how Dom was surrounded by the people who loved and cared for her - and that little bit of strength at the end, when she stated that she could go through with her transformation, was perfect and I loved it. I rspect her so much right now. :)

By way of CC, I just spotted one tiny mistake, when the Auror says "I request you to please cooperate". The word 'request ' does not fit in with the sentence gramatically. The setence would make more sense if you changed it to "I ask you to please cooperate" or perhaps "I request that you please cooperate"

As always, I loved this chapter, Aditi. Update soon!

Author's Response: Hey Emily! Thanks a ton for this awesome review! I apologise for the long delay in this reply but honestly I was at a loss for words when I read this, it made me so happy xP

I am pleased you could get the idea of power changing people behind Delilah's motives. She could have gotten a great story out of Dom being bitten too - it was a win-win situation for her that'd she get a great story and make money, and at the same time have society shun Dom who's been stealing her limelight. Her intentions were not nice at all. It's good to know you found her believable and realistic in all she did before and during this chapter. I felt like she wouldn't break down so easily but being humiliated in front of the Ministry by being forced to drink Veritaserum would throw her off-guard and she'd panic and confess =)

Ah it's not odd at all. I enjoyed writing Delilah that way too! I felt like she'd be all sweet and innocent in front of Dom thinking that Dom can't do anything, but when she saw a person of authority (the Auror) her fears got real and she started to get nervous and panic. She was confident because she thought she could escape yeah, since it was her office and she knew about the charms and all it carried, but she didn't think that the auror might have done something. I totally get your meaning yeah =) I am pleased you liked her "stages of emotion", thanks.

Haha I was a bit wary of writing the Auror as I've never truly met an official before and I wasn't sure how he'd handle a situation like this but I tried my best from the knowledge of movies and what not xP

You don't know how happy you make me by saying that you love Dom and Teddy together. They're my OTP and write them the best way I can so it's great to see that they're being appreciated together. Dom was trying to keep herself in check throughout but she was bound to lose her calm a bit in a tight situation so I am glad you found that believable. Teddy is always perfect, I am so proud of him, haha.

Aha it's awesome that you got that whole "poetic justice" thing!! I wanted to see which of my readers would make that connection, so yay xD

After all that craziness and action, I wanted to end the chapter on a lighter and hopeful note so I am happy you liked that too with Julia coming in and Dom finding the strength in her to deal with it all.

Thank you for that CC, I'll go back and edit later =)

Thanks a ton!

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