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Review:Aphoride says:
Hey there - back again! :)

I really like what we've seen of Sadie so far - she's reacting really realistically to everything she's been through. She's nervous of people she doesn't know/recognise and therefore trust, she's scared and nervous and hesitant. She's obviously been through a lot and you've obviously thought it through really well and thoroughly, which is so nice to see! I'm really curious to see how you take her through, how she copes with the changes in country/culture, and going to school and just the people around her. I imagine it's going to be hard...

I love Ophelia and Minerva as well. Minerva is so well written, she's so like the canon character it's amazing, and Ophelia is just a wonderful character - I hope we see more of her later on! :) She seems such a caring, motherly sort of woman.

One thing I would say is that I felt you could have done maybe with a bit more description of Sadie when Minerva sees her again. I know you talk about her eyes, and it's such lovely description you use, but given Minerva saw her, and Sadie's had a hard life, that kind of thing leaves marks on people and those are things Minerva would notice. It seemed a little odd to say that she was filthy (surely Ophelia would have offered her a bath before getting her glasses? Or did she always have them? O.o), rather than thin or something. I dunno, it might just be me, but I thought I'd mention it anyway...

I think the plot is going great, as well, with Sadie meeting Minerva and returning to the UK, potentially going back to school (I'm assuming so, tbh) and meeting family members, maybe. One thing I am curious/confused about, though, is that you said her parents were Charlie and Jenny, and it sounded like she was about eight or so when she ended up in New York on her own, so surely she'd remember if she had relatives/family as such? Minerva mentions people who care about her, so I'm guessing maybe family, and maybe you didn't mention it for Reasons of Plot, but it seems a bit weird to mention people who care about her, but Minerva never thinks about them, you know? Like that wouldn't be a priority - contacting those people and letting them know she's safe. Still, it's an exciting plot, and I'm really intrigued by everything which happened to her, what happened, how it happened, etc. Really well set up! :)

All in all, this is definitely going so far in the right direction it's amazing. If I'm honest, I'm not a huge fan of OCs or AUs, so it's not something I'd choose to read for myself, so I'm actually enjoying the change, you know? Everything is going so well, I'm trying to be picky to give something at least to work on, since that's the point of requesting reviews, haha, but it's so hard! Hope you found it helpful (a bit?) anyway...

Aph xx

Author's Response: Coming back again! You are SO cool! Thank you!

And I'm smiling a great big smile right now because of your comments on Sadie. I really did try extra hard to think through how she would react to such an abrupt change in her life. Even though it's for the better, I figured it would still be terrifying at first.

I'm really excited to start exploring all those things you mentioned as well, I just hope I can do them justice. Balance the need to keep Sadie in character and show her having to adjust to all these new changes, but at the same time make sure the story moves forward and it's completely melancholy the whole time. I hope I can pull this off.

Yes! You thought I did okay with Minerva! She's such a distinct personality in the books, I always worry I'm writing her correctly. As for Ophelia, I had such fun writing her and readers have responded so well, I wish I had included her more. Maybe later I can find a way to make her return.

Sorry for the confusion about Sadie's physical appearance. I wasn't trying to imply that Ophelia didn't try to take care of Sadie or offer to let her clean up, just that Sadie was too scared to accept the offers and Ophelia finally gave up. As for the glasses, they have been with Sadie for quite a while and are a part of something that happened to her in the past. I promise you'll learn more about that later, if you want to keep reading. :)

Yes, Sadie was nine when she disappeared, so she does remember her immediate family. Tragically, they are all gone so returning to them is not an option. The people Minerva was thinking about, who care for her will be revealed in the next chapter, and don't worry, they have been contacted. Sadie will soon be surrounded by people who want very much to help her, promise.

Awww, thank you! That is such a huge compliment, anytime a reader says "I don't normally read this stuff, but I'm liking it." You review was marvelous and very helpful! Thanks again!

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