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Review:toomanycurls says:
The conversation between Madam Pomfrey and Professor McGonagall about Remus was really touching. I do really like the softer side of McGonagall you've shown. I mean, it doesn't break her characterization at all but it's such a nice dimension that the books hinted at sometimes (it was rare but it was there).

It was sad that Lily's parents didn't write back. I kind of suspect Petunia of hiding the letter or something. I like that Lily misses her family. You show how a kid would miss their family and feel pangs of separation. Her approach of talking about non-magical stuff to Petunia is quite smart and it shows her empathy for people.

I like Abigail's spunk and her eagerness to try out for quidditch. It's nice to see chicks who like quidditch. ^_^

Severus seems quite nice and normal. He's actually really sweet. I can't wait to see some of his mean and nasty behavior pop out later. (Well, okay, saying Petunia is an idiot isn't quite nice but his intention behind that is really encouraging Lily to be herself).

You're really making Peter grow on me. ^_^ I want to hug him for his concern about Remus being MIA. The line you had about Peter hating his own company but Remus seeming to prefer his own was really beautiful. Sirius annoys me but only because he's not yet my older idealized person yet. He's 11 and that explains a lot. Though I do kind of love his teasing of James. I guess it's okay in my head if he pokes fun at James because they're on more equal footing. It's completely adorable that James is going to try talking his dad into sending his broom to Hogwarts. Oooh, and now they've discovered secret passages! It fits perfectly that they'd find those out early on.

I'm so glad James got permission to use a broom (and won't have to get in trouble for sneaking a broom in). Like Peter, I'm annoyed at the other two for not being bothered about Remus' absence. I do love that they're starting to accept Peter a bit more. ^_^

Author's Response: Hello again! I was a bit nervous about you reading this chapter :-/ it is a bit filler-y and I'm not as pleased with this chapter as I am with the others. So thank you for the lovely review :)

Ah, I'm so pleased you agree that this softer side of McGonagall is hinted at in the books (the hints are very rare and i thought maybe i'd imagined them heehee) and you find it doesn't break her characterisation. But mostly I'm pleased you liked this characterisation of her and found their conversation touching :)

Aw, it is sad that they didn't write back, it wasn't that they didn't want to, more that they couldn't. It was kind of to show just how different things were for Lily, she has a lot of adapting to do. I find it hard to believe that muggle borns would adjust to the magical world (not just learning magic, but the ways of the magical world) immediately. I'm glad you liked Lily's letter... I'm not sure Petunia's going to see it the way you do though ;)

Oh yes, while Severus was a bit mean about Petunia his intentions were good - that's why Lily overlooks it! Also, what he said might come back to bite him on the bum a bit later on ;) Im glad you thought he was sweet, i think his mean behaviour would start coming out a bit later - if it started so early on Lily would not have been friends with him for so long!! When I first planned this fic (long before deathly hallows came out) Severus was not a major factor here so in editing a lot of the plot points have had to change to incorporate this friendship. I struggled a bit with this - maybe that's why I found this chapter hard *shrugs and sighs* hopefully it will work out well though!

Yay!!! I am SO happy I am making Peter grow on you! That was my intention! I think he had to have been a good person and friend at some point (I won't ramble on about that as I fear I will repeat a lot of what I've already said about this in past responses to you) But I am intrigued by Peter as a character and I'm going to have a lot of fun writing his change from friend to traitor :) Ha, yes, Sirius is not the loveable character we know yet, but never fear he will become less annoying and more loveable soon :D can't wait! I know what you mean about the teasing with James, they have bonded more than with the others so it's totally acceptable cos it is friendly ribbing rather than the hint of nastiness he has with the others! I'm glad you liked that they have found their first secret passageway :) I thought that if they were to find all if them they'd have to start early ;)

Ah, I'm sorry they annoyed you, they are a bit self absorbed at the moment. If it's any sort of consolation, this is exactly what Remus wanted and so would be far from annoyed, but I'm sure he would be touched about your concern for him ;) (as am I!) It will be about another 2-3 chapters before the dynamics of the group change and they start to gell more :D

Thanks for another great review :)

Haronione ♥

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