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Review:CambAngst says:
Hi, there! Back again for some more entertainment. My day could definitely use it. A good snarky Rose story is definitely the way to go.

In this case, the person who'd put up collateral was Mrs. Butrus Knapper. I wondered what her first name would be. Ermengarte? Broomhilde? Flying Buttress? Mary Jane? -- Yep, that was worth it all by itself.

Mrs. Knapper was skinny, in an unhealthy kind of way, with short brown hair and wide, bruised eyes. She didn't look like she'd slept much lately, and she smelled like stale whiskey. She had her wand in her hand. -- I loved your description of Knapper's wife. It manages to say a lot in a very short amount of space. The poor woman seems so resigned to her fate. Drunk, miserable, alone and now doomed to suffer for her husband's crimes unless Rose can manage to track him down. Seeing her husband suffer for her terrible lot in life seems to be the only thing that gets a rise out of her. I love the idea of somebody being a custodian to bond a criminal out of jail. There's something about it just fits perfectly with wizarding ideas of justice. There's also a sense of mystery around her. Angelo doesn't seem like the type to do anybody favors and if Lomatia -- good lord, what a name! -- has nothing but her own skin to offer as collateral, why is he doing this?

Something about the concept of finding Scorpius sitting on the closet floor like a little boy playing hide and seek was really amusing. The fact that Rose sits down next to him and they talk about bumming money from their parents made it even funnier to imagine. The two of them are sweet, in that "kids who never really grew up" sort of way.

Scorpius had this weirdly independent streak. I had it too, which is why we had always understood each other so well, and also why we were broke. -- It makes sense, actually. They're both determined to do things their own way, but together. Like I said, sweet. But he's also protective of her. And she's protective of him, by which I mean that she lies to him so he won't worry. Love does funny things to the conventional standards of right and wrong.

He might as well have had a sign up that said "Tie me to a stake and burn me, I'm magic!" I wondered why no one from the Ministry had given this man a warning to fit in more with the Muggles. Sheesh. Some people have no class. -- This passage wasn't only funny, but I liked the way that it gives us a peek into the way that magical folk deal with being surrounded by Muggles. And based on Rose's ideas about what is and is not classy, I guess it's a good thing that the Burrow doesn't have any Muggle neighbors.

There is something hilariously awkward and borderline inappropriate about Butrus's creepy half-brother staring Rose up and down while she's standing there in a t-shirt with a pink unicorn on it.

I came home to the strains of 'Oh What a Beautiful Mornin' performed to the sounds of washing-up, Scorpius's baritone voice echoing in the hallway. I smiled as I came into the kitchen. Scorpius was busily scrubbing a pot with dish gloves on, his blonde hair tied up with a pink elastic into a ponytail, the dishes in the sink next to him washing themselves. I'm pretty sure that was my hair elastic. -- OK, I realize we've reached the point where this review probably consists of more words copied and pasted from your chapter than actually written by me. It's shameful. But I love this visual way to much to let it go. And the way that Draco found the silver lining in Scorpius's relationship with Rose was brilliantly ironic.

On to the most intriguing part of the chapter: the Venatici case. You created a marvelously gruesome image of the man, and I have a hard time believing that youíve done so for no reason. Layered into it, I love the way youíve set Ron up as a very competent, serious Auror. I get tired of reading him as mostly comic relief in Next Gen stories, so I have very high hopes for him here.

Excellent second chapter! I already feel like I can see a few plot threads emerging and Iím having a good time trying to imagine where theyíre heading. Back again soon!

Author's Response: Welcome back! I hope you continue to enjoy the story :) Always happy to provide entertainment. I love to hear that my writing has cheered up someone's day.

Lomatia Knapper is definitely a sad sort of a person. She's got a crap life and is sort of a butthead. The custodian bond is a real historical thing - no longer legal, but when I was looking into bounty hunters (and they do not exist in the UK, but I didn't want to go so AU that I made the Next Genners Americans to write this story, so, accuracy out the window there) I read about the custodian laws and thought it made for a fantastic plot, particularly because it would so enrage Hermione. ;) Angelo wrote the custodian bond because he would still keep the payment they offered, and generally when someone signs that sort of a bond, they don't jump bail. A custodian bond is usually a sure thing - quick profit for him, basically. A person will do a lot to make sure their loved one doesn't go to jail in their place. Not Butrus Knapper, of course, but most people.

Rose and Scorpius are both kind of big kids, really. Neither is very mature. She does get protective of him in her own way - lying so he won't worry (though this is also to avoid an argument, so sort of her own self-interest as well), working while he stays home. They take care of each other. Not super-well, but they rub along as best they can.

The Burrow totally doesn't have any very close Muggle neighbors. They're set back from the village and from the Weasleys' complete ignorance of Muggle ways, clearly do not interact with the locals much. Molly isn't even sure the local postman knows where there house is, after all.

Rose does love her pink unicorn t-shirt ;) It's her favorite. And it is totally awkward, isn't it?

As bigoted as Draco is, I can't imagine he'd be happy that his son was gay, so yeah, silver lining however minuscule for him. Son's not gay, but is in love with a non-pureblood Weasley. Kind of makes you pity Draco a bit. Especially since Scorpius loves Muggle Broadway musicals ;)

I adore Ron, so yes, he's definitely good at his job. I hate the Ron-the-clown depictions in fanon at times. He's a witty guy, but he's not stupid. He's pretty canny about a lot of things. He's in this story (and both sequels) quite a bit. Usually hanging out with his BFF Harry ;)

Thank you so much for the review! I'm really glad to hear you are enjoying the story so far.

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