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Review:MargaretLane says:
Surprise, surprise about Burke. Somehow it doesn't surprise me that it wouldn't affect him. I wouldn't expect him to pay much attention to anything except his potions. Wonder how Binns reacted actually. He's another fellow I wouldn't expect to take much notice.

And the victim is nobody we know. *grins* I'm almost a little disappointed it's not Young; that WOULD have been interesting. Of course it's interesting somebody being killed in Hogsmeade anyway, but I rather liked my theory about Young being the victim. *cracks up*

I really like the way you focus on the students' reaction and how those who saw the body are affected. Some stories seem to gloss over things like that in favour of focussing on the mystery, but showing the effects makes the story seem more realistic.

If the murder DID take place in the Shrieking Shack, it raises the question of how the murderer and victim got in. I don't really think it DID - I still suspect Elsie might have been forced into lying - but you never know. Hmm.

Not sure whether James's idea is a good one or a bad one. On one hand, the murder victim really had nothing to do with the students and a distraction could be a good thing. On the other, it could come across as dismissive of people's feelings.

Yeah, that's true. Hogsmeade weekend is a really bad time to commit a murder and if somebody really did drag it around, it does look like they're trying to have it found. To scare people, perhaps, but that only works if they make it clear why the murder was committed and they don't seem to have done so.

UNLESS, there was some indication that is being covered up. Rose, Albus and the others seem to think SOMEthing about the first murder was covered up, so maybe the Aurors DO know why the murders are being committed. It would explain the reason for the cover up too. If the villain was doing this to frighten people in order to get some concession or make people submit to him or her or something, it would make sense the authorities wouldn't want the villain to succeed in frightening people. Hmm.

That IS weird about Young assigning a detention on a day he intended to go to town. Obviously, it's possible to do both, but there must be some reason you brought it up. Maybe there's a significance to Young being in Hogsmeade after all.

What I'm THINKING is that there could be two Youngs. Maybe somebody is Polyjuicing as him, but not all the time and therefore they don't have to fake being so boring. It could also explain the repeated class, although I think wanting to practice it in advance is explanation enough. But there COULD be more to it. If there are two Youngs (one Polyjuiced), each could have taught the class once. That doesn't make very good sense though, because it would mean the real Young knew about the fake one and agreed to let him take some of his classes. That somebody could Polyjuice as Young and go into Hogsmeade as him, possibly to commit murder, when they knew he was busy supervising Cedric's detention makes sense; taking some of his classes makes less sense.

If the guy in Hogsmeade wasn't really Young, it might be wiser for him to avoid Cedonia, as she could mention their conversation to the real Young or the real Young could mention having spent the day supervising a detention. I guess it's unlikely though and he (or she) might have reason to want to establish Young was there. Or of course Cedonia could also have been an imposter. Hmm.

Sometimes I think I come up with way too many theories. As Rose says not everything means something. Polyjuice combined with somebody being seen in two different places strikes me as significant though.

*stares at Burke giving detention for just asking a question* That's almost as bad as the teacher I had give somebody a detention for basically passing them and at least she apologised and cancelled it. Doesn't sound as if Burke did.

And *cheers for Teddy and Victoire getting engaged*

Author's Response: Burke is incredibly clueless about anything that doesn't have to do with brewing. He's very focused on that. Binns didn't take much notice either, as he is much more interested in the past than in the present (which makes sense since he's a ghost; I suspect that's why JKR chose to have him teach History of Magic).

Aw, I couldn't kill off Young halfway through the novel! Your theory was good, though. I agree about a lot of stories ignoring the effects of seeing something like a murder or a dead body. No one can see something like that without it affecting them.

It would've been incredibly difficult for someone to get into the Shrieking Shack in order to murder in it. It has very strong wards.

I think James's idea was a good one. The students needed the distraction. It would've been different if the victim had been someone they knew, I think. A Hogsmeade weekend was a very stupid time to commit a murder, and the chances of it happening randomly are slim. So keep that in mind. As for a cover-up, well, you'll have to wait and see.

Young chose the Hogsmeade day for Cedric's detention because he knew it would be the most inconvenient day for Cedric. Maximum punishment and all that. He figured he could take the morning to go to Hogsmeade, and then be back to supervise the detention.

Two Youngs? That's an interesting theory. The only way two Youngs could've taught the classes is if the real Young was in on it. Otherwise, both would've showed up. And if they were both wandering the castle, someone would've noticed.

If the Young who was with Cedonia wasn't the real Young, it was stupid of him to meet with her. Very risky, for all the reasons you mentioned.

I like reading your theories! Sometimes you guess things spot on, which always makes it difficult to respond.

Nope, Burke didn't cancel the detention. He was probably really stressed that day.

Yes, Teddy and Victoire's engagement is so exciting! Thanks for reading and reviewing! :)

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