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Review:Remus says:
REVIEW #400!!! YAY!

I've been holding off reviewing this chapter for a while now just so Detox could be my 400th. Woo!

Anyway! On with the review!

Dan, I have a feeling that you're a Slytherin at heart. Haha. Or at least you've captured what makes Draco...well, Draco. I could easily see his sneer while trying out the 'possibly expensive and well-tailored' dress robe.

Just make sure that... whatever it is you plan to do today, you're not still doing it when I return, are we clear?" LOL! Oh, my!! That is umm...yeah! Hahaha! I have no words for THAT! XD

See now, Emery! The wedding party will be making their way in soon. Come back here this instant!"

"I have to powder my nose and check my mascara!"
HAHAHA!! Really? Love this! It makes me wonder if Draco was ever like this before the war. Perhaps during his first year. My head canon wants to say yes because he was far more 'relaxed', so to speak, about his life and everything about his family. Then at the same time I want to say that he would be far worse due to him thinking he was the "prince" of the pure bloods.

Gah! The whole moment with Nott was so intense! Now Draco is basically in between a rock and a hard place.

Poor Draco! His so called secret plan is not much of a secret. He tried, at least.

And then all the funny moments stop. Ugh, the end was like a slow motion train wreck you couldn't look away. I wanted Astoria to stop, but she just kept going and Draco kept basically saying no to her! The rejection! And it just got worse! GAH! What are you doing to me!

The line:

If the little wizard isn't happy then the big wizard isn't happy, either.

Had me screaming at my laptop. I knew what was going to happen and couldn't do anything. It was a moment like Romeo and Juliet, you know what's going on but as much shouting you may do, nothing is going to stop the next moments. And when Astoria mentions that she would do anything he, that was horribly painful! It's one of those, 'been there, done that, learned from it' moments.

And then...the break up. Gah!

This chapter was amazing, Dan! I loved it!

I love how their love is a struggle right now. That not everything is happiness or "rainbow kisses and unicorn stickers". But I'm sure that you'll eventually give them the happy ending they deserve. :D

As always, this was a great read!

Until next time, Dan!!


Author's Response: Wow! I'm honored!

Maybe I'm one of those type of people who would have caused a hat stall during my sorting. I feel like I **should be** a Gryffindor, but people often tell me I have Slytherin tendencies. At any rate, I've written Draco enough by this point that it isn't too hard to get inside his head. Just act like anyone you don't particularly like is gum on the bottom of your shoe and you have a good start.

Poor Emery becomes a real punching bag in this chapter, not that it's really misplaced. He's a pretty miserable guy and impersonating him is no fun at all. His parents are insufferable snobs and nobody cares much for him. You need a few characters like that, I think.

Draco's "secret plan" blows up in his face in nearly every possible way. The only thing that **didn't** go wrong is that Mr. and Mrs. Greengrass still don't know that he was at the wedding, although I suppose that could also change. I have a tendency to write Theo Nott as a jerk whenever he makes an appearance, which probably isn't fair of me because he wasn't nearly as obnoxious in the books as most of the other Slytherins. In fact, he was barely in the books at all.

Once all of the joking stopped, this chapter got really hard to write. Going for long stretches without any sort of comedic break doesn't come naturally to me, so I'm glad that the end of the chapter worked for you. Astoria and Draco both say a lot of things that they regret in this chapter. I think it's a natural part of most relationships: that moment when limitless expectations come into contacts with a dose of harsh reality. "Rainbow kisses and unicorn stickers" make for a fluffy, feel-good story, but not a realistic one.

I'm really, really pleased that you enjoyed it. Things start to get a bit more hopeful from here, I promise. Thanks so much for leaving me this historic review!

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