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Review:toomanycurls says:
I can feel Lily's excitement at heading to Hogwarts (mainly because I've done the same when I've been excited for school). Aw, it's so stinking sad how high Lily's hopes were about getting close to Petunia again. It does feel a bit quick for Lily to determine they'd *never* be close again. Maybe. It could just be extra dramatic because she's 11.

Lily's anger at Severus is perfect. It fits her age and maturity level very well.

Ahh! It's Sirius!! (And Narcissa, boo.) I like the disdain Sirius shows towards his cousin. ^_^

James and his mum are awesome. I love that she's a bit sharp with him but he's clearly into pushing the line (sneaking his broom in of all things). Back to the name thing, it kind of cracks me up that Mr. Potter is Harold (I named Mr. Evans Harold). Clearly someone in the Evans/Potter family had to be named Harold. :D Oh, speaking off, I do really like that Harold was encouraging James to act out a bit. I am glad that James felt he would miss his mum. I like his sweet side. I'm not surprised that he was eager to be sent off to Hogwarts though.

I love that James is making fun of Sirius right away. It seems like a great intro to their relationship. You have their initial conversations just perfect. I like their banter and humor. Lily's impression of James and Sirius was awesome. It was good that they annoyed her right away. ^_^

Remus makes me a bit sad that he's glad to have a compartment alone. I want him to want to make friends. :( :( I am glad that Lily found him and made him socialize. I really like that Remus is perceptive enough to see that Snape likes Lily so much. ^_^

I think it's really cool that James and Sirius were rambunctious during the train ride. It really sets a good tone for their relationship as we've seen it in the books.

I squeed a bit when Hagrid was there at the end. I mean, I knew it was coming but I felt so happy to see him.

Author's Response: Hi Rose, thanks for another great review - sorry its taken me so long to respond!!

It's great to hear you could feel Lily's excitement in this - personally I never got that excitement about going to school, but I think I would have if my school had been Hogwarts ;) Yeah, poor Lily, I think she was being a bit over-dramatic about *never* being close to Petunia again, she dedramatises a bit over the coming chapters ;)

I'm glad you liked Mr and Mrs Potter! I picture them as parents that try to be strict but don't quite manage it (well, Mrs Potter anyway!) As they are older and James was an only child, I personally see them as very doting parents that spoil him somewhat! And as for the name? Haha, yes someone clearly had to be called Harold ;) maybe a bit cliche? I also cracked up when I saw that Mr Evans was called Harold in your fic :)

I am so pleased to hear you thought their initial conversation was perfect and a great intro to their relationship :) I absolutely hate writing scenes where characters meet for the first time (mainly because I am terrible at meeting people as never know what to say!) but they were fun to introduce to each other - I wanted it to be a bit different! I actually found it quite difficult to work the scene from DH into this without breaking the 3 line rule though. The original, pre DH, chapter was quite different.

Aww, Remus makes me sad too! I'm afraid his no friends rule is going to make him rather lonely for a few chapters though! But never fear this story is staying in canon, so we all know he'll make friends soon enough ;)

Haha, how could I not have James and Sirius pranking on the first train ride... Start as they mean to go on! Glad you found it cool :)

You gotta love a bit of Hagrid ;) glad you enjoyed seeing him in there!

Thanks again for another fabulous review! I hope my response wasn't too rambling and nonsensical (I'm sleep deprived and full of cold still :( I will respond to your other review tomorrow when I'm more likely to make sense!)

Haronione ♥

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