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Review:800 words of heaven says:

Ooh! I've seen a lot of Sirius/Mary stories around, but I've never seen a Regulus/Mary before - I'm excited! Regulus is pretty scarce in fanfics, so I'm looking forward to seeing where you take him.

From the first paragraph, I love how we are getting to know Mary through the eyes of Regulus. There is always something interesting about learning about another person from someone else's perspective. I like how you've also shown us what Regulus is like this way as well, and how he sees the world.

I also like the parallel you've drawn between Regulus and Draco, by having Regulus' sanctuary as the Room of Requirement. They were both two boys who got in too deep, and I'm enjoying this reminder of their connection.

Oh, my goodness! What on earth happened to Mary? I have an inkling, and I am feeling very sad because of it. Oh, how Regulus' pain hurts. You've shown him as quite mature, understanding Mary's motivations, or perhaps he just know her very, very well. I do like how he still feels the pain, and he acknowledges that pain, and is trying to come to terms with his grief, which is the most mature decision of all.

Oh, my prediction was true! How very sad! But you've written this so brilliantly, it's making the sadness feel like such a pleasure! You know you've done a good job as a writer when your readers feel the emotions you want them to feel.

Is this part of the reason why Regulus chose to join the Death Eaters? The way you've written this, it sounds as if he's decided to make his own decisions, just because Mary did. I can understand where he's coming from, and I think it adds another layer of complexity to his character.

This was just such a sweet, painfully sad love letter! I adored it! It really hit home the fact that Regulus was just a teenager, feeling all the teenage things, and he probably had a really tough time of it, too. You've shown him as very human here, and I like how you've talked about him becoming a Death Eater, but that's not what this is about, which is really nice, because most Regulus fics focus on that aspect of him. I really enjoyed this!

PS: Totally in love with Mary and Regulus!

Author's Response: This is the nicest review! It's really cool to see your reading of the fic kinda liveblogged, haha :)

You know, I didn't even really think about the parallel between Reg and Draco until I'd finished the fic, but I'm glad you noticed it - I think you're the first person to mention it! I think there's a definite parallel between the ways they get over their heads in the Death Eaters, and that's represented well by their uses of the room of requirement, so I'm glad that stood out for you.

Eek, thank you so much for thinking I'm a good enough writer to portray Regulus' emotions! It's a lovely compliment that I was able to make the 'sadness feel like such a pleasure', you're the sweetest, I'm so glad you liked that < 3

I definitely think Regulus would have been influenced towards the Death Eaters if Mary was still alive, but she might have just talked him out of it or something, so yeah, when she's dead it's kind of a case of him deciding to just do whatever he wants to, almost to spite her in a way, but also because he really just needs something to add purpose to his life again. I really upset myself writing that part! It definitely makes him more complex.

I'm glad you thought Regulus' humanity and teenage-ness showed through, that really was one of the main things I was hoping would come across well in this fic, so I'm glad you thought it worked. And I'm glad you love Mary and Regulus! I'm totally in love with them too, I don't know how they've managed to stick with me so much after such a relatively short fic!

Thanks for the review :)


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