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Review:MargaretLane says:
Hmm, Young and Cedonia. I can't imagine them dating for some reason, maybe because he's so boring in class that I assume he's boring in his personal life as well. Though of course, it COULD be the other way about - that he's so caught up in his social life, he can't be bothered teaching. I also kind of imagine him as being old, but I don't know if you ever said that or if it's just how I imagine him. I must check.

I can't help wondering if their being together has some greater significance though. I've a feeling Young plays a significant part in this story. Not only is there the whole possibility of his having bought Polyjuice Potion, but he's also come up a lot in ways that SEEM insignificant but might mean something really, like this. Or maybe I'm just being super-suspicious of everyone. I noticed from my own mystery that once somebody suspects a certain character, they tend to notice every time that character is mentioned even when it's innocuous, so it's distinctly possible Young isn't being mentioned any more than in previous stories, but I'm just paying more attention because of his presence in Knockturn Alley.

It is possible he and Cedonia are working on something, though, possibly they have some information on the murder or are trying to get some information. Or he could be somebody Polyjuiced and be trying to get some kind of information from her or something. Hmmm. If he IS somebody Polyjuiced, he does a very good job at acting Young though. I'd imagine it'd be hard to act THAT lazy.

And gosh, I can't blame Kaden for wanting to avoid Aunt Marge. She's not exactly pleasant.

Poor Matt. He must miss out on a lot. I wonder if the full moon ever fell on the 24th or 25th of December. That would be pretty awful.

Yay, really looking forward to seeing what they learn from Luna.

Love the detail about Lorcan and Lysander building a log cabin out of chips. It's just such a typical little-kid thing to do.

Hmm, I'm wondering who's been killed. It sounds like it might be a Hogwarts student from the reaction, though of course, the reaction MIGHT just be from seeing somebody dead. I suspect there's a reason you haven't described the body though, like that you want us to get a shock when we hear who it is.

Oh gosh, a possibility has just occurred to me. YOUNG! That would explain why you mentioned his having being in Hogsmeade and also why he seems to be playing a significant part in this story and it COULD be connected to his presence in Knockturn Alley, like maybe instead of having been the person to buy Polyjuice Potion, he SAW who was buying it or something.

On the other hand, Elsie's just referred to the victim as "that man" which kind of rules out a Hogwarts student and also makes it less likely it was Young, because then she'd probably say "Professor Young." Sounds like whoever the victim is, it's somebody she doesn't know. And an adult man.

And I'd forgotten she was too young to be in Hogsmeade. That should have occurred to me. I wonder what she was doing there. She doesn't seem the type to break rules just for the fun of it. Maybe her brother or somebody insisted she come. Hey, MAYBE, she didn't really see anything. Maybe somebody forced her to go to Hogsmeade and then lie about seeing something. Her family could well be involved here.

Author's Response: Young isn't super old, but he's not young either (hahaha). He and Cedonia are not romantically involved; they were simply going to Hogsmeade together. Keep paying attention to Young, though. He might be significant to the plot. ;) But as for him and Cedonia, nothing is going on there.

Haha, you're right! It would be hard to act that lazy. I'd want to avoid Aunt Marge, too. She's awful. I'm sure the full moon has fallen on Christmas before. I don't think it has in any of my Albus fics yet, though.

I loved putting in the little details about Lorcan and Lysander. They're so adorable.

It wasn't a Hogwarts student who was killed. The students were reacting like that just because it's not normal to see a dead body lying in the snow. But it's not Young. if it was, Albus would've noticed and thus it would've been mentioned. Good theory, though!

Elsie is a big mystery to Albus, and therefore a big mystery in the story. For all Albus knows she is the type to sneak into Hogsmeade. Thanks for reading and reviewing! :)

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