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Review:Pheonix Potioneer says:
I was quite certain Ravenclaw was going to win, until I learned that Scorpius was on the team. After that, I would have felt sorry for Scorpius if Slytherin had lost. Scorpius doesn't get enough hapiness in his life, so I'm actually quite glad.

Albus wasn't quite as disappointed as I had thought he would be. I thought Albus would pull a Ron and try to convince himself that he wasn't good enough. He seems to be putting it in a positive light, and that's good. At least, until dinner.

Boy, does Dora irk me. I've never met anybody as mean as her, but maybe that's because I generally avoid people like that. I actually have no enimies, which is good. I rarely lose my temper.

It's not very surprising that Rose has enemies, since her temper is on a short fuse. But why must Dora pick on Albus? He never really did anything to her. I'm actually quite proud of Rose for defending Albus and directing the attention away from him. She reminds me of a protective older sister, even though she is older than him.

I find Dora's comment, "As if the goody-goody Weasley girl would ever dare break rules," amusing. Yes, Rose would definitely break rules for dueling Dora. I'm half tempted to tell Dora to watch her back, but she probably already knows it.

I am patiently waiting for an epic duel between those two. It probably won't be very epic though, since they are only second years. I think Rose will completely lose it and hex Dora, and Rose will get a detention.

James isn't helping too much with Albus's self-esteem issues either. But teasing is natrual for him, and James did sort of praise Albus, so I suppose I can't yell James too much.

I'm actually surprised Felicity flinches from Blackburn. What will Blackburn do, attack her? But with a mother like that, it's not surprising. I kind of want to be angry at Felicity, but I can't.

Ooh, I would love magical research. Anything that explores magic would be fine by me! I'm not interested in anytype of science research though. Muggle subjects are boring, magical subjects are interesting. I would jump to be caretaker at that school. And I hate cleaning.

I like how this chapter had an unexpected outcome! Good work!

Author's Response: Glad you liked the result of the match. I was half-expecting to get a couple of "how could you do that to Albus?" reviews. *laughs*

But yeah, he's not quite as upset as he might be, partly because he's sort of friendly with Scorpius and would feel mean implying he only won because Albus wasn't good enough and partly because Scorpius caught it so quickly that it'd be hard for anybody to have done better.

Yeah, Dora's pretty nasty. She does remind me a little of the class bully when we were in 5th and 6th class (6th class being the equivalent of Hogwarts' first year) in this chapter. I was half tempted to use a line this girl used about me, but then decided not to, because I don't like basing things too much on real life. It was when we were playing rounders or something in P.E. and my team lost and she announced, deliberately in my hearing that she wasn't surprised we lost with me on the team. Though, to be fair, she really only made nasty comments about people; she didn't do anything like Dora did in The Writing on the Wall.

And yeah, Rose tends to stand up for the underdog, a bit like Hermione (or Harry too in a way). That's good in a way, as she very much looks out for Albus and is why she's concerned about Blackburn too. She doesn't like to see people being treated badly or having a difficult time. On the other hand, she tends to get a bit more indignant than necessary. While it is good to stand up for people, sometimes you have to pick your battles, particularly in the wizarding world, where there's a fair amount of prejudice still. And yeah, Rose tends to lose it when she feels somebody is treating somebody unfairly.

And yes, Rose would break rules in a temper. I was thinking that when I saw your "Rose gets Detention" chapter for the first time. I was wondering what would happen because your Rose didn't seem the type to get detention and I thought my version just might, not for deliberately breaking rules, but for getting in a fight with somebody like Dora.

Yeah, Felicity's reaction is irrational, but even Ron responded to finding out Remus was a werewolf by yelling at him to get away from him and he was brought up in a pretty tolerant family. It was only writing this story that it occurred to me how hurtful that must have been to Remus. I mean he probably knew Ron's parents and uncles from the last wizarding war and thought them fairly accepting and yet, even their son reacted with horror to the thought of his condition.

I think in a way, reactions like his and Felicity's must be more upsetting than people who are downright nasty, because at least you can dismiss nasty people as just wanting something to criticise whereas it's harder to blame people for being frightened.

I'm trying to give some indication of a variety of jobs, rather than having everybody become a teacher, a Healer, a Quidditch player, an Auror or go into the Ministry. I will have characters do most of those things, but I want to have some people do other things too.

Thanks for the review. It's great to get such a detailed one.

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