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Review:MissesWeasley123 says:

This chapter was brilliant!

Your beginning section, was so, so well done. You used minimal dialogue - none actually - and yet I was there with Draco, making my way through the packed snow. You truly have talent like no other! The scenes you paint are always so vivid and just.. *sighs dreamily* They are literally whip cream with a cherry on top. They add so much more.

This story, is one I cannot skim through. I've been guilty of doing that way too much recently.. but this story, I don't want to skim. Everything's just so fabulous and.. yeah. :)

Your characterization is bang on as always. McGonagall was so well done, and.. ahh I just couldn't gush any more about her. I'd end up rambling lol, she was perfect.

I think you pulled off the girl talk with Isadora and Astoria really well! I liked the pang of jealousy she felt - it made it so much more real for me.

After er - "killing off" Luna in the other one, I think you did great stuff with her this. She's just so brilliant and made of awesomeness that I absolutely adore her. I'm also very curious as to who might have sent Kriffin to give her some food.. hmm.. I'll take a wild guess and go with... Narcissa. Yeah :D

Hogsmeade! YAY! It's a date! Well, not really but, I'm so excited for this! I just hope Draco doesn't mess this up for himself...

Jumping back to a bit earlier in the chapter,I think the conditions McGonagall put forth to Draco were very well justified and super intelligent of you to come up with. I can completely understand why she would do that - her disgust is very evident. I would be disgusted also.

Alas, this review has come to an end! I'll be back tomorrow, I'm taking this piece one at a time! Great chapter as always!

Author's Response: Hello, again!

I'm a big Luna fan, myself. She's a huge challenge. More on that later, though.

Throughout this story, I've tried to use dialog in a different way than what I'm used to. That's why I haven't used any dialog tags and the dialog always stands alone in its own paragraph. In some of my early attempts, I felt like I was relying too much on dialog to tell the story. This story has been an interesting experiment. Very frustrating at times. But also rewarding at other times.

McGonagall is another intimidating character to write, so I'm really glad that you liked her. I wanted it to be crystal clear that she's furious about Draco being allowed to return to Hogwarts after he fought on the other side during the war. Harry might have forgiven the Malfoys because of what Narcissa did during the final battle, but in my mind there were plenty of people who did not.

Lots and lots of credit for the girl talk between Astoria and Isadore belongs to my pal Jami and my beta reader sophie. They've both chipped in with a lot of constructive criticism and suggestions. Isadore will be back several more times and the girl talk only gets more interesting. At least **I hope** it's interesting.

And then there's Luna. Part of why I love her is that I find it so hard to get her to sound right. Luna is sort of like love and modern art: you can't explain in words what makes Luna sound like Luna, you just know it when you see it. And yes, it was Narcissa who ordered Kriffin to bring her food.

The big date will play out over the next two chapters. Be forewarned, it gets off to a bit of a rocky start. ;)

I'm so glad that you're enjoying the story! Thanks so much for reading and reviewing!

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