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Review:Always Padfoot (and sometimes Snape) says:

I can't believe this is the end. It seems like just yesterday that you told me you finished writing Breaking Even and while I was sad about that, I could content myself with the fact that there was still loads of time and updates left before I had to say goodbye to Beth and Severus.

Gah. I wanted to be able to review the second you posted this, but luck had it that I woke up with a raging migraine and really bad vertigo. Basically I spent all day in bed because it felt like I was going to be tossed into the ceiling.

SIRIUS. YES. ♥ ♥ ♥ That was perfect. God, Azkaban is one of the most inhumane magical inventions ever. They don't even get glass on their windows. They sit in a little room and freeze and go mad and they can't bathe and jeez, that is such a dark and dismal fate. I'm so happy that Sarah Wright came to visit him and that she still believes in him even if no one else does. I'm endlessly depressed that Beth doesn't know he's innocent. It's just so wrong that he has to sit in there for the next decade and not get to see Harry grow up and not be godfather of Beth's children, too. But Beth is at a different place in her life now and it would be painful to think about any of the boys at all so I can't blame her for not wanting to go visit him.

Beth and Severus at Christmas! This chapter was so bittersweet, and I LOVE the image of Beth and Severus sitting together by the fire reading books, all rosy and happy, while the snow comes down. That's a lovely scene you painted for us, and I can see all the promise in their future. We went from experiencing Christmases in the Gryffindor tower to Beth and Severus's first Christmas together, and while we won't get to see it I can imagine Christmases later on down the road when Beth and Severus have started their family. I'm happy for them. They bring out such a sweetness in each other that nothing else can.

♥ THIS STORY. Not just Breaking Even but all of them. They're my favorite stories on the archive, written by my favorite author on HPFF, and I feel so honored that I got to have insider information (usually after wearing you down a good bit) and I got to be a part of the magic in a small way, cheering you on and cheering on Beth Bridger. I'm going to miss this story like nobody's business. You really achieved something amazing here. You gave Severus the happily ever after he SO deserved. Because of you, I can pretend that he doesn't grow up to be the bitter, lovelorn Professor Snape that Harry knew and hated. He's still got the same characteristics at his core, but thanks to Beth and the side of him that she brings out, he can be more. He can be more than a symbol, more than some guy who was rejected, looking after a dead girl's son. He's too intelligent of a character, too complex and interesting, to live only for the purpose of Lily Potter.

Your wonderful quality of writing, your ability to combine suspense, romance, adventure, humor, darkness, action - it's no wonder you've kept us all on the edges of our seats all this time later. A lot of people set out to write a novel and never finish. You finished three.

I'm going to admit here that my eyes are a wee bit teary because I'm going to miss Beth and Severus and Sirius and James and Lily and not Peter ever, and I'm going to miss seeing Order meetings and Death Eater headquarters and Lucius's pimp cane and Beth making Severus fall in love with her out of sheer willpower. But then I remember that the best from you is yet to come, and I'll get to read it all. Beth's story is over, but you're just getting started. I'm so excited to see everything you come up with next!

I LOVE YOU. I'm so proud of all your accomplishments. You are literally incapable of writing anything halfway. You have a remarkable gift and just (hug) (hug) (hug). THANK YOU FOR WRITING THIS TRILOGY AND SHARING YOUR AWESOME WITH THE WORLD. Beth and her adventures have a permanent place in my head canon. I'll never be able to read the HP books in the same way again.


Dude, it feels like yesterday I started /writing/ Breaking Even. Or started writing Sneth in general. And it's been over two years and I don't like this whole "time flies" concept at all.

Sirius in Azkaban and Sarah Wright and bleakness and balls of hope/light are all for youuu. ♥ I was totally content with the reader never seeing Sirius again (except in Beth's flashback) but of course I can imagine you might have raged at me for it, and this is the very happiest I could make him, in all good masochistic conscience. I feel like Beth should go on another crusading mission and break him out. She broke into Hogwarts, right? It should be easy!

Gah. I told myself I would not cry. Definitely not after two weeks. But I MISS Beth and Severus, and writing their cozy moments, and having you cheer for them as they fought so hard to be together. OH MY GOD, BUT I'M REALLY CRYING. And I just don't know how to tell you how damn influential you were not just with this trilogy, but in my entire life, ever since I met you. No one has cheered louder or listened more intently or helped more patiently, and it's because of something you said -- yes, you -- that I'm trying to do something with writing at all. Do you remember the review you left me once, so long ago I can't even remember, that said something along the lines of "If you never do anything with writing in your professional life, I'll be very surprised"?

That was the night I decided I wanted to major in English writing. Professional writing came later, but YOU made made switch my major idea in the first place. You. One of my best friends, because of everything you've done for me in just under three years. ♥

Beth's story is over, and I'll be mopey about that for ages -- but I'm just getting started, and you're still cheering for me, and that's all I need, amirite?


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