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Review:CambAngst says:
Tagging you from the Review the Person Above You thread in the common room.

You say in your author's note that this story was monumentally weird, and I would be hard-pressed to argue with you. I'm really curious as to what prompts you received from your challenge and how many of the story's wild changes of direction had to do with them.

It did seem like you had a lot of fun with this one. I liked the way that you start out by sending up some of more over-used Next Gen cliches: Rose and Albus leading the Gryffindor Quidditch team to the cup, the ensuing wild party in the common room, the fact that people from other houses are inexplicably there, the jealous Slytherin girl who happens to be Zabini's daughter... You did a good job of making them all seem like the ridiculous and unlikely events that they truly are. The only thing that rang perfectly true was McGonagall breaking up the party.

The thing with Ron polyjuicing himself to look like Rowena Ravenclaw... wow. We need to talk. I have personally always imagined Ron and Hermione having a rather non-vanilla love life, but that's hilariously far out there.

Poor Ron. He's so not subtle.

I almost laughed out loud at the idea of Astoria Malfoy making fried chicken. I guess we can't rule out Narcissa, but that would only make it funnier.

The ending scene was a bit hard to follow. Near as I can tell, George pretended that the entire kidnapping of Rose when she was a baby was one of his pranks that went terribly, terribly wrong. At least that's what seems to happen. It also seems possible that Rose simply daydreamed the entire story because of her uncle George's potion. This is giving me weird deja vu for that entire season of Dallas after Bobby died. You're probably too young to know anything about that, but suffice it to say that it was a real head-scratcher.

So a few things I noticed while I was reading:

On the other end of the Common Room, Gryffindor team Captain and Seventh Yeah Rose Weasley held the cup high over her head and gave a dazzling smile as everyone around her began to chant a personalized rendition of 'Weasley is Our King'. -- Seventh Year

Ever since Rose had read that letter from her mum, she hadn't been able to stop think about what it may be. -- stop thinking about

When you were two days old, we were about to leave the hospital, but when I was amking thr final arrangements, somebody had kidnapped you. -- I was making the

Scorpius Malfoy sat at his desk, going through the pile of letters that lay in front of him. In front of him, the window was open, giving him complete view of the clear sky. - You end one sentence with "in front of him", then start the next with the same four words. It reads really awkwardly.

but he was subjected to one of Ron's ineffective death glares. Just as he was about to make a statement about how he loved Chuddle Cannons, Ron's favourite Quidditch team, George interrupted. - Chudley Cannons

This was really weird, but I enjoyed it. Definitely got a chuckle out of it here and there. I hope you did well in the challenge!

Author's Response: Hello, thank you for your lovely review! I found it quite helpful and I've made the changes in the mistakes that you've pointed out. I get over-excited sometimes and don't proof-read the chapter properly before posting, which is quite shameful, because in reality, I'm a complete walking, breathing
Grammar Nazi :P

Dallas, well. I am probably young enough to not have watched it, but old enough to have heard of it *shrug* University student. So :P

This story is entirely weird and it really must have left you feeling quite dazed and confused. I wrote it and I kind of felt a bit confused myself :P But honestly, this was one of the hardest challenges because the prompts were quite out-there and I really had to come up with quite wacky to include as many as I could. I managed eight, by the way :P And I had quite a lot of fun doing it.

The whole unicorn, the Rowena Ravenclaw thing, The Patented Day Dream Charms, Puking Pastilles, Fried chicken, Armchair on fire, Ghost of Colin Creevey and getting locked out were few of the things that happened due to the prompts!

I'm glad you found bits of it funny. Well, that was the intention :P
Thanks for the review. Trust me, it was helpful. I managed to correct a lot of mistakes!

Thanks again :)

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