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Review:Slide says:
I know I keep saying this. But I do love the little details about the Quidditch league and rules and so forth. All so realistic. But then I guess that stuff's been in my head with the recent talk of a winter footie World Cup in a few years. But yes. It makes the world REAL. Little things.

Ha at Ginny. Reasonable words when expressing your dislike. I bet you're lying for your son's sake. We all know you, Ginny. Fiery temper. :D And then she says she's not sorry he lamped a photographer. See! It's good of James to consider his drinking, but Ginny's probably right - it's a bad habit in how he uses alcohol. He clearly CAN control his drinking. Also, he's 21. Gee, like he's the first 21 year-old in the world to get verrry drunk lots. At least he's being responsible.

Ooh, there's a Scorpius. Provocative Rose. I'm glad old habits don't die hard with Harry, I always find it hard to believe it ever becomes sunshine and daisies with Draco and so there'd need to be a reason for them to be at least not awkward with Scorpius. And a Charlie! The eternal bachelor. Glad he's made a cameo.

Poor Brigid. Re: Freddie, re: Ingrid. She's a good sort, I always do feel sorry for her in these situations. She does get the short end of the stick. But perseveres! And then Freddie goes and is adorable. *facepalm*

And no Alfie. Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear. Good on Sophie for stepping up to the plate. Perhaps for the best she got no notice, poor girl, now she just has to focus on doing the job instead of freaking out. And evidently is up to the task!

Oh HELL Della isn't. Did not see THAT coming. But then this was going to get the best of someone, these last minute changes. Oh, phew, Ryan saves the day. That was very sweet.

I'm pausing reading the beginning of the match to say this is SUPER tense. Like, woah. Good job building the tension. And then, hee! The Bagmans pull through, of course! And Della's right to make them play it properly from here, it IS a questionable tactic even in a world of magic medicine!

Mrfle. They win. Of course they win, but ALL THE FEELS.

Author's Response: League shortening and whatnot. Done accidentally, because I gave NO thought whatsoever towards an actual calendar and schedule when I started writing this fic, and by the time I DID it was too late to change it. That's probably the biggest thing I'd change if I had the opportunity, because in a lot of ways it's a pointless occurrence. BUT it does have a real-life comparison I suppose, THANK YOU FIFA for being so corrupt and useless.

Definitely not sunshine and daisies with Weasley/Malfoy relations. More teasers - that becomes relevant in Derailed as well. Aaaand Charlie, because I feel bad when I forget about him. Brigid ... I am cruel to her. Poor thing. One day, my plot threads will be nice to her. I think. Not promising anything.

The Alfie storyline is purely here to allow me to write that Ryan/Della moment. Utter self-indulgence I will admit, but then extra drama can never be a bad thing. Plus it reminds us that Ryan/Della is a relationship that is not happening yet. Those poor Murphy kids.

Glad to know you like the tension building, sometimes it's hard to gauge whether I'm going OTT or being too blase with it. And THEY WIN. Of course they do. Cheers for the review :)

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