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Review:nott theodore says:
Hello again, dear!

I really, really like the way that you've chosen to interpret the story of the Pied Piper into a Harry Potter fairy tale sort of story - it's so original and unique. I said this in the last review, but the style that you've used to tell this story suits it so well and reminds me of the oral tales told around a fire.

The historical element of this story probably has to be one of my favourite aspects of it. You set the story in its context so well and explore why all of those things might affect the events that follow it. The inclusion of religion really helped to set up the different reasons for things happening in this chapter and this story. The idea of the devil being involved in witchcraft was such a big part of people beginning witch hunts, and it shows that they would have a valid reason - as far as they're concerned, anyway - to try and rid themselves of witches and wizards. I liked the inclusion of the superstition as well which came with disability, like Vincent with his limp. I think that made me understand the Mayor's reasons for it much more than I might have done otherwise. The situation is really difficult and I'm intrigued to see what will happen next!

Stephane Slytherin is a really intriguing character as well. I feel sorry for him in a way because he's under pressure from his father and the other Founders to solve this problem and make sure that the magical population is safe. He has this need to prove himself because he's always been the weaker one compared to Gryffindor's boys. But at the same time I can't like him because he's got this prejudice against Muggle borns, and I can't help feeling that the prejudice is wrong.

With regards to Trip, I really like the way that you've introduced the topic of Muggle borns. It makes sense that at some point they must have been fairly unknown to the magical community, especially if there was no great collection of young witches and wizards in a school. They're a completely alien entity at this point, and people tend to treat the unknown with suspicion. If Muggles have already begun persecuting wizards as well, it would make sense that wizards would have some hostility towards Muggle borns as well as wizards.

I really like the interaction between Stephane and Marigold as well. I can't wait to see what's going to happen - I could hardly believe the way she treated poor Trip! Now I think that Vincent and Blind Johnny could be the people left behind, but I'm curious to know whether Trip will be allowed to go with them or not - it will probably be a bone of contention between Slytherin and Gryffindor. At any rate, I'm looking forward to the next chapter!

Sian :)

Author's Response: Hi again! :) So exciting to see you back here for the second chapter!

I'm really happy you're still liking the style and premise behind the story. I imagined it as beginning as a sort of local legend or historic story which somebody is being told, and then around the middle of the first chapter it slips into the story and continues through the action in the next few chapters.

It's really great to hear that the historical aspects are coming across well. I love writing them and historical fiction is one of my favourite genres to read and perhaps someday write. :) Since religion was so important back then I thought it would be an issue of possible contention between different groups, and also probably used as an excuse for violent acts. Vincent was such a poor little character, but I agree, the Mayor's actions in protecting him makes sense for his refusal and made the man a little more human, in my opinion.

I'm glad you're intrigued by Stephane! He's turning out to be a very difficult character to pin down. I like writing him but don't always approve of everything he says and thinks. You're exactly right, he wants to prove himself worthy, and he's also quite afraid of his father.

I imagined Muggleborns as kind of emerging accidentally and sporadically. Even in a community like Hamlin where the Muggles are aware, to an extent, of the others being wizards, I imagined a Muggleborn declaring oneself would be a risky choice and that many of them would try to keep their identity quiet.

Yes, Marigold really behaved quite nastily to Trip! There is something going on with her and Stephane, even if a large part of it is fascination.

Thank you for this wonderful review darling! :D

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