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Review:nott theodore says:
Hi! I was really happy to see you'd updated this story!

Delilah's motives were really intriguing. I actually wasn't sure what she'd claim as the reason for paying someone to bite Dominique, because really, how do you justify something like that? I knew it had to be more than the fact that Dominique becoming a werewolf would make her capable of writing a good article, but the actual reason she did it made my skin crawl. It was realistic though, because obviously she was mad for power and history shows what that desire can make someone capable of. You write her character really well, and if it wasn't for what she'd done I might almost feel sorry for her, losing everything and being overtaken by Dominique when she's worked so hard to get to where she is. But she did pay Young to bite Dominique, and I can't help hating her for that.

I was so impressed by the way that Dominique behaved in this chapter - she was so calm and level-headed and I could tell that it must have taken a lot of effort for her to remain that way. I liked the fact you included the flash of anger when she drew her wand on Delilah, because it made the interaction more human and more believable. I still feel really sorry for her but I love the fact that she's realised she can still be a strong person and has to confront Delilah to move on with her life and get justice.

For some reason I didn't expect Teddy and the Auror to turn up, but I was really pleased when they did! I felt like their presence helped justify and strengthen Dom's case against Delilah, and I'm really glad about that! It's definitely in character for Teddy to take care of everything and I could tell how much he loved Dominique in this chapter, which is actually something you've done really well throughout the story - show clearly how the two love each other without making it over the top or unrealistic. I was a bit worried when Young said that Delilah only looked like the person who'd paid him though! I thought she must have done something to alter her appearance, but I was worried they'd got the wrong person for a second!

It was so in character for Delilah to try and escape capture and use the same method that she'd prevented Dominique from using when she was reporting about the wolves. Its almost poetic justice that they put up the Anti-Apparition wards and stopped her from evading capture in the same way that Dominique couldn't avoid the werewolf bite.

The ending was really sweet, and I loved the moment between Teddy and Dominique, and the entrance of Julia. The dialogue there was really natural and realistic, and I liked the way that you ended it. In a way I felt happy that Dominique had managed to make sure Delilah would see justice, but at the same time we weren't allowed to forget that she's still been bitten and has to face transforming into a werewolf each month. I can't wait to see where you go from here!

Sian :)

Author's Response: Hey! As always, it's awesome to receive a review from you =)

I am pleased that the actual reason as to why Delilah did what she did sounded realistic to you. I struggle with writing her character though I do enjoy it so I am happy you like it. I am glad you have mixed feelings towards her - because in a way if we see things from her POV we can feel sorry for her but at the same time looking at what she did takes that away immediately. That was my aim =)

Dominique was trying hard to deal with the situation with a clear head and I am glad you liked it. Of course, her anger did slip through - she wouldn't be human if it didn't, I am happy to hear that you like how she is getting justice and stuff =)

Haha I figured people would expect them to turn up since I hinted at it in the previous chapter, but good to know it came as a surprise to you anyway. Dom couldn't have dealt with everything alone, she needed Teddy, and of course an official. Teddy/Dom are my OTP and I like to show their love yet keep it realistic so I am pleased to hear that you get that here. Haha I wanted to spice up the ordeal a bit by making Young say that *evil laugh* xP

Yeah, Delilah was totally preparing to flee but I figured it would be like a nice little 'karma' for her not being able to do so by the same method she prevented Dom from fleeing the wolves. Poetic justice is an awesome word xD

The ending wasn't much (for once not a cliffy haha) but its good to know you liked it anyway with the Teddy/Dom moment and Julia. Of course, we can't forget a thing like that xD The story is coming to an end soon, but we'll see Dom dealing (or not dealing) with her situation in the upcoming chapters.

Thank you for your lovely review!

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