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Review:nott theodore says:
Hello! I'm glad you managed to update this week - but don't worry if you can't because of life getting in the way! We'll still be here when you manage to return :)

Sadie's really starting to make a place for herself with all the other characters that I love in stories. There are lines that appear at different points in this story that really remind me how awful her life must have been, even if we don't know what has actually happened to her yet. Things like having a friend, which is so simple and normal for most people her age, is something she hasn't ever experienced. It helps draw parallels with Harry and I think they'll find it easier to bond than others, maybe, but I also think that Sadie has had a worse life than him. Whilst Harry lost his parents but doesn't know what life with them was like, Sadie has memories from her life before she lost all her family. Though they're nice memories to have in a way, they also remind her of what she's lost. And even though Harry has suffered and been through a lot since starting Hogwarts, he's had friends to fall back on and people to talk to. Up to this point, Sadie has been through everything alone. I feel so sorry for her and I can't wait to find out what happened to her in those seven years; even though it will be awful to read about I feel like I'll get to know her even better as a character and see the other characters here being able to form closer relationships with her when she eventually tell them.

Another aspect that was really touching and poignant was the mention of hunger being such a constant in Sadie's life; it's dreadful that something like that has been the only thing to keep her company through seven years. I'm so happy that she's living with the Weasleys and going to Hogwarts and won't have to face that, at least!

I loved the way that you worked in the World Cup to the story, without trying to retell events that we already know. The sense of terror that Sadie experienced in the crowds was something I had expected to happen, but I thought you wrote it really well and I could feel the emotions as she felt them. It was so cute that she clung onto Bill's coat to find her way through - I liked the touch that she didn't know he knew she was there, but Bill had noticed her need to hold onto someone.

The way that Sadie interacts with all the different characters and they with her is so natural, I'm really impressed by it. Fred and George aren't out of character but have recognised that they need to be more sensitive around her at times, and it was sweet the way that they offered to carry her bag.

Bill going to talk to Sadie was great. We've always known that he's Ginny's favourite brother and as the oldest I think it would follow that he would be the most protective, and see that Sadie needs to be looked after. His age also means that it makes sense for him to be more perceptive and take notice of things when the others aren't paying attention. His conversation with Sadie was lovely; he came across as a concerned older brother figure and what he said to her felt natural. It's great to think that Sadie might find some solace for losing her family in this new, busy family.

Another great job - I'll look forward to the next chapter, whenever you manage to update!

Sian :)

Author's Response: Hi Sian!!

I am so woefully slow responding to this review, and it was so amazing that I feel really bad. I hope you can forgive me for being a slowpoke!

About those updates...not sure if you was my blog or not, but I'm having to take a two month break from updating. This time of year is the craziest for me and I am just falling behind in everything. Must take some time to get real life organized so I can write without guilt.

Hope you'll still come read when I come back!

I am SO happy you are staring to love Sadie! Seriously, it makes me smile a lot.

And yes, I am dropping hints here and there about what happened to her in the past. She does need a friend, doesn't she. More like several. Good thing the Weasleys, Harry, and Hermione will be there to BE those friends. Probably a bit cliche, but who cares.

I honestly didn't set out to purposefully create a character who 'had it worse than Harry'. But, somehow, when Sadie whispered her story to me, I knew this was how it needed to be. Again, that probably lands me in the category of all sorts of cliches, but I'm trying not to think about that.

As for what's worse, knowing and remembering and losing loved ones, or never knowing them at all...I'm not sure. Maybe they can have that conversation someday.

You will eventually find out most things that happened to her, but Sadie isn't about to just volunteer the information, so I hope you can be okay with a rather long reveal on some things.

I couldn't mention how hungry Sadie was in the prologue, and then just have her feasting at the Weasleys like it was no big deal. That has to be something I think she would never take for granted.

Ah hah, you caught one of the biggest problems I'm having with this story. Inserting a character into scenes and events, without it just rehashing the event. It's HARD to do! Glad you liked the solution here. Although I can't pull that trick every time, so this will be hard to keep up! As for Sadie grabbing Bill's jacket, there was a moment of personal experience kind of reflected in that action.

So very happy you are enjoying her interactions with the canon characters. That was one of the driving points of writing this story, but also one of my main worries.

And yes, I love my twins. You can tell.

So is it canon that Bill is Ginny's favorite brother? I always just thought that was in my head...

I have some plans for Bill's big brother approach to Sadie, so it was nice to get the foundation laid here.

Thanks again so much for reading! I always look forward to your reviews so very much! And I'm so sorry for the slow response again.

Take care and drop me a PM telling me how life is going when you get the time. I miss talking to you.


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