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Review:nott theodore says:
Hi again - I'm sorry it's taken me longer than I meant to get back to this story!

I really love the style of this story, because there's almost something classical about it that's reminiscent of Shakespeare and Bronte, and it's really original to see it used in a story like this. I don't think I've ever seen it done before in fanfiction! And once again (you'll probably get bored of me saying this) your description is absolutely beautiful. This chapter is loaded with so much imagery that it takes my breath away. The pictures that you paint are so clear in my mind and it all works brilliantly with the style that you've used.

The set-up that you've created here is a really refreshing and different way of telling the classic Romeo and Juliet tale. Most fanfictions featuring Rose and Scorpius in the role of these characters end happily, ignoring the tragedy that's cast with the roles; here I could tell from the beginning that things weren't going to end well for the characters, even if I'm not sure exactly how they'll end.

Your characterisation of them both is so intriguing! Here Rose seems to take on the role of Romeo, more reckless and manipulative than the cautious Scorpius, who in turn must be cast in the role of Juliet. It's strange to see the roles reversed so much, with Rose calling all the shots and almost controls him. The two are the antithesis of each other but even though they know it can't go well for them, they're drawn to each other by some irresistible pull. Or rather, I think Scorpius is drawn to Rose because of how different to him she is - I think she only cares about how she can use him. She's almost sociopathic, to be honest!

I really liked the touch about Hugo in that section as well. It added another layer to her character and gave her more depth; it's something that's almost human. But the way that you've described her attachment and affection to him still seems quite unhealthy, more than something that's actually a positive. But it does make sense that Hugo would be the one person she cares for, having grown up together and being close in age - we saw it even in the first chapter. It was great to see Scorpius jealous of Hugo as well, showing that he's in the weaker position because he cares more.

The ending was interesting too - I can't wait to see how the story ends now. Montague seems pretty calculating as well, and I almost feel sorry for Scorpius being caught between him and Rose. I liked the Slytherin set-up, seeming determined to gain world domination; I loved the comparison to Tom Riddle when you were describing Montague. It fit so well with the image I had of him and what they were all doing.

At the end of this chapter I felt like the sense of tragedy, that uncontrollable fate that all of them are facing, came through really well. They don't even seem to know that they're spiralling towards it yet but I'm sure it's going to be tragic and awful, even though I still can't guess what's going to happen at all!

Sian :)

Author's Response: Thank you again for reading and reviewing, as well as for your lovely compliments! It's fantastic to hear that you like the style of this story - I've often worried that it's overdone, too descriptive and old fashioned. What I want to do with the descriptions is paint a picture of the story. In the case of this one, it's supposed to be a bit overwhelming, a touch of the theatrical about it. Most of this story is about the ending - the tragedy - the part of the R&J tale that I for one can never forget. Everything about this kind of romance is like a snowball gaining momentum down the hill, and the world around these characters foreshadows that. It's now falling apart around them, just as their lives, their love, is falling apart.

Rose and Scorpius fulfill that one rule of physics how forces enacting on one another are equal and opposite in nature. They are equals - Scorpius has his own strengths, though they're often difficult to see because he's so reserved and keeps his cards to himself. He is fatally drawn to Rose because she's vibrant and incredibly brilliant, too brilliant, and he wants to have a part of it. She is rather sociopathic - she needs more development to show her human side, which is there, but very hard to see except in her scenes with Hugo. What she really feels about Scorpius is the thing that's missing - if she does love him, in her own way, then it might be worse than if she's just using him for her own ends. For someone like Rose to love is dangerous because, for her, it's all or nothing. There is no in between.

Hugo is all that Rose had for a long time, and once their father died, she truly felt he was the only one in their family that she had a connection with. She's too much a negative version of Hermione for them to get along. Hugo also completely trusts Rose, and she likes that - he never questions her and loves her without reservation. Everyone else wants something from her, but Hugo never asks for anything, and therefore she gives him all she can, even if it doesn't seem like much at times.

Thank you again for the wonderful review! It's great to see how much you're enjoying the story!

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