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Review:MargaretLane says:
Yeah, that's a good question all right, as to why Burke would show them the potion. There is a possible reason they haven't considered though and that's that the authorities may know he's doing it and he may have permission to do so. Admittedly, it REALLY doesn't sound that way, but there may be more going on than they know. Or the authorities may know he's brewing it, but not that he's selling it. He may have just told them he's doing some research into it or something. And really who are they going to believe: a well known potions expert or a bunch of teenagers? If the latter is true, he could even pass off what he said to them as a joke. "Yeah, I was just having a laugh, telling them I was selling it. Of course I wouldn't do that. Hilarious what kids will believe, isn't it?"

I don't know. I've a feeling Burke is a little TOO obvious. Yeah, he's clearly unorthodox, but I suspect it may be like Balladanis - he may be doing stuff that isn't entirely ethical, but I don't think he's the criminal here.

Hmm, yeah, I definitely see what Matt means - there is always a risk and it is a LOT to risk. But the odds are those kids and any other werewolves that might be in the area would be using wolfsbane. The odds of two werewolves who don't or can't use it being in the same areas is pretty remote. Though of course, it's always a possibility. I don't know if I'd want to take the risk if I were them. But somebody has to if fluxweed is to be gathered at all.

I'm actually a little apprehensive that something might happen. I've a feeling you're hinting at something. Not necessarily somebody being bitten, because I doubt you'd have two werewolves in the same group of friends, but SOMETHING. It might not be werewolf related at all, but now that I think of it, going out at night with somebody they don't entirely trust isn't a great idea, even without the possibility of werewolves.

*grins at Amanda saying she wouldn't have gone*

Yeah, I definitely think Burke has, or at least at some point HAD, a legitimate reason for brewing Polyjuice Potion. How that fits with his comments previously though, I don't know? He's a bit too open about it to be doing something illegal.

Although, of course, he might just be crazy enough to do something illegal openly.

Burke saying "a couple times" doesn't sound quite right. I've only ever heard the "of" left out in American books and stuff.

*laughs at the idea of their sticking Veritaserum into Burke's tea* Well, that's one option.

They got back safely anyway. I was half expecting something dodgy to happen, especially since Albus and his friends seem to attract dodgy business.

Ah! Rose's comment there might explain why Burke isn't afraid of their knowing what he's brewing. If brewing it isn't illegal, the only evidence they have he's doing anything dodgy is what he said and he could easily deny that or make out he was joking. The odds are most people wouldn't be too suspicious of a well-known brewer brewing something you're not allowed sell. They'd just think he was doing it for research purposes.

It's occurred to me my reaction to what Rose and the others said about Young may well be a cultural thing. Our reluctance to make official complaints is part of the reason for the sheer lack of efficiency in Ireland. I guess English people might not be as anxious to cover up for somebody, even if that person is somebody they actually thought SHOULD be fired. *laughs* The typical Irish reaction would be to complain about him among themselves and wonder how she could possibly not notice how bad he is, then tell her he's a great teacher when she asks.

Author's Response: There is the possibility that Burke is brewing Polyjuice for a legitimate reason and the authorities know about it, and therefore it wouldn't matter if he told the kids. But Albus doesn't always jump to the most logical conclusion. He likes to look for mysteries to solve, even if there aren't any there. Not that I'm saying what Burke is doing is legal.

Burke is definitely unique, and similar to Balladanis in that way that he'd be too obvious a criminal. But there are crimes he could be involved with that are in a moral grey area, rather than him being downright evil. Sort of how like Sirius told Harry the world isn't split into good people and Death Eaters.

Odds are, Albus, Rose, and Kaden will be fine. There is a very slim chance they'd meet a werewolf in the forest, and an even slimmer chance they'd be bitten by it, since Burke is a very good wizard. Still, Matt wishes they wouldn't take that risk. He doesn't think it's worth it, even to get on Burke's good side.

Burke is very open about brewing Polyjuice, but is it because he's doing it legally, or because he has no worry that he could get in trouble? He might just be really secure in his fame as a world-class brewer. Chances are no one will question him.

As for the "a couple times" bit, this fic does take place in Scotland, but I'm American. So it reads as at least slightly American. I try to use Britishisms when I can, but things slip past and I'd spend all my writing time editing if I wanted it to read as completely British. Here, the phrase sounds pretty normal.

You're right that no one would be suspicious of Burke brewing anything since he's a world-class brewer and he researches potions. He feels pretty secure in that.

Haha, that could be! Americans love to complain and make official complaints. I'm honestly not sure of how the British would generally react in that situation, but Rose would certainly make a complaint. She wouldn't let anything stand in her way of getting a decent education. Thanks for reading and reviewing! :)

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