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Review:romance4ever says:
Well Good Evening.

This will be my 3rd time reading, Once on a wet stormy day mimccing so closely the feelings in this chapter and then on a break in work feeling helpless like our dear Hermione and my 3rd writing my words of gratitude to you once again.
I shall not bore you with countless thanks you and you amazing as by now you should know this. Its written all over the reviews and in the forums ;) (< I CAN ACTUALLY UNDERSTAND THIS NOW) anyway back to this wonderful work of masterpiece fiction.
How well you told of Draco's misery, I think in the Manor he would be very easily addicted to the alcohol I often wondered how the family got through the Dark Lord staying there, Maybe it was Firewhiskey. His lovely Mother knowing and trying to ease the pain by hiding his treasures of misery. His obbessive nature oh i loved the mental image you gave me. I could picture his lost stare and turning back and forward the glass glug glug the drink.shivers up my spine thinking of it.
I love how you made the Dark Lord interact to. Its often a part I feel the films should have protrayed more as of course the Dark Lord would need a right hand man considering Lucius failed him whats better than to turn to Lucius' son and train him perfectly to resemble himself... Our Poor Draco...and then I turn to his other half... Hermione sitting crying upset and yet so brave to be far away from the person she loves..Her book or yours should I say.. Her only comfort and then the story comes true to her. I can only applaud you as it was clearly difficult to imagine a story to fit this story to fit jk's story... Inception much? But you done it brillantly. The simplicity of parts.. ''Friend''... I loved that line. I'm not sure why? I just found it endearing I suppose but it was a beautiful touch and of course isn't Ignorance bliss? What I would give to become a witch? But alas we are all squibs living among the magical thing that is imagination.
Hermiones question... I'm sure its played on her mind from day one However now... Its like cold icy water falling down her back.. she knows somewhere I feel that it wont end well but given Hermione she might just fight.
This story is on another level of fan-fiction this is like a Shakespeare sonnet or MacBeth...
My friend I look forward to the next piece of the puzzle and praying our Draco walks away from this mission unscaved I Fear it could end indoubtly messy

Your forever keen reader... SineadC

Author's Response: Romance4ever,
Dearest SineadC,

Um... where do I begin? Here I am, determined to respond to this review that simply glows from the page and I am still rendered speechless. It is these kinds of poetic reviews that are so hard to answer. I do hope that you understand that I am living proof that writer's block can happen with trying to respond to Reviews. For crying out loud, I am pathetic. But anyway, I shall try.

You read this extraordinarily long chapter 3 times? Oh, I can see the gloom of the day that would closely match the mood of this chapter. And really, you probably should not read at work. I do not want you to get into trouble! :) And 3rd in penning this wonderful review? You are truly amazing, thank you.

Your insight and depth into my story never ceases to amaze me. You truly get it. The despair. The dismal existence that is Draco's life. You don't know how wonderful it is to read your words. It is like having a conversation with my own mind, you are so in-tuned with the emotions that I am trying to convey. You understand it on a completely different level than most. I cannot come up with words to describe this author/reader connection.

It astounds me that you understand these "treasures of misery" and the image of him obsessing... with his lost stare and alcohol glugging. You describe these things better than I did. :) Its wonderful. You are so spot on.

Regarding the Dark Lord: I too feel that the films did not give us a reason why the Dark Lord sickly hugged Draco in the end. I have seen and heard that it was an unrehearsed thing that just happened while filming and they kept it. But I wanted to give my readers a reason, an understanding of why Voldemort would do such a thing. I am trying to provide this untold back story of what their relationship would have been like while living at Malfoy Manor and trying to imagine why he would do it. (I'm trying at least).

And oh, Hermione. Yes, her comfort is a book that Draco gave to her. It is the only thing she has and the story will tear her heart out when she finds out the true author of DBBP, a canon character. I cannot wait to reveal who it is. Hopefully everyone will be floored and it will make total and complete sense when it is all discovered. Get ready for the tears when that is revealed.

And the simplicity of "Friend." This actually came to me in several different ways. The first and only friend before Delilah was his house elf that was killed by his father's hand. And Dobby always had this thing about being called a Friend of Harry Potter. Even as he died in Harry's arms, he spoke of being there with friends. It was extremely important to Dobby and I equate that with the elf that the author lost as a child. "Friend" to him means much; a deeper meaning than normal and he would've been taught that by his elf long ago. It also serves to keep the author anonymous, but of course, he is not. He is canon!

And agreed, ignorance is bliss in many cases and we are mere Muggles enjoying the brilliance that is JKR and her world. All credit where it is due.

Hermione will live with her regrets concerning Draco. She didn't really mean it, but that is what he will remember.

And oh, my, another level of fanfiction? Oh, thank you for considering me so highly! It is wonderful to read and lends me encouragement to work on original fiction and be published someday. Thank you dearly for this wonderful, poetic review and for seeking me out on the forum. It is truly a gift that you give to me.


P.S. And since you give me such a gift, I shall give you one. The name Delilah came from a quote in one of the movies. "Much to his delight." Yes, it is him and his unnamed fiancé. If you might want to guess, please ping me on the forum and not in a review. Merry Christmas, Sinead. :)

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