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Review:MargaretLane says:
Augusta Longbottom should know how he feels. Compared to what happened to her son, I guess this is comparatively minor. Though that plays it down more than it should, but I guess everything's comparative.

The Beater thing reminds me of a story about Irish President Eamon de Valera, in his 80s and pretty much totally blind, throwing a sliotar (small ball used in hurling) in the air and hitting with a hurley. The Taoiseach (Prime Minister) apparently commented he hadn't thought the President could see well enough to hit the Presidential residence with a hurley.

Love Augusta Longbottom's words about how war doesn't have happy endings. I agree completely with that. Everybody loses to some degree in a war.

Oh crikey, how dreadful must that be, to lose your son AFTER the war is over. *goes to play an Irish rebel song about a rebel who was killed on the last day of our War of Independence*

You portrayed her feelings when she heard so well. You almost brought tears to my eyes again.

Also like the way you've shown Percy still feeling awkward about his rift with the family. It makes a lot of sense and I love the way you have things taking time to sort out.

And *cheers for Kingsley leaving the handmade sign up*

To be honest, my sympathy in a lot of the wizard-goblin relations is with the goblins. If they consider items to belong to the maker and wizards are aware of that, then wizards ought to enter into the contract knowing they are only renting and will have to return the item on their death or else not buy from goblins. I can also see their side of things here; the trio DID break in to Gringotts, but I do think they could understand the situation Harry was in here. After all, I doubt the Death Eaters were that fond of goblins either. On the other hand, considering how the wizarding world treats part-humans, I guess it's understandable that they would want to remain outside wizarding wars.

Love the detail about Hermione's father liking universities. It's so personal and considering Hermione's personality and her insecurity about her grades, it sounds like one or both of her parents may well have been very academically inclined. I mean, obviously you have to be very smart to be a dentist, but it sounds like they may also have valued education for its own sake.

*laughs at Ron taking Death Eaters over spiders any day* Funny how irrational fears can be, isn't it? Like Ron's so brave when it comes to facing down all kinds of evil people and monsters, but faced with a spider, he's terrified.

I love that nightmare. It fits Harry so well. Actually saying I love the nightmare makes me sounds somewhat sadistic, doesn't it?

*laughs* I had a line in one of my stories where the villain is jailed and one of my characters was talking about how some of his victims are still in counselling and "this is victory?" This is what we've all been hoping for?" The ending of this chapter reminded me of that.

Author's Response: Augusta Longbottom inserted herself into this chapter. I had no plans to use her, but she just kind of showed up. So, I let her talk. *shrugs* She apparently had some things she needed to get off her chest and I'm just honored she chose my story to do it in, as I think it worked out perfectly. And yes, I think wars, although sometimes sadly necessary, always cause pain in the end.

That's a great story about the Irish President! You will have to tell that to Fred, to give him some hope and a good laugh.

I have a soft spot for Percy and really want to bring him back into the family fold. But I also think even choosing the right side in the end wouldn't instantly change his basic personality, or how he felt he fit into his family. So, as much as I want to have him right at home, I think it will take time. And lets face it, some people, no matter how much they love their family, just always feel a little like they don't fit in with them.

He IS still a Weasley, however - hence the sign. Glad you liked it.

It's true. Wizard relations with non-humans is a very shady gray area of the book. As a children's series, I believe JKR was trying to be funny and light-hearted. And so I usually read it that way. But if you delve very deep and think too much about it, they can turn very dark indeed, and often it's the wizards who come out seeming dirty. I guess I choose to not look too deeply.

As for Hermione's parent's, well, no one grows up in a vacuum. I figured there had to be something at home that helped influence her character.

Irrational fears. Yes, they are funny. Until it's you facing that spider/snake/mouse. LOL. But, it makes the characters human, doesn't it.

Whew! Writing the nightmare was hard! I was afraid it would seem corny. So glad you liked it. And no, you sound fine. I understand what you mean completely.

That's a weird coincidence! LOL. Too funny.

Thanks again so much for reading! These reviews have been great to get, randomly popping up. You've almost caught up to my last chapter, so I suppose I'd better get busy writing a new one.

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