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Review:MargaretLane says:
Really like the amount of information you've given about Ron and Hermione's search for her parents. It's bound to be difficult. After all Australia is a big country. And I like that you've given a sense of that difficulty.

Love George and Charlie's words to Ron.

I also like the part where they don't feel ready to share a bed at this point of their relationship. Often it seems like stories have every character immediately ready to consummate their relationship as soon as they reach adulthood. And of course there's nothing necessarily wrong with that, but it's nice to see a couple behave differently.

Ron's awkwardness about it is also quite in character.

Yeah, I'd imagine that once the Ministry realises who Hermione is and what she and her friends have done for Britain, they would be anxious to help, particularly since Britain and Australia seem to have a pretty close relationship - both being part of the Commonwealth and all - but it is a big country and without the Ministry having any record of their having entered the country, this could get tricky.

Aw, that part where Ron wants to comfort Hermione but doesn't know how is SO in character for him. He is rather...not insensitive, but not the best at knowing how to deal with emotional stuff, isn't he? And he always puts himself down, always feels his brothers and Harry and probably Hermione too are superior to him. And looking at what he's done in the books, he really shouldn't. I mean, yeah, Harry and Hermione probably did more. And Neville much the same, but among the younger characters, that's it. None of his siblings faced what he did.

Those are actually fairly small numbers, considering they are searching a whole country. They could well have had thousands with the right names.

Actually, they should try getting hold of the airport records. That could be fairly hard to do though.

*cracks up at the comment about the bet with Charlie*

I don't really think Harry would bet on something like that though. He can be insensitive, but I don't think he'd bet on his two best friends' happiness.

I actually did laugh out loud at the five fingers pointing at Harry. Oooh, he's in trouble now.

Oh gosh, no using magic for months. That would be difficult for somebody who's been used to using magic for years. I guess he had to manage like that for his first 17 years, but it would be hard to go back to it after years of using it pretty much constantly.

And yikes, those instructions would be hard to remember, especially since magic would be so instinctive to them. It would be like having to pay attention to how close somebody is to you before you use your mobile phone or put a meal in the microwave or something.

Think it should be "bear in mind" not "bare in mind".

And yikes, he's blind. This just got extremely interesting. Not that it wasn't interesting already, but you know, this adds rather another dimension.

Author's Response: Thank you so very much for such a lovely, detailed review! I am so very sorry it's taken me this long to reply. Real life has been a beast this last week or so.

Now, to the comments.

I haven't read a huge amount of other fics that cover the period I'm writing about, but one thing I noticed from the ones I have is that no one seems to remember Hermione's parents! Which makes me sad. Or if they do, it's just a zip off to Australia to bring them back and everyone's home for tea. That's not the way I work. I love to put my characters through events and trials to see how they respond, but I've never bought into the "quick fix" approach to resolving things. So it makes me very happy that you are enjoying the time it's taking for them to find her parents.

I also really didn't want to send Hermione off alone. I struggled, deciding if Ron would leave Fred at such a time, but in the end, I knew he would go with Hermione. She's as alone as Harry is right now and needed his support.

I also really loved that part about Charlie, Ron, and George. Glad it made you smile.

This could just be my personal beliefs and upbringing leaking into the fic, but I just don't see Ron and Hermione jumping into a physical relationship at the first chance. The books were completely free of that, so I see no reason not to continue that way until they are ready for the next step in their relationship. Not ALL teenagers jump into bed after only a few weeks. LOL.

I love Ron's awkwardness. It's just so...Ron.

Yup, tricky is a good word to describe their search. The Ministry have helped as much as they can, but even the best of governments are still tied down with red-tape. And Hermione did a brilliant job with the spell. So, this could take a while...

I have never seen Ron as particularly insensitive, just a typical teenage boy. They are really good at missing the obvious or putting their feet in their mouths. I work with them everyday, so I get to see it first hand. And I feel like Ron did just as much for the wizarding world as Harry and Hermione did. So he shouldn't feel inferior, but being at the end of a large family probably contributes to that as you suggest.

I was a little unaware of just how many people have the same names in the world when I wrote this. Since then, I've seen something about how just in NYC alone there are usually 20 or 30 people with the same name. Had I known that at the time, I would have increased the numbers a lot. Yeah, guessing gets you in trouble. Hehehehe

Airport records. Never even thought of that. LOL.

And glad you liked the joke between Charlie. And I didn't mean to imply that Harry would be insensitive about their relationship. I just...well, it goes back to that teenage boy thing again. Sometimes, boys are just boys.

Now, on to Fred.

Yes, no magic for two months, and limited magic after that. Gonna be rough, but if anyone can do it and with a smile, it's probably Fred. And his family will rally around him.

Actually, this was in some ways a thing I threw in because I'd always wanted to see it. I wondered how the Weasleys, who practically ooze magic, could cope without it for a while. I figured for a good enough reason, they'd figure it out.

Thanks for the typo catch. I really do need to sit down and take the time to put in all the edits I've been collecting in red for this fic. I'm kind of holding off until I have a new chapter to put up with them.

And yes, you've reached the zinger of the chapter. I figured I could get away with bringing him back from the dead, but I couldn't let him walk away completely unscathed. So, yes, Fred is blind. Glad that makes you more interested instead of screaming at me with rage. LOL.

Thanks again for reading! I love your reviews!

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