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Review:nott theodore says:
I'm far too excited to be reviewing this when it's just been updated, rather than ages afterwards!

Okay, so I can see what you mean when you said that this chapter would be quite dark and angst-filled, but really after the last one it wouldn't have made sense otherwise. You have to show the effects of the war and the awful situation that Tor's stuck in.

The letter at the beginning from Andromeda helped to show how dangerous and difficult Tor's choice has to be; either way she will lose something that she doesn't want to, and there's no way to avoid that. I liked the way that she described watching Bellatrix descend into the darkness, and the fact that it actually helped her to distance herself from it. I'm pretty sure Bellatrix is actually the oldest of the sisters, but that isn't anything major.

I'm actually really pleased that Tor wasn't one of the people that attacked the children, and that she tried to stop it - I couldn't be completely sure after the last chapter, and now it's good to know that she didn't. I felt so sorry for her at the beginning with the soul-searching and introspection; it's hard enough to work out who you are at the age of fifteen without having to deal with issues that come with a war and being wrapped up in it. And then to top it all, the problems that she's dealing with are causing her schoolwork to suffer.

I liked the little nod to Romilda Vane fancying Harry as well!

Demetria... I'm still a bit on edge about her. Something tells me that she's not just going to go away quietly and keep Tor's secret, and now that she's outside Hogwarts she could do more damage than ever. I want to know how she found out, too - whether it was just from the way she reacted on that night, or whether she'd followed her beforehand.

I'm impressed with the way that Tor managed to come up with some sort of plan to save Taurus - I don't think I'd have been able to think of something that quickly! And finally, the boys stepped in and did something - the Nott boys, at least. I bet that Tor would never feel grateful for Malfoy coming along and interfering, but it seems that his authority has saved the day here.

Taurus... I want to know where he went and what happened. He became so vicious towards Will, and that's so unlike him - I wonder if it's purely because of what the Slytherins did to him, or if it's also because of something that happened when he was at home. He's suffered and having to lose so much already, and I hate the Slytherins for doing that to him. I can't believe how glad I was that Tor was able to step in and save him!

That ending! Can you please stop doing that? It's definitely not good for my health when you keep dropping bombshells like that on me! Tor's been changing and becoming a better person (in my opinion) for a while now, standing up for what's right and trying to become more open-minded; it was such a shock to see her wiping Terry's memory like that. I never thought she'd do anything so drastic, but she's clearly been driven to taking desperate measures, and her family is more important for her to protect at this point than anything else.

I wonder if she's wiped just a few memories - the knowledge about her father - or everything concerning the pair of them for the last few months? It's really sad but I suspect it's probably that latter, and she'll have to walk past Terry without him knowing who she is. It might be safer for the two of them in the long run, but I still didn't want it to happen. And now I wonder whether Tor will go back and embrace the pureblood values she's been taught to get away from Terry, or stay open-minded... and I wonder if Ginny will see the need to get involved again!

I'm so excited for the next update to find out the answers to all these questions, but I totally understand what RL gets like so don't worry if you can't update for a while - I'll still be here!

Sian :)

Author's Response: Hola! I'm so excited you're caught up too! Still can't believe you've left me a breathtaking TWENTY-EIGHT reviews on this story, and each one so thoughtful and helpful.

Yes, this story in general is becoming darker and darker with each chapter, though I hope to give the kids at least a few happy moments in the bleakness that is the war. I'm glad you liked the letter from Andromeda as an introduction to the chapter, I thought it would be helpful for Tor to hear from her even if the insight just affects and advises her indirectly.

I'm glad you weren't sure about what Tor's role was with attacking the children- I hoped it would be a little uncertain since the reader was seeing it through Terry's eyes and he's confused as well about the kind of person Tor really is. I feel sorry for her as well, and hopefully her self-doubt was relatable, though of course a little darker than what most people have to go through at that age (well, hopefully!) I think sorting through her thoughts helped me sort out Tor's future and her changing ideals as well. :)

I thought Romilda had to make an appearance! When I was rereading HBP I realized she was in fourth year and thought how on earth has Tor not noticed her craziness yet?! So adding a little Romilda was a lighter point in the chapter for me. :P

You're definitely right to be worried about Demetria, she's such an unpleasant person who is completely immersed in the nasty Slytherin cliches.

Yes, one of Tor's actual useful qualities is that she's impulsive and thinks quickly, though not always wisely. The danger certainly isn't over, but they have a cover story for now. I'm excited to explore Taurus a little more in following chapters, and his reactions to being bullied after having such a simple life and never having to worry about prejudice.

I'm sorry for the cliffhanger, you know how I love them! :P I know, Tor's decision was very dramatic and drastic, but then again she does think quickly and sometimes rashly when faced with stress and desperation. As for what memories were wiped, and Terry's reaction to it all, well, a little more will be revealed in the next chapter, which I am steadily working on and will hopefully be up in the near future! :D

Thank you for this wonderful review lovely! :)

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