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Review:teh tarik says:

So I read this fic before going to bed last night, and I'm still giggling muchly at all of it. Your banner is brilliant, by the way. Barty in the movie was always slightly deranged, and he had that creepy manner of licking his lips, and YOU'VE PRETTY MUCH GONE AND MADE HIS CREEPYINSANITY INTO SHEER RIDICULOUSNESS. Sorry for the caps. I just...can't. Bahahaha! Licking his lips for more quiche, indeed.

Right, that being said, after giggling over your banner, I proceeded to read the first sentence of your story: Barty Crouch Jr was profoundly happy with his life. And I pretty much lost it. Oh my god, just...the thought of Barty Crouch being 'profoundly happy' with his life is just...hilarious. I can't explain it, but you do humour and parody so incredibly well. And after that sentence, everything just got better and better. No, seriously, Imperiusing his students to cook him lunch, Sherri Sue Riddle, convenient food cupboards, and how you made fun about the whole "twinkle eye" thing with Dumbledore. GOD JUST EVERYTHING.

And watersheds! How could I forget that! Barty working with nonprofit organisations to save watersheds! Well, this is the first fic I've read to combine Crouch, craaack and ecology and I must say, it's a most appealing combination.You've turned him into a most likable character (at least as the fic progressed, I found myself liking Barty more and more, and I must say that I really felt sorry for him as his life spiralled into misery and disillusionment and rejection). To the point that he's driven to buy himself a new teak wooden leg and thus imperil the dwindling rainforests even more.

So, algebra is a dark wizard's downfall, isn't it. I always knew that. I only wish JKR would have expanded on this in canon, instead of resorting to all those complicating spells.

Bahaha! Brilliant fic, Kristin! It gave me the LULZ and I certainly do enjoy a complimentary Dark-marked pie to the face. :D ♥


Author's Response: O HAI TEH

Hahaha, I'm so glad you like the banner. My most esteemed work of art, for sure. (Also, it's ridiculous how David Tennant is SO creepy as Barty Crouch Jr but so AWESOME as the Doctor, in Doctor Who! Anyway.)

Aw, thank you! I'm so glad you liked the absurdness that is this story. And yes, Dumbledore's eyes twinkle in just about every fic ever. I was trying to add some pizzazz to the twinkling, lol.

Hahaha, there had to be ecology stuff in there, you know it. :P It's funny you mention that you liked him more as the story progressed, because the second half of the fic was written in an airport when I was tired - so I wasn't sure if it was even funny at all!

Seriously - they learn all this magic at Hogwarts, but there's a lot of important stuff they don't learn. Harry didn't need to do all those messy battles and spell fights, he could have just asked Voldemort to find the area of a triangle! But I guess the books would be shorter then.

Thanks so much for your fabulous review! ♥ You are awesome, and deserve a quiche as a token of my gratitude. (Unless you don't like eggs.)

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