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Review:patronus_charm says:
I really wanted my 800th review to be the stories 800th as that would have been insanely cool, but alas my urge to read on is greater, oh well, one day they will match, but for now you get my 800th!

Ah man, there are so many changes in the whole Hogwarts hierarchy and society that I can barely keep up with them. Dom is like some new inner poised person and what was with her calling Pickett Henry? Hmm, I suspect that they may have grown closer in the whole Clemence avoiding her time and with the whole Scorpius thing over who knows what will happen. Well, you do :P Then the fact that Albus and Clemence are possibly dating is now a common rumour is quite surprising, I donít even want to think about the implications with Appy!

I really love how youíve written Pickett and Clemenceís friendship itís just so lovely and naturally and aw. I really loved how he knew that there was something between her and Albus and did the whole letís pretend thereís something more going on between us. Iím currently questioning Albusí intelligence for falling for it, but then when heís in angry alpha male mode I guess heís not going to be the most rational of people. :P

Ah so much drama/tension/amazing things! First there was that whole mini-standoff thing between Clemence and Albus which was really great and you wrote the tension over what was going to happen really well. Then the whole reading out Appyís which made me crack up! Muggle fiction? I never knew there would be such a thing :P then Scorpius you are just the king of great description with this line Ď"I don't get it. Eleanor's a very pretty name," sighs the boy named Scorpius Hyperion. "I wish I were named Eleanor."í Can I marry him?

*dies* Ď It's the passive-aggressive Mary-Sue. Not noticing that you're perfect is a flaw.í

Reading a manuscript when drunk did bring out a lot of interesting things. Albus and Clemence sort of fighting through it and then that wonderful line from Pickett about wanting to kiss her. That made me laugh way too much due to Albusí reaction. He needs to be more subtle :P

Ah Scorpius is gay? My dreams of marrying him have been crushed! No! That means that the rumours about him and Albus might be true so theyíll be no Albus/Clemenceness. I mean, Albus and Scorpius would be cute, but gah, that means Iím left all alone!

Erm wow that ending! I never expected them to do it, I thought Clemence was going to come out on an I hate Albus rant or someone was going to jump in on them. I mean, it happened every other time so I was simply just waiting. Itís always awkward reviewing scenes like this as I never know how to make them 12+ but yeah it was really written and great, and Iím going to leave it at that :P


Author's Response: Oops, I began responding to this review and then accidentally continued responding to the next chapter's review xD I write these responses on a doc, so I scrolled to the wrong review when I came back to finish my response!

Pickett has such a heart, which is something considering the cast of characters in this fic, but he also shares the shades of flaws that Clemence and Dom have (being a bit of an enabler and hides his emotions with humor). I can see why he's friends with them. He's always seen Clemence's human side, never at all blinded by her confidence, and I think it's that very quality that Clemence unconsciously looks for in her friends. They understand her without pushing her, contrasted with Albus who does understand a side of her but makes her uncomfortable.

Pickett and Clemence are actually quite visibly close! In my head, there've been minor rumors about them in the past, but only negligible ones.

Bahaha, I figure if us Muggles write about fantasy, then wizards must write about Muggles xD Muggle fiction!

This chapter is really just an excuse to make a gigantic throwdown of bad self-insert fanfiction. My biggest peeve is the non-flaw which happens even in reasonably well-written fanfiction, where the MC has these random flaws that don't actually create consequences in the story itself. My biggest biggest peeve is, to quote 1D lyrics, when they don't know they're beautiful. This is not the resolution to low self-esteem.

Well, I'm not sure about your country's laws involving marriage to fictional characters, so your dreams may have been already crushed. And HA, you are I think, the first to bring up the old Albus and Scorpius rumors here, because it is a related event ;) I need to draw a timeline one day to get old readers caught up xD

Bahahah, I wouldn't know how review something like that either (I think the last time I ran across one, I stuttered in capslock). I got a few really amusing non-12+ reviews I had to sadly delete for this chapter, so you are in a big boat.


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