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Review:nott theodore says:
Hi Adi!

Ah this was so funny! It is a little mind boggling, but I don't think it's possible to write an entry for this challenge that isn't completely crazy, with all the prompts that we had to include. I think you did a great job of working all the different prompts in and creating a story out of them at the same time.

The opening was brilliant with the stereotypical sort of celebration after a Next Gen quidditch match. I liked the way that you chose to include the song from the books as a reflection of the celebration. The dramatic tone of the events made me laugh because it fits in with the sort of ridiculous happenings throughout the story. I like the idea of the squid being Hagrid in disguise, although I think it would have to be quite hairy! The way that they got locked out of the common room was actually realistic - I wish I'd thought of it myself!

When I realised this was a Rose/Scorpius story I was sure it would be about them being engaged, which confused me a bit with the fact they're in school - but then you explained it brilliantly and turned it on its head. When Rose returned home to see her dad as Rowena Ravenclaw I laughed so much! The idea that someone kidnapped her as a baby and Ron promised her marriage to Seamus's son was great - it reminded me of fairy tales that I've read when I was younger.

The whole palaver that happened when Rose found out she was meant to be engaged to Rory was so funny; I could picture it all happening, especially George turning up with Puking Pastilles and the fact that he was the one who kidnapped Rose as a joke.

It might have been a little more realistic if we'd seen Hermione at least getting mad at that, but of course this story isn't necessarily meant to be realistic! There were a few little typos that I spotted as well, but nothing that another read through wouldn't sort out.

I actually really liked the open note that you ended it all on, when I wasn't really sure whether it was a dream or not. It was a brilliant way to end this story!

Sian :)

Author's Response: SianSian..SIAAANN!! :) Before I gush about the awesome-ness of this review, I have something else to say.

Overall, this is the ONE-HUNDREDTH review I've ever gotten! (cue showers of party celebrations and cake!) And I am beyond happy that it's from you! you are one of my most favourite people here, and this is symbolic, in a way. I was pleasantly surprised, and still am incredibly happy! :D I wish I'd seen this earlier.I'm so excited, forgive me if I can't leave a coherent response right now :P

Now, onto the response for the review. (I'm still smiling like a two year old on a candy overdose, btw). I know it is on the mind boggling side, and I completely agree with you! It's so difficult to come up with a serious story, or a story even. Because you have all these crazy prompts and you somehow have to string up as many of them as you can, while making sure that it makes sense in a twisted way, and still forms a story. And that's the best part! It's such a great challenge, and it is so SO innovative. I can't wait to read all the other entries. I'm curious to see how the prompts have been worked it.

Haha :D I'm glad you liked the idea. I often play on stereotypes while writing humour. And this was just too tempting to let go off. And I love it when people include small details from the books, so I decided to do that with the song! i know it's overly dramatic, but I'm glad to hear that it works! And, oh my god. You've got me laughing :D it would certainly have to be WAAY hairier then :P I'm happy that you liked it though. I know it's rather ridiculous :P

Haha, I intended to spring this up on the readers. I know that there's only a brief mention of Rory before this, and nobody would expect him to play an important role in the story. Explained it brilliantly? THANK YOU :) I was hoping it would go down well! And yes, it is very soap-opera-ish. Or fairy-tale ish.
The whole promising her hand in marriage bit :P And it just HAD to be George. I love George, and it seemed like something he would do to play a prank on Ron. :P

Haha :P I know right? The really awkward silence just hanging about in the room, even though the people aren't really awkward with each other. It's just the situation. And George saved the day, or rather caused it :P

Why, yes! I should have thought of that. But as you said, it wasn't really meant to be the most realistic thing ever. I will probably add a line or two about that when I have the time, and I'll fix those typos too while editing!

YESS! :D I'm SO happy you liked the open note. It's a little bit of a risk, ending it like that.

And now, I will once again go back to gushing about the number. 100. Wow. Thanks a lot, Sian. it's only fitting that it's from you, dear :)

*hands over a giant bar of chocolate*

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