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Review:MargaretLane says:
I actually laughed out loud at Trelawney's reaction. And actually, OF COURSE the castle is haunted. I think that's fairly obvious.

Ha, ha, Kendrick looks amused. I'm not surprised. It is fairly amusing.

I also laughed at the idea of the prank tipping Burke over the edge.

Not sure getting John and Kaden to do his homework would be such a good idea, especially since Kaden is in the year below him and wouldn't have learnt any of the stuff yet. I'd imagine Albus gets better marks than they do anyway! It would serve them right though. Although Kaden probably could do 5th year Potions homework, since he seems to spend a lot of his own time reading up on potions.

What optional subjects is Albus taking anyway? I'm sure you've mentioned it somewhere, but I don't remember. Maybe I'll go check year 3.

Yeah, putting Burke's stuff in Trelawney's classroom is going to cause problems as they both tend to make a fuss about things.

Wonder what Trelawney's going to do about afternoon classes, if Burke still hasn't his stuff out of her room. And Kendrick answered that question.

At least Rose and Albus got out of a day's classes because of the pranks, though they seem to find this worse. *sympathises with them*

And gosh, if Burke finds out Kaden did it, he won't be so fond of him any more.

That's funny about shrinking ingredients making them more likely to blow up the entire school.

Rose MUST be annoyed not to care what a teacher said.

And 74 ideas for making Kaden and John's life difficult.

I'm also pleased we got to see Matt at the end of the chapter, although I don't think we've learnt anything new. Unless you've slipped something in that sounds minor but actually means something more than I've realised.

I'm wondering if everything in this story fits together - I mean, the murders and the Polyjuice Potion and Matt's reactions to the new potion and Burke's mysterious potion. I mean, Matt's reaction could just be because it's not working, but I kind of expect the other things might be connected. I'm not sure how they can be though. Unless Burke is the killer, which, to be honest, I doubt, I can't see how his potion COULD be connected. Maybe he's just a decoy, to make us suspicious of him when really it's somebody else, like the new librarian or the woman evaluating the teachers or Young.

But what would the murderer be doing at Hogwarts anyway? The crime took place in Diagon Alley. *is confused.

Something MUST be happening at Hogwarts though. I suspect the reason you have three new people at Hogwarts is to give us a good list of suspects. But beyond the possibility of Matt's potion being tampered with, which we've no reason to believe is happening, I can't see anything that all those three people have the opportunity of doing.

I mean, they could be doing the murders, but if you wanted extra suspects for that, you could have included people outside Hogwarts. Of course, it's still early in the story. We might get a connection to Hogwarts later.

Or you might just actually need all of those people to play their own parts in this story anyway.

I'm giving this chapter 10 out of 10. I rarely do that, but it amused me so much, I think it deserves it.

Author's Response: Haha, yes, the castle is haunted. With all the ghosts, it's bound to be. But Trelawney had to have her dramatic reaction. I love Trelawney. I've cosplayed as her before (at the DH book release and at HP conventions). Kendrick thought the whole prank was very funny. He's not overly strict about harmless pranks. Burke on the other hand...

Having John and Kaden do Albus's homework would be a terrible idea. Albus is a much better student than either of them, although Kaden is better at potions, despite being a fourth year. Albus is taking Care of Magical Creatures and Ancient Runes.

Rose and Albus, Rose especially, would've rather been in class than helping Burke put his classroom back together. But it's over now. Burke will be livid if he ever finds out who did it, and wouldn't be nearly as fond of Kaden. Kaden better hope he never finds out.

Nothing new about Matt this chapter, but more will come. As for what's connected and what isn't, I will say that not everything is connected in this fic. There are reasons for everything happening, but not all the plots I've introduced fit together nicely in the end. That being said, most of them will be explained by the end. Hopefully that makes sense.

Something is happening at Hogwarts. Otherwise it would be difficult for Albus & co to be involved in whatever it turns out to be. I'm really glad you liked the chapter so much! Thanks for reading and reviewing! :)

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