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Review:Remus says:
I told myself that I was going to read this on my tablet while the husband was taking a shower. I started to read just a bit of it, meant to stop to get ready for bed...but that never happened. It just pulled me in and wouldn't let go!

Your description is, as always, absolutely brilliant. You definitely make me like Older Harry a lot better than the one we got to see in the books. Mind you, he was only there for one chapter but still! You've managed to paint this picture of a man who is relaxed yet firm, strict and down to business when its needed. You've developed him in a way that I've never seen anyone else do it. I'll be definitely be running to you when I start having problems in PoP!!! XD

OMG! Poor Dudley Jr and Iris! I just couldn't help but laugh at James's and Albus's banter.

However, the line "Come off it, Dad!" felt a bit too much from Albus. I feel like saying that to an adult would've been a bit rude. At least that's my take on it, specially when Albus is about 11 here?

Wait, so how would the trace work in the Potter household? I thought that parents had to keep their kids in place when it came to doing magic outside of school. Since the adult's magic would sort of interfere with the Trace. How would the Ministry know if the magic came from Ginny or Harry or Albus? Hahaha, sorry, nitpicking here!

I love how Rose is just like her mother!!! That bit about the new edition of HoM was a nice touch.

THANK YOU!! Argh! You know, I always get upset when I think of how Harry and Hermione seemed to have forgotten their Muggle side. It always felt like they both moved on without bothering to look back. The line Harry felt bad about not doing more to embrace his mother's heritage. makes me glad that there's someone else out there who also thought the same thing.

The whole Ginny/Dudley thing made me uncomfortable but I guess it would've been worse to be a guest at that party and witness that first hand. Unfortunately I'm with Ginny here. I mean, not against Dudley but I'm just relating to her. XD

Ahhh, Harry and Ginny sexyness! Those two always make me giggle.

I love the whole idea of the puzzle being in a state of panic mode. How did you come up with it? I could only imagine those poor people!

Once again, brilliant story! :D :D :D

And NOW I get ready for bed!!

Until next time, Dan!


Author's Response: Rosie! What a wonderful surprise!

I always like to imagine that the "older" Harry we see in the epilogue of DH was just nervous about his youngest son going off to Hogwarts and that, you know, he wasn't really that much of a tool. ;) I am always here to help with your middle-aged Trio characterization needs.

You quickly get a flavor for why Dudley's kids don't like visiting. I feel as though James and Albus might have taken a bit of their mother's dislike of Harry's muggle relatives to heart. Poor kids, indeed.

Point taken on Albus's little outburst. Maybe I'll dial that back a bit.

I think the point is that the Trace *doesn't work* inside Harry's house. Even after the Ministry was reformed, I somehow doubt that Harry ever completely got over his mistrust of the institution. So when it came to any and all monitoring and tracking spells used by the Ministry, once Harry got old enough and knowledgeable enough to do something about it, I imagine that he took steps to keep the Ministry out of his family life. Work-life balance and all that.

Growing up with Hermione as a close friend, I think that Harry probably had an idea of what life was like for his mother. I think he would have wanted to honor the struggles his mother overcame as a muggle-born during Voldemort's first ascent to power, the same was that Hermione would have wanted to honor her parents' heritage. That doesn't mean that you run around evangelizing "the muggle way" to any witch or wizard who'll listen, but you also don't forget where you came from, so to speak.

I think most of us can relate to the lingering anger that Ginny feels towards Dudley. She isn't really willing to give him a chance because, hey, why would she be? She's very protective of her husband, and Dudley treated Harry like complete crap for 14+ years.

Poor Ginny. Granted, she did this to herself, but I still think she'll spend a lot of years living her performance down. At least George was already gone when the worst of it took place.

The puzzle itself was actually the idea that sparked this whole story. I was working one with my kids and I was thinking about magical portraits for some reason and it hit me: what would the occupant(s) of a magical puzzle think about being cut into pieces and reassembled? I thought it was great, but I obviously needed a story to put around that idea. That's when the tough part started...

I'm really glad that you enjoyed the story! Thanks for reading and reviewing!

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