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Review:nott theodore says:
Haha of course James and Sirius would shorten little Butterscotch's name to Scotch! It seems like a thing they'd do, and I like Lily's indignation over it as well. It all seems very in character, and although they're only little parts of the story they help to flesh it out a lot, and really make me smile. Aw, and Lily referred to James as her boyfriend! *Squeals in excitement*

Another thing I liked was the learning about the mechanics of how the students all make it onto the train for Christmas. It's never touched on in the books (from what I can remember, anyway) but I like reading about the details like that because I feel like it means I get to delve deeper into the magical world and learn how everything works. I think it's great that you manage to make everything so interesting!

Aw, the snowball fight was really funny to read! It reminded me of the sort of thing that would happen with my friends - I can definitely imagine myself falling over like Lily and managing to start a snowball fight, although my aim probably wouldn't be as good! All the friendship-y bit was really cute, and you have the dynamics between them just right. It's so nice to read!

I found the section with McGonagall and Dumbledore interesting to read. It was great to see Minerva's emotions as she thought about her pupils, and her concern for them is really touching and consistent with her canon character. I can definitely imagine her loving teaching more than spending time alone during the holidays. And there was some subtle foreshadowing in that section as well, and the suspense of it contrasted well against the happier, lighter tone of the previous section.

Haha reading about Christmas at the Potters has made me excited for Christmas myself, even though it's still months away! It sounds like a great way to celebrate, and it's no wonder that they're all excited for it. I'm excited to see them then but I think there's some important chapters to come before that point!

The flashback was another interesting addition. Somehow you always know just the right time to include them in the story without disrupting the flow. It was a sad memory to read about but I like the fact that you showed both of them as having done something wrong which contributed to the breakdown in their relationship. I think out of all the memories we've seen so far, this was one which seemed to show a real break in the relationship. It seemed like it could just be a normal sibling fight - because they're really the worst kind - but the fact that Matti, who seemed so nice, was there as well is what made everything so much worse. If they'd been able to fight it out between them without witnesses then maybe things would have been resolved, at least a little bit, but then Petunia lost her friend because of it and there's one more thing for her to resent Lily for. Gah, it makes me so sad and I'm going to stop with my rambles about sibling relationships now before I really bore you!

Ah, and the Lily and James cuteness at the end! You've made me feel all warm and fuzzy with this chapter and I'm excited to see what's going to happen next!

Sian :)

Author's Response: Hi, lovely!

I LOVE what you said about Matti and Petunia losing her friendship with her because of how she treated Lily, then having her own friend stick up for her sister, and how that's one of the starts to a really big crack. I think taking a look at Lily and Petunia's relationship, and weaving that into the story, is something that I probably enjoyed writing more than most people really cared to read, haha. Going into the past like that without creating a break definitely isn't my strong point, so I'm very happy you thought it was done smoothly! Looking back on it, I probably could have found a shorter way to sum up Lily and Petunia's relationship and get in the facts that needed to be told, but I just really loved writing these past scenes. And I loved feeling like I was getting more intimate with Lily and understanding her more each time I'd start to work up an outline for her and Petunia's childhood.

I this response still making sense? It's one in the morning, so I'm probably rambling. Anyway, I'll end here with a serious THANK YOU for making my night so awesome with these reviews!

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