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Review:1917farmgirl says:
All right. I protest! How the heck can you cram all that amazingly good stuff into one chapter, and then expect me to be able to review it without having to resort to writing a Thesis? I wrote my thesis - I don't wanna do it again, but there's no way I can do this chapter justice otherwise!

I don't want to start this review, because I know I'm gonna miss something I wanted to say, and I won't be able to come back later and put it in.

HOLY FREAKING HANNAH! Where the heck did you learn to write? This was amazing! Your characters are so real, I felt like somehow you had spent the last 40 years as a fly on the wall at Harry's house, watching their lives unfold. I don't really do next-gen stuff, because most of the time it all seems so fake. So I was really leery of 3rd gen - but rest assured, my worries have been put away entirely. THIS is perfect.

I love your Rose and Octavia! They were so very real, and I can feel the love that Harry feels for them through this story as well. It was so nice to read about characters from the future generations who are really PEOPLE, not cardboard-cut-outs!

I am also beginning to suspect that you actually are a wizard. The ease with which you write about this world, invent things that seem like they should have been there from the first - it's making me mighty suspicious. And more than a tad bit jealous. I'm half tempted to stop reading this story, because some of the stuff you come up with is scary close to things I toyed with, and I'm afraid that by the time I get to the end, there won't be a single thing left for me to invent! It's like you have a private deal with the wizarding world that you get to bring out their secrets one by one.

I really want to know what happened to Ginny! You've dropped so many hints, showed the grief it left behind through so many different lenses... Now I need to know what happened? Who is this Muggle? How were Rose and Octavia involved? And Percy? What the heck is up with him? (Though your line about him heading toward a mid-life crisis since he was 17 had me rolling on the floor.)

Oh, and I have to applaud you for mentioning George. The Weasley Twin Fangirl in me was very grateful for that. And leave it to George to take something others thought was rubbish and turn it into a fortune. Very nice.

Okay, so this review probably makes no sense. And I'm sure I didn't mention half of what I wanted to say, but just know I love this story. I'm totally caught up in the world you've established in this time-frame. I'm emotionally invested in these characters. And I need to know more!

Oh, and btw, your Harry rocks. :D

Author's Response: Hello, there! I'm really glad that my Harry rocks. :) Sometimes he feels like kind of an old fogey to me. As far as a thesis goes, that's for you to decide. I've never been able to make reviews short. I always feel like there's something else I should have said.

Now, on to the matter at hand. I've always enjoyed writing, but I can't say I've had much formal education. Not past 12th grade, anyway. I read things that I like and I think I pick up bits and pieces of style and technique here and there. I'm like you in that Next Gen is not my favorite era to read, mostly because the canon characters usually get such a cursory treatment. So one of my major objectives in this story was to try to let characters from four distinct generations -- Original Order, Canon, Next Gen and the children of Next Gen -- all get a little time in the spotlight. To put it another way, I like biting off way more than I can chew. :-/

I really came to enjoy writing Rose and Octavia both in this story. Obviously I borrowed a big chunk of Rose's back story from Delicate, but Octavia is completely from scratch. I'm glad that you like them because they will both feature prominently into the story until the end.

You are the second reviewer to accuse me of being a wizard! Along with a couple who also accused me of being JKR's secret identity. And I'll ask you the same question: if I had magical powers or mountains of cash, would I really be doing this? Of course not. I'd be sitting on a nice Caribbean island, saving up all of my writing to release new books. And there's actually nothing easy about writing this. I went through a whole lot of struggles to get it to turn out well. Still, I'm really glad that it seems easy. Swim like a duck...

You'll find out very soon what happened to Ginny, at least the basic facts. Some of the details actually don't come out until much later in the story, since they're connected to the central plot. Octavia and Percy are both involved, as you'll soon see.

Ah, Georgie! You'll see more of him as the story moves along, but not as much as I wish I could have worked in. Unless this story was going to be half a million words, some sacrifices had to be made. Suffice it to say that he's happy and successful and has mostly made his peace with losing Fred by this point in his life.

Your review made plenty of sense, and I enjoyed every word of it! Please don't hesitate to stop by any time you like! Thanks so much!

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