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Review:Debra20 says:
Is there any chapter of CoB that doesn't leave me stunned and breathless? I was thinking about leaving this review for tomorrow morning because once again night caught up with me, but after the way this chapter ended, there was no way I was going to do that haha. I needed to express my feelings now, when they're still in full swing.

But taking it in parts, I want to commend you for another great chapter. We discover more about Flint and I am surprised at how well you've defined his personality and the role he has in this mysterious revolutionary movement. He's a nasty piece of work, but there's no doubt that despite his delusions, he's only a pawn in the hands of that cloaked lady. It goes to show that creating characters almost from scratch would not be that hard for you (and yes, this is a shameless hint at the idea of you writing an OF :P)

Speaking of the shrouded lady, I am more and more intrigued about this journal of the Dark Lord's. It seems like the key piece in the plot Flint and co. are planning and I am starting to be afraid of the moment they'll get it. You build up momentum in a very captivating way and I am sure the reveal will be mind-blowing!

Another thing that is keeping me on the edge is Harry's decision to call out some members of the team protecting Malfoy Manor. While I was reading that particular bit I kept thinking "NO!! But, but FLINT! He's gonna attack them...noo, don't pull them out - a!" and I stand by my reaction. I can feel it's not going to be pretty :P

The plot is thickening and I am really eager to find out more. How can I divide myself between CoB and Detox?! Why are you making my life so difficult? :P

Also, I was just thinking that the best testimony that this story is awesome sauce is that the last time I read a chapter of CoB must have happened 2 months ago or so, and when I started this chapter, it didn't take long to remember the story, the feel of the characters, the action, basically everything I had learned in my previous readings. Except the endless line of children. I am useless with family trees and relations. I have no idea who is whose child further than my first cousin haha

Can't wait to read more Dan! But first, I need beeed ;)

Edit: Okai, so I mentioned unexpressed, intense feelings at the start of the review, and I almost clicked the submit review button before addressing them. TELL ME HERMIONE IS GOING TO BE OKAI!!! You cannot imagine my reaction when I first read that. I think my heart stopped for a second from the shock. It was totally unexpected! I mean, everyone was going about how well she is recovering and that she's gonna be okai and then this...Cliffhangers are definitely your thing because now I feel more compelled than ever to continue reading!

Author's Response: Roxi, you're making me blush again! Haven't we talked about this before? Scarlet **totally** clashes with my eyes. OK, just kidding. No need to stop. ;)

I didn't find Flint all that hard to define because he's really just what you see. He's a complete mercenary who's been hardened by decades in Azkaban, but he still thinks of himself as pureblood royalty because that's what he was in "The Old Times" before the war. He's in this for himself. You're right, though. He has underestimated her badly.

The Dark Lord's journal is important to her, but for now the object is simply to get their hands on it. More to come on that front...

Harry is juggling a lot of things at this point. He's worried about how the world will react if they find out that Draco came to see him, so he's playing that piece of information very close to the vest. He can't look like he's **too** concerned about Malfoy Manor, or else people will realize that something is up.

Wow! I am actually quite impressed that you can keep the plot straight in your head for that long. Even I have to go back and re-read sections sometimes in order to respond intelligently to reviews and I wrote the blasted thing! Don't worry so much about the list of children. The ones who become important to the story will be fleshed out a lot more.

Hermione... well, she has a long, difficult road in front of her. All of the main characters do, actually. Her personal trials will be a bit different from Harry or Ron, but no less intense. You'll see...

Whee, responding to reviews is fun! I should really do it more than once a week. Thanks so much for reading and reviewing!

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