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Review:nott theodore says:
Hello again!

Even though I said in my last review that I was looking forward to seeing the conversation between Belle and Sirius, I wasn't at all disappointed that you didn't. As soon as I started reading this chapter, I could tell that it definitely worked better this way, since we do already know what happened and there wouldn't have been much point repeating it all again! As always, you know exactly what's right to include in this story!

Sirius running away from Belle once she'd told him her secret actually makes a lot of sense to me... he doesn't deal very well with things like this, and even as an adult in the books we see him getting angry or going off on his own and being mopey about things. But of course Sirius wouldn't tell Belle why he was running off before he left, and so now I feel really sorry for her, because she's going to think that he's disgusted with her or something. I can understand his anger with hearing the news, and it's actually really sweet how protective he is of Belle - they need to get together!

Aw, Sirius and James! I really love the way that you write their friendship; they're so close and at times I feel like you're best friends with them too, you write them and understand them so well! I liked the mention of the way that they're both so stubborn that Remus and Peter have to act as mediators when they disagree, but in spite of all that they're always going to be there for each other if they can. I feel like James is probably one of the only people who could help Sirius work out his anger - and that Sirius would let push him like that.

Oh Sirius is going to take Belle a chocolate dessert to try and soften her up and make her smile! ♥

I loved Lily in this chapter! She's always portrayed as such a goody-two-shoes but I think that when it came to doing what was right, she wouldn't have been afraid to break rules to stand up for what she believed in. It was so brave of her standing up to the Slytherins when she was on her own - it would have been much easier to walk away and let them get away with it, but Lily's not the sort of person to do that.

I felt so sorry for little Polly in this chapter! I'm going to be so sad if you ever decide to be heartless and kill her off, because she's so cute! Mary was brave trying to stand up to the bullies as well, but she isn't as brave as Lily - and that's something that shows why Lily ended up joining the Order and actually taking a part in the fight.

The Slytherins... they kind of give me the creeps, to be honest. They're obviously the sorts of people who are going to end up as Death Eaters, but they aren't quite there yet. At this point, they're vile, nasty bullies and I really don't like them. Abigail's just (insert non 12+ word here), but at the same time she's a great character. So many stories seem to include very few female Death Eaters or pureblood sympathisers, and while there are only a few of them in canon, I think that there would definitely have been more - not every woman is going to sit at home like Narcissa seems to have done. Still, she's horrible and I don't like her at all. I hope she's not a prefect for too much longer!

Snape... I just can't make up my mind about him, but I'm definitely not his biggest fan and I'm far from a Snily shipper. I think here you showed why the two of them are incompatible anyway. Despite the fact that Snape tried to persuade the others to leave and walk away, he didn't do anything to stop them actually having a go at Lily. On the other hand, she's perfectly prepared to stand up for what's right and fight for it if she needs to. No matter how much he's meant to have loved her, he didn't have to stand with the side that hated anyone with her heritage and persecuted people who didn't agree with them. And really, if it hadn't been Lily that they were bullying, I don't think Snape would even have said anything at all - he'd have joined in with the others eagerly, probably. Okay, sorry - my musings on Snape are over for now!

I probably say this every time that he appears, but I'm so impressed by the way that you write Dumbledore. He's just so... Dumbledore-ish (yes, that is a word :P). I really liked the fact that Lily could feel his anger and sense him in the room before she actually saw him. It fitted with all we know about him from canon. The scene with McGonagall and Slughorn was brilliant as well - of course Minerva would have deducted points from her own house!

Another lovely chapter, m'dear!

Sian :)

Author's Response: Hello my dear Sian! I'm here at one in the morning answering reviews because, well, a big long list of reasons. One of the biggest one being that I have a very heavy heart right now, and all I can think about is how happy I always feel on HPFF and wanted to badly to come show the amazing people i met on it how much I appreciate them. The most important step to doing so felt like answering the reviews I'd let pile up!


Sirius and James's friendship is probably one of my favorite, if not my completely favorite, thing about the entire Marauders era. I think there's just something really incredible about all these teenagers who became adults in the blink of an eye, but even more so with James and Sirius because they were the brother each of them needed.

I love giving Lily a chance to show that, like you said, she's not afraid to break rule when it's the right thing to do. I think to be able to love and appreciate, and forgive, a troublemaker like James Potter there would have to be a tiny wild side to her ;)

I love how you described the Slytherins as nasty bullies who aren't quite there yet. That's totally what i had in my head.

I love your Snape and Lily musings. I basically had a conversation with you while reading our paragraph about those two, haha. If he really loved her to the depth he pretended, he would have let go his friendships with the boys who hated her. That's pretty much an inarguable thing in my head... then when Voldemort didn't leave her alive to run into Snape's arms after her husband and baby were murdered... okay, I'm going down a whole ranting path here. Hahah

Dumbledore has to be the hardest character in the world, so I'm VERY happy you liked him in this chapter!

Thank you again SO MUCH for this review, and I'm so sorry that it's taken a year to respond to!

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