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Review:nott theodore says:

I really liked the return to Hogwarts after the holidays, and I felt like it offered some light relief almost after the seriousness and danger in the last couple of chapters. It's quite sad that it's safer for Tor at school than at home when she's actually got a loving family. The part about Amaris getting her belly button pierced made me laugh; it helped to remind us that even though they seem to be growing up before their time, they really are just teenagers and they're going to do the 'rebellious' sort of things that all teenagers tend to do.

The fact that Pyxis and Tor have spent so much time together in the last two weeks really amused me - no matter how close you are, spending so much time with a friend can definitely get frustrating!

So, I may have already known about Taurus' secret, but before that I did think that there was something he was keeping from Tor... there were times when he seemed to want to tell people things and just didn't get the chance or couldn't find the words to reveal the secret. But here I felt so sorry for him! I suppose it's not necessarily the fact that he's gay which will cause the problems, but the fact that he's in love with a Muggle born. The way that he was confiding in Tor was really sweet - and I like the fact that he knows about her secret (the Muggle Studies lessons, at least) - and then of course they forgot to check for Peeves and he overheard the secret and spilled it to all the Slytherins. Personally I think you enjoy being mean to your characters a bit too much, but I'm going to forgive you because it makes a brilliant story and I can completely understand how fun it is :P

Anyway, back to Taurus' secret... I actually wasn't that surprised by Pyxis and Phin's reactions, because it's a pretty common reaction for boys of their age. I'm hoping that Pyxis might come round, but I wonder whether he will since he's been brought up as a Nott boy. I like how his story mirrors Tor's, and the fact that what has happened to him has shown her the implications that telling her secret might have. I don't think she'll be letting the cat out of the bag any time soon after that. I don't know where Taurus is, but I hope that he'll be okay!

The reunion with Terry was so cute! I liked the little jealous thoughts that Tor had in this chapter before she got to see him again - like the mention of the 'snog happy Leanne'. When they finally got to see each other again it was adorable! I wonder whether she'll ever confide in him what she saw at New Year's Eve, or if she has thought about the implications of what it means. He was so sweet with her when she got angry, and even though they're still in the kind of honeymoon period and have started showing each other another perspective, it'll be interesting to see them talking more and confiding more in each other in the future.

Oh goodness, Griz's Christmas present! It's brilliant and creepy at the same time - I don't blame Tor for closing the curtain so she doesn't have to look at the Goyles in her room. The image of Griz leering at Theo and Draco made me giggle too!

Eww, the dead snake! I don't think I've ever encountered one in real life, but the image was horrible here. At first I thought that maybe it had been Griz who had put it in her bed as some sort of revenge for the prank they pulled on her. I'm not sure though, because I think there's probably some symbolism to it. Dead snakes... hmm, does someone know about her secret? It could be Taurus, I suppose, but I don't think that he'd do something like that. After all, Tor wasn't the one responsible for spilling his secret, and really she was nothing but accepting of him. Could it be that someone else has found out and is threatening to tell her secret? I really don't know what it could be since I'm rubbish at predicting stuff like this!

Another wonderful chapter, my dear! So close to catching up now!!

Sian :)

Author's Response: Bonjour cherie! :)

Every time I go to respond to one of your incredible reviews I barely know how to start and do them justice. As always, thank you so so so much for taking the time to enjoy my story and give such wonderful feedback, you really are the best! :)

Okay, on to actually responding! I agree, the last chapters were so heavy and depressing that it was time to return to the more comfortable routine of Hogwarts. I agree, it does show how unstable Tor's life and family situation is no matter how loving her family is. Haha, I'm so glad you appreciated the bellybutton ring! I thought it was pretty typical of teenagers, and it helps to lighten these kids up a bit. I think of Pyxis and Tor of being a bit like cousins or siblings, so I don't blame them for needing a little break from each others' company!

Aha, you were so clever in picking up the hints about Taurus! I wanted to sort of subtly mirror the sort of struggle and prejudice a gay kid might have coming out with the prejudice against purebloods who fall in love with Muggleborns with Taurus, and how a boy loving another boy can be as natural and right as a pureblood loving a Muggleborn and the unfairness of the prejudice and hatred. So hopefully that came across okay! :) I felt sorry for revealing Taurus' secret that way too, and for it to serve as a warning for Tor, but yes, I am a little unfair on my poor characters!

Yes, Pyxis is a little unpredictable this way. While he's very close to Tor and they have similar personalities in many ways, he's also guilty of falling victim to peer pressure. And yes, Taurus' exposure is definitely a wakeup call for Tor... just wait until I finally get Chapter 28 out, it's pretty much straight angst and indecision on Tor' part! :P

I'm glad you liked the reunion! Terry is so patient, and handles Tor's mood swings and confusion very well I think. I agree, and there will be more talking - and angst, what else! - in the future.

Ha! Griz and her strange possessions are so creepy but fun to think of. Griz is hilarious, if a little one-dimensional. And yes, I just think dead snakes are the most disgusting things ever! And yes, there is some symbolism, and I love your speculations about who might of put it there!

Thank you so much for another amazing review!!! :D I'm off to respond to the next one now, and then I'll be all caught up with responding to them as well!

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