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Review:nott theodore says:
Hi lovely!

Okay, so even though I knew that Terry couldn't actually be dead because we see him alive in the prologue, you still managed to have me worried with the cliffhanger at the end of the last chapter. I was really interested to see what the explanation for that would be, and then when I read on to this chapter I kicked myself for not having thought of a boggart at all - it seems like an obvious explanation, but it's a great twist. I really liked the way that even though we know Terry will at least survive to the point we witness in the prologue, the danger is always there for them, and I still find myself worrying about what's going to happen.

The changes in perspective and the different times of each of those sections were so effective. At the very beginning you say "Time moves slow" and they emphasise that. It's almost like they slowed time down and we get to see what's happening in so many different places, rather than just with Tor. It also meant that we had to wait for longer to find out what was happening with Terry, which was mean!

I know I've probably said this countless times before, but the fact that we get to view certain scenes from the perspective of the Death Eaters changes how I view them so much. Especially at the beginning, when Yaxley was preparing to attack the Burrow, and he found the sight of Ginny reminded him of his own daughters. That was actually really touching, adding a more human element to his character, and the fact that he had to focus on the boy, their reason for being there, to continue with the attack was very believable.

I feel so sorry for Theo! Just like Draco, he's a child that's too eager for glory, too impatient to grow up, and he's getting involved with things he'd be much better off avoiding. He's so young and it helped to remind me of Draco in the books; the way that he struggled to torture someone he didn't know even though there was a lot of pressure on him to do it properly. I don't really want him to be accepted into the Death Eaters, but I have a feeling he will be... perhaps as a replacement for his father, or some sort of punishment?

Daphne's perspective was really interesting to read from. In a way I'm pleased that her sense of self-preservation has led her to step back from the idea of joining the Death Eaters, and that she's much happier supporting them but staying out of the action so that if they lose, she'll still be safe. It's quite sensible really - very Slytherin - but I want to shout at her for just wondering whether Tor will be able to resist and not doing anything to stop her from joining when she knows that she is younger and perhaps sillier at times. Then again, I'm not sure whether Tor would want to listen to her sister at any rate!

Terry's section was probably my favourite of all the people included here. His perspective was so wholesome, worlds away from the fear and terror and torture that's going on in Death Eater families. The contrast was brilliant, and I felt like I warmed to him even more. Perhaps he's being a little optimistic about how well Tor would fit in with his family, but he's still viewing her from somewhat rose-tinted glasses, I suppose. His family seemed so kind and happy and I loved the dynamic that you created between them all. The light-hearted teasing was so very different from poor Tor, stuck in the Malfoy cellar believing that she's seeing Terry's body.

I'm really pleased that it was a boggart, but I'm getting more worried about Tor and Terry's safety. I don't like the fact that Pyxis is getting more suspicious, and after he's witnessed that, I think Tor will find it even more difficult to keep her relationship a secret with the poor excuses she's been using. I'm not sure how Pyxis would react to finding out that Tor is going out with Terry, but since he's grown up experiencing the same sort of pureblood prejudice that she has, I'm not sure it would be very pleasant...

It was nice to see Yaxley being a real father figure in this chapter too, lecturing Tor on knowing her limits with how much she drinks! I felt quite sorry for her when she wanted to be able to tell him about Terry and gain his approval, as she should have been able to. It's another reminder for her of how dangerous this relationship could be.

I'm happy to see that Tor's still in touch with Andromeda - even though she hasn't appeared in person yet, I feel like I know her character quite well. There was a wistful tone to the letter that might remind Tor how much she stands to lose if she chooses Terry over her family, and I'm so interested to see how all of that plays out in the future. It's great that she has got someone she can talk to, though, especially someone like Andromeda who's encountered the same difficulties Tor is currently facing.

Another great chapter, my dear! I'm excited that I'm nearly caught up on these reviews!

Sian :)

Author's Response: Hello dear! :)

Really, how can I ever thank you for spoiling me with all these incredible reviews?! And as if you're almost caught up on the whole story... thank you for being so encouraging, it really helps me as a writer and reminds me to keep writing, even when silly Tor is being difficult! :)

I'm glad you liked the idea of the boggart, and that it was a good explanation for what happened. As you said, it felt so simple, yet so logical. Tor definitely hasn't thought much yet about the implications of her boggart being Terry's body. I also imagined the scene mirroring what happens in the prologue and hopefully reminding the readers of that future as well! :)

I actually really enjoyed writing the structure of this chapter and talking about the other important characters in the story while building suspense. And yes, it did delay finding out what was happening with Tor, hehe! :)

I'm happy you enjoy how we see these events from the Death Eaters POV, and how it's different from the "good guys." I honestly really like Yaxley and like to think he has the potential to be a good guy, so giving him a touch of humanity and how he had to force himself to remember the task seemed right for his character, and I'm pleased you appreciated it.

You're right, Theo and Draco are so similar and going through similar situations, though they would never think of confiding and finding help or salvation from each other because of their pride. I feel sorry for him as well, and because of his father's involvement he's pretty immersed as well, so even if he isn't "worthy" of being a full Death Eater he, and Tor, are still in whether they want to be or not.

Ah, I'm glad you noticed Daphne's Slytherin characteristics as well, and found it realistic that she wouldn't want to necessarily join up. She's better at lying low and staying neutral than Tor is, as long as it's for her own gain. I'm glad you found her interesting, and even frustrating, since that's just how I picture her.

I really loved Terry's section as well, and it helped inspire me to write the chapter from his perspective! There's a lot more to him than just the lovely, slightly ideal version of him that Tor sees, and I really want to give him a little more depth. Yes, Terry's experiences during the same few moments were such a stark contrast, and hopefully showed that there may be other options for Tor than the limited world of the DEs which she often takes for granted.

Yes, it is getting harder to keep the secret, especially with Pyxis seeing the boggart and the other Slytherins getting suspicious and always ready to hurt their peers if it will further their own interests.

I love Andromeda as a character, even if it's only through correspondence so far. I thought the letter was a bit nostalgic and wistful as well, and that while Andy doesn't regret her choices there is a part of her that misses her family. But yes, she is a great confidant and role model for Tor! :)

Thank you so much again for following this story and leaving me these gems of reviews!! :D I know I keep saying this, but you are actually the best!! :)

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