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Review:GinnyPotterForever says:
They're finally back together. Finally.
Sirius is free!!! :-D
Harry, Remus and Sirius can finally share what has been happening in their respective lives.

I had kinda forgotten about Greyback... It's time you explain which Smoky is!
The thought of Remus fighting with Kreacher on his rights to cook in Kreacher's kitchen without magic is hilarious;-) (it took him more than two hours!)

Sirius is on to Narcissa... He thinks she's upto something - which she totally is - but back when they were in school he used to think she never had an opinion or a mind of her own. Narcissa has evolved way too much for him - now she can do anything to keep her family, especially her children, safe.

Sirius isn't being fair to Harry by not telling him about the entire encounter with Marlene. Although that's nothing which should be told to a nine year old, I think it's going to backfire on him somehow. And Harry's very perceptive - his question about Marlene not killing him throws Sirius off.

"Maybe Draco's right about magical hugs." Cute. Even us muggles have magical hugs:-)

At least they could solve the Life-Debt puzzle. That would have been difficult to solve if Harry kept quiet on the Kelpie thing. And then there's the Parseltongue. One more thing to look forward to - Sirius figured out Pettigrew was at the Malfoys. Is he going to keep quiet on that or present the information to the Ministry, who may or may not believe him? (depending on the amount of gold Lucius is willing to pay).

Sirius and Harry have a wonderful relationship - you've done that beautifully. One look, one word is enough for the other to know that something is wrong - it's the kind of relationship they should have had all along, with each other, and with James and Lily.
Sirius does a good job on convincing Harry that he can be who he wants and not what people expect of him - this is something which bothers Harry through Hogwarts, and it's being addressed at such a young age.

Marlene. The poor girl. I feel sorry for her now. I honestly feel that it was more difficult to live on the outside than inside Azkaban after the war. Of course, Sirius had a horrible time - living with the Dementors and more importantly the guilt of having let down his family. But for Remus and Marlene, they lost their family in one instance. For almost eight years, they've been alone, watching their remaining friends - Mary, Alice and Frank - waste away. They were unable to contact Harry, the one tie they had to James and Lily. All they had was hatred for Sirius. And though Remus was willing to believe his brother, Marlene was not ready to listen to Sirius. That is what lead her to make such a terrible decision - I'd hate to think of what would have happened if the Dementors hadn't created doubt in her mind. Now she has to live with the guilt of trying to kill an innocent man.
Knowing that whatever she did in the Wizarding World, Gawain would protect her, she turned to the muggle world - effectively making sure that absolutely no one would find her. But if they do - if Sirius finds out - what is he going to do? That's the big question.

The same officers who almost caught Sirius and James arresting Marlene? Hilarious. And to think his daughter wants her child to be called Elvendork! Poor baby;-)

Wonderful chapter once again, the light mood (expect the Marlene parts) was a nice change.

Author's Response: They are, yes. :)
It's nice that they get some down time. :)
I'm getting there, I promise; Tonks and Mad-Eye are looking into it. :)
I suspect Remus was killing a bit of time; he knew that Sirius and Harry needed to talk. :P But yes, when he did finally try to make tea, I daresay Kreacher protested.
He is, yes, but whether he'll work it out... :P I doubt he will; Sirius and Narcissa have some things in common, but they think so differently. Sirius could never teach Harry to be in a House, even if it meant it would make things easier; he'd let Harry be himself and then deal with the consequences. :P
There's no easy way to say something like that, especially to a child (no matter how mature he might be) It could, backfire, yes; I haven't decided on that. :S
Haha, I think hugs are magical, personally. :)
Harry was always going to confide about the Kelpie thing. Yes, they had to work out the Life-Debt - things could have got messy otherwise. :S They won't have as much luck sorting out the Parseltongue; the fact that it was a Kelpie has thrown them (if it was a normal snake, they'd have known right away). :P
Oh, Sirius knowing about Peter's location will definitely come up... it'll be an interesting confrontation, that's for sure. :P
I'm so glad you like the way they interact. :D They've got such a special relationship, and I just love the way it's developing. :)
I think it's a good thing that Sirius has given Harry this talk now - I daresay it'll happen again a few times - because it puts things in perspective, and he never had anyone to tell him that in canon. It'll be interesting to see how that changes his reaction to things. :P
Oh, Marlene. :S I think so too. At least Sirius knew what he was fighting. :S Remus and Marlene just wallowed in hate and self-pity. :S Remus has managed to climb out of that pit, and Marlene managed to shrug off the self pity, but the hatred was still there. :S She's got a lot to make up for, and a lot to learn to live with. :S
Exactly. She's not stable, but she's clever. :S Good question... :)
Yes. :D I couldn't help adding that in. :P
Thank you! Haha, it certainly needed to lighten a bit. :)
Thank you so much for the review!

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