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Review:nott theodore says:
Okay, so I've been looking forward and dreading this chapter simultaneously for a while, but can I just ask you to please stop ending chapters like that?

The description and imagery in this chapter was brilliant; at the beginning, I could picture everything so vividly and there were some other details that you included in this chapter that really help the story to come to life. I couldn't help laughing at the mention of Daphne getting drunk and doing the House Elf Hustle, and the way that Pyxis wants to use Theo to get places when he passes his Apparition test - it sounds very familiar!

I've suspected for a while that Theo was being recruited into the Death Eaters, and when you think about it, he's the perfect candidate to become one of Voldemort's servants; like Draco, he can be used to replace and punish his father for his mistakes. I didn't want it to happen, or think that it was going to happen so soon, but it's very believable that it would take place. I also thought that the choice to include his recruitment into the Death Eaters in the same chapter as mentions of his childhood, because it provided such a harsh contrast between the youth Theo had and the life he's now entering. It makes me so sad to see him do this, and I liked the snapshots you continued giving us throughout the chapter of his feelings and thoughts. Torturing someone seems like the perfect initiation to the Death Eaters - well, something they'd think was perfect, anyway.

One of the things I love about this story is the way that you portray the war from Tor's POV; we get the sense that all of the Death Eaters are real people; people with families and histories and likes and dislikes, and they're all just so believable. It's so interesting to read about, and I feel like while I'm reading this I'm opening my mind to the fact that these characters aren't all purely evil at the same time Tor is realising that Muggles aren't all animals.

Okay, the ending. You have got to stop doing this to me!. The only reason this is even bearable is because I know I've got the next chapters to read! Rationally thinking, Terry can't be dead, because of the prologue to this story - but that doesn't stop me worrying and wondering what has happened to him! And I'm worried about Tor exposing their relationship as well - surely Pyxis at least will work it out and realise why Tor's reacting so badly to seeing Terry's body in the Malfoy basement?

Argh, so much to think about! I'm carrying on reading to find out exactly what's going on!

Sian :)

Author's Response: Hola! :) Ah, the big cliff hanger chapter! I felt so guilty for doing this to the readers, but of course you knew that Terry had to be alive for the scene in the prologue. I loved adding a little suspense, however! :P

I'm so honoured you liked the descriptions and that they created a clear picture. This chapter actually sort of wrote itself, perhaps because we have the imagery of Malfoy manor from the books and even the movies, so I could imagine it transformed for the party. Haha, I'm glad you liked the little funny anecdotes, I loved adding slight amounts of humour into the story. :P

You're completely right, Theo, like Draco, is a very obvious choice to get recruited to have power over the father and the family. I don't imagine Theo as being fully recruited yet, with the Dark Mark or anything, but he's certainly being scouted and examined to see if he could handle it. I'm glad you noticed the contrasts with his childhood as well, and it is very sad. I quite liked including his perspective in the story and taking a little break from Tor.

Ah, I'm glad you love the way we get to know the DEs and Slytherins in this story! Showing the contrasts and blurred lines between good and evil is one of my favourite parts of writing this, and they continue to open my mind as well with each new chapter. I guess I really want to play with the ideas of evil and ordinary and choosing between the two of them, and whether people like Theo or Yaxley can be simultaneously wicked and likeable at the same time.

I love your excitement about the ending!! When I posted this I was so excited to see if any readers would react (evil author laugh). But yes, the tension is beginning to boil at this point. Pyxis is definitely going to get suspicious eventually, and both Terry and Tor are still far from being safe.

Thank you so much for this amazing and thoughtful review my dear! :D You're just so wonderful! :)

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