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Review:adluvshp says:

*takes deep breath*

Right, I think I can manage to write a coherent review now... or at least, I'll try.

This was a very intense chapter and it had me sitting on the edge of my seat. You won't believe it but my heart was pounding loudly throughout, and I really wanted to go inside the story and give Helga a big hug. I have come to connect with her character deeply and I feel for her so intensely in this chapter as she goes through this terrible heartbreak.

Salazar's words broke my heart too and I just wanted to hit him and hug him at the same time. *sigh*

I was surprised at first when Godric announced that Salazar had 'forgiven' him. I almost thought there was hope - childishly like Helga. But then when Helga went to him, my hopes shattered. Salazar was so cruel in his words, and yet I could feel his pain too. It made me so sad when he called her all those horrible things and talked about muggles in such an awful way.

I felt so sad for Helga too, hearing those words must have been so terrible. I liked how she stood up for her though, tried to talk sense into Salazar, and how I wish she hadn't failed.

The last segment of Helga coming to Rowena and Godric crying, and them not knowing how to act at first was very realistic and believable and I liked that too. It was so sweet of Rowena to comfort her the way she did, truly a mark of a good friend. I like her character very much.

The ending made me gasp though. Salazar is gone? No, come on, he can't just leave. Not like this. I almost broke down crying reading that. It is truly a shocker and now I am more than ever waiting for the next chapter.

I have enjoyed this story a lot so far, and have come to relate to it deeply so I'll be really sad to see it end. Your characterisations have been beautiful. Salazar, Helga, Rowena, and Godric - all have strong, constant personalities, and that's what I love most about this story. I have seen these characters evolve and develop, and yet their inherent traits remain constant which makes them believable and relatable. The relationships they share have been portrayed so amazingly it makes me crave similar ones.

Throughout the time I was reading the story, and this chapter particularly, I felt like I was a part of them, that I was right there, that I was experiencing everything Helga and Salazar experience. You write emotions and descriptions and dialogue exceptionally well; truly, hats off to you.

I loved every bit of your writing and I am very much looking forward to the next chapter, as well as the sequel. All my praise and comments will not be enough to express how brilliant this story and it's characters are, and how much I love every bit of it.

10/10 as always.

Author's Response: OMG DON'T HATE ME PLEASE. (Even though I sort of hate myself for what I'm doing to Helgazar *cries with you*)

So I do have a list of reviews to respond to (procrastination at its finest), but I just HAD to do this one first, AD. Because it's THIS CHAPTER. THIS CHAPTER was incredibly hard for me to write. I think that might be why it came out so short; I just couldn't stand to prolong it any more! But even so, I'm incredibly glad to hear that it connected with you. It was so emotional for me, and I was desperately hoping that the intensity came through.

We've seen Salazar at his best, briefly, and with this chapter I wanted to show him at his worst. This issue of blood purity is big for him, obviously. And he has very high standards for forgiveness. In Salazar's mind, Helga's offense was much, much worse than Godric's because she knew the underlying reasons behind his prejudice and still said nothing. And he thinks that Helga saw him as a "project" rather than a romantic partner, and used his feelings for her as a way to get inside his head. Truth and assumption are all jumbled in his poor brain :( And clearly, he took it out on Helga in a terrible way. Ugh, it was so hard to write.

I debated on how to write Helga's reaction to his rant, but eventually I determined that she would absolutely try to stand up for herself, even if she was heartbroken. I'm glad you picked up on that! She wants to be nurturing, but she's not about to let Salazar talk down to her without answering back.

I have grown to love Rowena more and more as this story has gone on, and Godric as well. They really stepped up their friendship game in this chapter, I think :)

And oh goodness, the end! I know it's a cliffie but bear with me, there's still one more chapter! Anything could happen, really.

Oh wow, what a lovely thing to say about the characterizations. I really did hope that they would evolve from the beginning of the story to now, and it is so, so good to hear that you saw that happen. I have really loved writing this story, and I'm so honored to hear that you've felt so connected to Helga and the others. I'm working on the final chapter now, and I will definitely be sure to let you know when it's up.

Thank you so much for this, AD. I've been really uncertain and dying for feedback on this chapter, and you've put a lot of my fears to rest with this amazing review. I appreciate you so much!


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