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Review:nott theodore says:
Hi Aditi! I've been checking since you mentioned that you'd posted this chapter and so when I saw your status on the forums I rushed right over here to read the next installment!

This chapter was definitely worth the wait! I liked the opening; after reading the cliffhanger you left us on last time we as readers had time to react, but we hadn't seen either Dominique or Teddy react to the news, and I liked the way that they did here. I found their reactions very believable. You managed to include just the right balance of anger, hurt, and shock to make it realistic.

Dominique and Teddy come across as a very natural couple, and it's great to read because I don't often see realistic portrayals of relationships between the two of them. They're very protective of each other, like when Teddy gets angry and wants to confront Wilson Young on her behalf, and the way that they both try and reassure and calm each other down during the confrontation. It shows how close and in love they are, since they care more about the other's safety than their own.

Wilson Young seems like a pretty desperate character, and you actually made me feel a certain amount of sympathy for him. When I learnt that he was also a new werewolf I wondered whether the drink problem was actually caused by it, as his way of coping with the condition. He's the perfect example of what can happen to a werewolf if they don't have family and friends to help them, and provides a harsh contrast to Dominique. I felt quite sorry for him when he said "in hopes of finding a pack to settle with" because now he won't get the chance to live as part of that community.

Of course, that doesn't excuse what he did, by any means. No matter how desperate you become, deliberately inflicting a condition that you hate yourself on somebody else is never acceptable. When he first appeared in the house there was something quite sinister about him, but I felt like that facade gradually crumbled to show his vulnerability.

As for Dominique, I thought that she managed exceptionally well during the confrontation. Hearing about why she was bitten and what prompted someone to do it was an awful thing for her to go through, but she managed to stay calm throughout it. I liked the fact that she wasn't afraid to use the fact that Harry Potter's her uncle as a bargaining tool, and that she and Teddy settled something with him to get him to talk. I wonder if they'll actually be able to stop him from going to Azkaban, but I think it was a good way to get the information they wanted.

After managing so well through all of that, it was interesting to see Wilson's offer of her joining the pack nearly break her again. Teddy's fury at that was completely understandable. I thought it was a really good reminder that as well as the mystery surrounding her being bitten and the self-loathing that it prompted, she still has to deal with her transformation in a few weeks.

Dominique's return to work was really well written. Even though those prejudices against werewolves are now illegal in work, that doesn't mean that all of the prejudices against them have been eradicated from the wizarding world. The way that her colleagues treated her served as a harsh reminder of the way that people can judge someone else for something they have absolutely no control over, and it's so unfair. There are countless parallels that you could draw with the world today and I like the way that you're tackling that sort of issue in a sensitive way, but showing how hard it must be for someone on the receiving end to deal with.

I really like Julia! She seemed very natural and has obviously come to terms with what's happened to Dominique and realised that it doesn't change the sort of person she is and that she can't do anything about it. She definitely seems like the sort of person I'd imagine being Dominique's friend; I also enjoyed the way that you threaded some of their back story into this chapter without it feeling unnatural.

One of your strengths in writing is definitely the way that you portray emotions; they always feel natural and not at all overdone, just completely appropriate for the situation. I'd have been feeling exactly like Dominique did if I'd been going in to confront the person who had destroyed my life, but I think it was a really brave thing for her to do. Delilah is just so creepy - I don't know how she can act as if she's done nothing at all, pretending to be perfectly lovely, when in fact she ordered the attack.

Did you have to leave this chapter on another cliffhanger? These always have my mind racing and trying to work out what's going to happen next. I'm so curious to see how Delilah reacts -whether she just denies it or turns nasty. I'm also really intrigued about why she ordered the attack. Did she just think that it would make a good piece of journalism and she's ruthless enough to do anything to get a good story, or does she have another motive? I'm so curious about what's going to happen next!

Sian :)

Author's Response: Hey Sian. First off, I am awfully sorry for the extremely long time it took me to respond to this review. It's just that I don't know how to respond to such an amazing review that makes me feel all fluffy and happy xD THANK YOU!

I am pleased you liked how I started off this chapter with Dom and Teddy's reactions, and that you found them believable and realistic.

I love writing Teddy/Dom scenes and try to portray their relationship as realistically as I can, so it's great to know that you like them as a couple too. I know not many realistic fanfiction couples are there thus I try to do my best to set Teddy/Dom apart from the rest in my story =)

Wilson Young is a pitiful and complex character yeah. He practically has no aim in life and he sort of lost his way once he became a werewolf. The drinking problem was definitely a result of the bite. I am glad you caught on to the fact that he is an example of a werewolf who doesn't have family/friends to support him. It's good to know that you could feel some sympathy for him despite his actions =) In fact, I did enjoy writing him, and I may just write a separate one-shot about him one day haha.

Ah I was exactly aiming for that effect - to show him as someone sinister at first and then gradually reveal his weakness. Pleased to know it worked!

Yeah I wanted to show that Dominique is fighting her inner demons and trying to be as calm as possible - all this was definitely not easy for her. As for whether they can prevent Wilson from going to Azkaban, you'll have to wait and see. I certainly think Dom is the kind to use the Harry Potter card xP

Yeah I didn't want all this mystery and all to take away from an important part of the story of her dealing with the transformation. I figured such an offer would definitely break anyone - living away from civilised society and actually accepting being a 'beast' sounds scary after all.

I decided on the treatment Dominique received on her first day at work after a lot of contemplation, so I am glad it made sense to you. I am trying my best to tackle this in a sensitive way, yeah =)

I am pleased you like Julia, she's one character I like to write about, as she has a very fun-loving and open-minded personality, and she definitely will not abandon her friend because of what happened. It's a relief that her backstory didn't come off as unnatural or unnecessary.

I am so happy to hear that you think emotions are my strength. It's great to know that you could relate to Dominique. Delilah is creepy yeah haha.

I do love cliffhangers, sorry xP As to how she reacts, you'll have to wait and see. Her motive will be revealed as well. Thank you so much for continuing to read my story. I am pleased you enjoy it. Thanks!

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