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Review:nott theodore says:
Review 800! Yay, I'm so happy that I'm the one to write this for you! ♥

It really made me smile to see Sirius teasing Lily about kissing James. Even if they had decided to keep it secret, there's no way that the rest of the group wouldn't have found out at some point, and they're obviously going to tease them about it - Sirius especially!

Aw, I love William and Olivia so much! I hope you meant it when you said you'd be keeping them around for as long as possible. The way they treated the group seemed so natural, and they're just so sweet. When Alrek arrived and started asking about the training that Alice was doing I started getting a bit worried, because it can't be good for the Death Eaters to know that both she and Frank are already at the level of second year trainees! I was also nervous about him meeting the Potters too, because I thought that it might give him more information, but I'm pleased that the Potters seemed to be on their guard when they met him and were a bit suspicious!

I was actually really surprised that James kissed Lily in front of everyone before the match, but it was actually really sweet - like she was his good luck charm. I'm pleased that she has such good friends in Alice and Belle, though, and at least they're making her realise that she does want to date James! And then Belle has said she'll tell Sirius soon, and I'm really excited for that happening.

Oh no! Oh no, Alrek knows about the wedding! As soon as they mentioned it in front of him and he started casually asking questions I got worried, and now I'm getting the feeling that he's taking notes and something bad might happen around that time. They'll want to attack when they're vulnerable - is this going to be one of the times that they defy Voldemort? Gah, don't make me so nervous for these characters, Jami!

Frank's commentary on the game really made me laugh! I can definitely see elements of Neville in him, it's just that Neville suffered growing up because of what happened to poor Frank and Alice.

Bella's back! Every single time she appears I get goosebumps but I'm oddly fascinated at the same time. I was really interested by the introduction of Karkaroff in this chapter - I wondered at first if he'd been of help in recruiting Alrek, but I'm not sure if he actually was since Voldemort seemed to be in his home as a punishment. Bellatrix's jealousy at first when she thought he was there as a reward was so realistic and in character, and I thought you wrote her feelings wonderfully.

So, I was right about the wedding and Alrek? No, I really didn't want to be - I feel like I'm guessing far too many things right in this story and that's actually quite sad because half of it is things I don't want to happen! The letter confused me a bit at first because although I understood the parts about the project and the extra project, the bit about the first of December made me think that it wasn't about the wedding after all.

But then I liked Bella's explanation about it and the way that she had been working on the plan and getting Alrek to find out information is so clever that I have to admire it. Now that we know Bellatrix was the one who attacked poor Beowulf I'm actually not that surprised about the amount of curses that she attacked the owl with - Bella is never someone who does something by halves, is she?

It was so creepy when Voldemort decided he was pleased with her work and wanted to congratulate her. The way that he knelt beside her and she was so happy actually gave me chills! But the reward was both horrible and completely consistent with Voldemort and Bellatrix's characters; we know from the books that she loves torturing just for fun and has spent a lot of time doing it. If the Death Eaters can be so awful to one of their own then it's no wonder about the torture they inflicted on others. I'm seriously getting worried about what's going to happen at the wedding!

Aw, James waking up after the injury was quite cute - the way it was written really conveyed his confusion and the fact that he'd got injured doing some crazy move in a quidditch game doesn't surprise me at all, it's so like his son! It made me laugh when he thought that Lily was in his room in the morning when Professor McGonagall was actually there to witness it - it's just the sort of thing that would happen to him! I'm pleased that Gryffindor won, even if James got injured.

Oh, I got so excited when Alice decided to take control and tell Sirius that Belle wanted to talk to her - I'm hoping that we get to see that in the next chapter because I'm really so excited to witness that talk. I'm not sure what Sirius' reaction will be and it's clear that at the moment he has absolutely no idea what she's going to tell him, but I'm excited for it anyway!

Aw, and that ending! Even with all this danger threatening them, you're giving me so many Lily/James feels in these chapters at the moment! I love the fact that she was the one who stayed, and that James was so happy because of it. And now she's finally decided that she's ready to try a relationship!! I'm so happy for them and I have such a massive grin all over my face now. Thank you, Jami!!

Sian :)

Author's Response: My brain is not functioning or something, because this is the second review I've had all ready to go then clicked 'cancel' instead of preview!


Yes, I am totally keeping Olivia and William around as long as possible! Since we know they die of an old age related disease, I want to make it s that, though it'll be sad when they go, it will also be time. If that makes sense. I'm so happy that you're still liking them, and that you were suspicious of Alrek finding out a little more than we're comfortable with!

I feel like everyone needs a friend like Alice. She's so sweet and loving, but she's also not going to let you hide from your feelings. I think that's my favorite part about her. And yes! Alrek knows about the wedding! *evil cackle*

I'm so excited that you liked Bellatrix's section. I get worried that I make hers feel repetitive, which is what gave me the idea of bringing karkaroff into this one, so please let me know if you ever feel like that about hers!

I'm probably a little more pleased than I should be at the idea that having her pop up gives you goose bumps... mwahah.

I can't tell you what's going to happen at the wedding! But am insanely excited to see what you think of it, hehe!

I felt like I was stepping into a bit of cliche territory with the hospital scene, but it just felt so appropriate! And having Lily be the one to finally take a big step forward and show her affection for James in front of the team felt like a big move for her, so I'm really thrilled that you liked that section!

Aww hahah Sian, I am so, so happy you're still liking this and that I can give you a big grin with lots of J and L feels! I can't even tell you how much all these reviews have meant to me. You're going to give me a big head :P but responding to them has seriously made my day, and really made me want to carve out some time to finish chapter 2 of ADD!

I feel like these responses aren't even halfway adequate to tell you how much I appreciate the time you're spending on BTF, but you've left me here in a smiley puddle of feels, so THANK YOU ♥

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