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Review:nott theodore says:

Okay, so I'm going to try and write a coherent review for this chapter...

The opening of this chapter was so tense! At the end of the last one I really didn't expect the tension that I felt at the beginning because I assumed the reaction Beowulf being attacked would be similar to Hedwig being attacked in the fifth book. I suppose that Harry was already in enough danger and Dumbledore knew more at that point what danger they were facing, but it still made me nervous to see how seriously the attack was being taken.

I found the way that Remus was arguing with his friends was really believable - it's so consistent with their canon counterparts. Of course Remus would be the responsible one, arguing to stop James from doing something stupid and going against orders, while Sirius sees no problem with it and they all want to go and be there during Remus' transformations to help him get through. Even though I'm nervous about why James and Lily have been told to stay inside, I can't help but be happy that Lily won't be going to the party with Alrek, after all!

"Peter had always been so loyal to James, though."!
Seriously, Jami?! How can you put a line like that in there so casually as if it means absolutely nothing and in fact it's just foreshadowing the death of both James and Lily and Peter's betrayal and oh my goodness what are you doing to me?!

It's really interesting actually that Peter is suspicious of Alrek. I wonder whether there's more than just his position as a 'rival' to James that's aroused the suspicion, or if it's something more? The joking between Lily and James was so cute, and the way that they get on so well now rather than arguing - they've got to a point where they both depend upon each other and trust each other, probably more than they even realise.

I still really admire how well you write both Dumbledore and McGonagall! I thought you balanced the conversation well and that the tone was just right for it (I also love the name Beowulf for an owl!). It reminded me a bit of the books when Minerva worries about her students and when Molly worries about how much the kids will be told about what's going on in the war. I'm intrigued about what they'll find out about the attack, if anything, and I was surprised by how many curses were used to attack the poor owl! I can understand James not wanting to worry his parents with the information, particularly as you've managed to introduce their deteriorating health without making it really obvious.

Aw, Butterscotch is adorable! It made me really want a kitten, which is strange since I normally much prefer dogs! I love the way that the James and Lily are starting to become so in tune with each other and are thinking along the same lines about things without actually adapting their opinions to match the other's.

How do you manage to characterise Petunia perfectly through her writing a letter? Every word that I read was just so perfectly matched to her, the way that she only answered the letter because she wanted to avoid Vernon seeing the 'strange' form of communication that wizards use. No matter how much Petunia was trying to seem like she didn't care at all about Lily, I think it did come through in the fact that she didn't 'object' to her attending the wedding or meeting Vernon beforehand. When she said that Vernon had accepted her abnormality, I did find myself wondering how much Petunia has actually told him about Lily and the world that she's become a part of, since he seems so ignorant of it in the books. From this letter I got the impression that it wasn't a lot.

I can understand why James felt so protective of Lily and I love the fact that they're both going to go together. He also couldn't understand the fact that Lily still wanted to go and see her sister, even though the letter made it sound like Petunia couldn't care less - I wonder if part of the reason is because James is an only child and can't understand the relationship between Petunia and Lily, no matter what has happened between them.

I'm so excited to see what the meeting will be like, and I'm happy that James is going with Lily! I suppose that this will be the famous dinner when James and Lily meet Vernon and Petunia that's mentioned in canon? I'm really looking forward to see how you write it!

The kiss! With the title for this chapter I thought that maybe they'd come to some sort of agreement similar to the one that they did arrive at, but I didn't really expect them to kiss already! I thought the way that you built up to the moment was so perfect, and it was hesitant at first but then evolved naturally into something more.

I'm pleased that Lily admitted that they had both made the move and didn't make James feel guilty at all for having kissed her. I'm not sure how they're going to work with this agreement they've both come to, but I'm so pleased that they both actually admitted their feelings to each other, and that Lily told him what has been holding her back so far. I know that things won't go smoothly all the time when they get together, but I feel like the closer they get now and the more they know about each other is going to help them when they eventually do get together! There were so many James/Lily feels at the end of this chapter and you've put a massive smile on my face while I read this!

Sian :)

Author's Response: Yay! I've been SO EXCITED for you to get to this chapter!

I know, I was pretty happy to keep Lily away from Alrek, too. hehehe. Can't let that slime get too close to my Lily! *huggles*!

I LOVED writing the tense sort of nature at the beginning of this chapter, and am so excited about how you summed up what was going on with the guys. Those are the things I wanted to get across, and you always make me feel like I'm saying what I want to and it just makes me so happy. I want to send you cake or something, haha!

Hahhaha I can't help it!!! Putting in those sort of ironic lines is too tempting!! I'm not the one that betrayed them, Sian! Yell at Peter! hehehe.

Aww I'm so, so relieved that the fact that they're depending on one another and trusting each other more than they even realize is coming across. You know how I am with these two. I want to show how real it is, how much their relationship means to both of them, and that it wasn't just a convenience thing. So the fact that you're seeing that closeness between them makes me want to hug/squeeze/send you cake even more :P

I am so with you on preferring dogs! My twitter account is basically a hundred million pictures of my puppy, haha! I love kittens, but wish they'd stay that way :P!

Ahhh I'm so happy you like Petunia!! I was super scared to write her. I still think that, though Lily and Petunia never would have been close, maybe they could have built up some sort of relationship if given the time. Maybe Lily could have talked Petunia into divorcing Vernon and then she wouldn't have been quite so terrible :P

Yes yes! This will be the dinner mentioned in canon!!! I'm so excited for you to read it. I think, out of all the chapters, the few surrounding the dinner are my favorite.

Aw I'm so happy you liked all the J/L feels at the end of this!!! You're seriously making my day. Responding to these reviews has put me in the bet mood ever ♥

Thank you so much!!!

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