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Review:Zis ees my favoreete pairing een zee 'ole zworld. says:



It feels a bit like everything is coming full circle, back to Hogwarts where it all began. The reunion was so fitting, in a dark dungeon on Halloween night, the only light being an odd blue-green potion Severus is brewing. WHY DID HE MAKE HER GO HOME. I WAS EXPECTING SOME REALLY MATURE THEMES TO TRANSPIRE. djfffjffksdjk. !!!

!!! !!! !!!

Severus! He's back! The REAL Severus, none of that cold, sneering Snape who thinks the sun shines out of Lily's butt. Immediately, as soon as he looked at her with recognition, I could feel the hard-shelled atmosphere of the twenty-two previous chapters of this story shatter into a billion little pieces, mood restored to the warmth of Beth-and-Severus we've all been missing so much. ♥ ♥ ♥ It's perfect. It's perfect, perfect, perfect. The only thing that dampened their reunion was the knowledge of what is happening out there right now, simultaneously, and that while one of the marauders is finding happiness, another is dying; and nothing will ever, ever be the same. I'm glad Beth got to experience this moment before that happened, or it would have been horribly tainted. Beth has had to deal with too much grief and sadness and hopelessness and she really, really deserved to enjoy this moment with Severus. Tomorrow for her is going to be an absolute nightmare.

And now I'm scared to death for the next update.

It was so lovely to see Severus smile again, and it just reaffirmed how much his character needed a Beth. I'm so glad you gave him that happiness because his life in canon was truly miserable - pining over a ghost for sixteen years, living every step of his life for the memory of a girl who didn't even love him back. That commitment and devotion deserved to be reciprocated. He deserved a girl who would break into Hogwarts for him, steal memories from the most powerful wizard in the world, and put them in his hands. He was ignorant and Severus is almost alien when he's ignorant about anything, so the whole time he was without this information it felt like he was walking sideways. I AM JUST SO GLAD HE'S NO LONGER IN THE DARK AND BETH TOOK THE INITIATIVE TO PULL HIM OUT OF IT.

♥ Squee forever. ♥

Author's Response: I HAVE BEEN WAITING SO LONG FOR YOU TO READ THIS. ♥ It really is coming back full circle, writing the escapades of someone through the corridors of Hogwarts again. I really miss writing about the castle and what goes on inside it. :( Mature themes, eh? I will sit here and rock back and forth and cackle a bit. That is all.

By the time I reached this point in writing this book, it felt like so long since I'd written the REAL Severus (let's pretend this isn't totally my own version of him in the first place) that I was totally scared I'd forgotten how. It was... incredibly nerve-wracking, actually. But somehow these two chapters with Beth in the castle are some of my favorites just because they are some of the only ones that turned out nearly EXACTLY as I'd pictured them from the beginning, as soon as I knew where this story was going. I'm so glad, too, Beth got to see Sev before finding out what comes next; I just wanted her to be happy, so very happy, and I'm getting all emotional thinking about what I put her through.

HE REALLY NEEDED A BETH, THOUGH. HE REALLY, REALLY DID. He and Sirius are two of the most unhappy characters in canon, and now we have teamed up to give them their happiness and I am sort of angry at J.K. Rowling for making him so hung up on Lily in canon. No matter what he truly is, he is someone who has a huge ability to love (though some will disagree with me) -- and he deserves someone who loves him back.

*copious weeping*

♥ I can't say enough how much your reviews mean to me. You're probably sick to death of hearing it, but I am not sick of saying it, because I don't want you to forget the impact you've had on this story and how hugely you've helped me in planning and writing it. Seriously. You are amazing.


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