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Review:nott theodore says:

I think that a lot of authors forget that one of the biggest lures of the books is the fact that we get to learn about magic at the same time that Harry does; I love the fact that you're including these class scenes in the story and that you manage to write them in such an interesting and compelling way! It's quite a nice calm chapter to read after all the revelations in the last one! But it's great that even when you include these scenes you develop the plot and the characters during them.

The Tachycardia Curse was a great invention - seriously, how do you manage to come up with these things? The explanations that you included about how it works were so interesting and believable (to be honest, I know absolutely nothing about that sort of thing but I'm sure it all makes sense to those who do!). I'm glad that Abigail was kind of taught a lesson today, because she has to go further than what she's been told to do in order to earn points. Remus and Lily coming up with the answers felt right and I liked the inventiveness of Remus's answer!

Also, the mention of Butterscotch was so cute! Every time that he appears I get an adorable reminder of what James has done for Lily ♥ The bit with Alice keeping Frank in line really made me laugh - those sorts of jokes help to remind me that this group is just a group of normal teenagers living their lives in the midst of a war.

The potions lesson was really fascinating to read about. It was great to see Lily so absorbed in her work as one of the few facts we know from canon is that Lily was brilliant at potion. That lesson showed her intelligence and her analytical thinking; I can imagine her becoming a healer and it's going to be interesting to see if she ever gets to pursue a career or if the war will prevent her from doing so. The water egg was something that seems to fit so perfectly with the world of HP that I wouldn't be surprised if JK had invented it, the way that you described the properties in depth.

Aw, Lily noticing about the way Belle and Sirius were working together was so cute! They seem like they'd make a great couple (although I can imagine there will be some pretty fiery arguments between them) with the way that they work together - it was made even sweeter by the fact that neither of them realised they were being watched by Lily (or us, of course!).

Thank you so much for not making Peter a complete dunce! "He was usually very capable at potions" I know I've said this in previous reviews but your characterisation of Peter is so refreshing to read. You're actually making me like him in this, which is a real achievement since I hate the way he betrayed his friends. It's going to be hard for me when it gets to that point, but at the moment I'm pretty content to like him and see him as the good friend that he is here.

The invites to the party! Oh, Lily was so brave to ask James to go with her, and of course it just had to be at a time when he couldn't go because his best friend is turning into a werewolf - and he can't even give her a proper excuse because she doesn't know about Remus' condition yet! You wrote their feelings so well there, and they just fit perfectly. I felt so sorry for James and Lily at the same time!

I really enjoyed the boys working out a plan to try and persuade James to actually go to the party with Lily. It's sweet to see how much they care about him and his chance with Lily - it's not always easy to put your friends first in a situation like that, especially when it could potentially put Sirius and Peter in danger if they can't control Remus. And at the same time James is worried about what will happen to them if he lets them go alone, but is torn because of the opportunity to go to the party with Lily. I really think you write the friendship better than any of the other writers I've read on this site, and they're just so sweet here!

I was also really happy to get an explanation about why they hadn't told Frank about Remus or why he didn't transform with them. It's not a question that had been annoying me or anything, but since they seem like really good friends and have all lived together for seven years, it was good to get that explanation about why the Marauders are closer and have secrets they haven't shared with Frank.

Oh dear, nothing is ever going to be simple where James and Lily are concerned, is it? I know that they can't get together already, but I just want them to be able to have a nice night in each other's company! But no, of course Alrek has to come along and claim Lily as a date (okay, it was technically the other way around, but still...) so poor James gets upset and Lily is going to the party with a Death Eater. I definitely feel like Alrek's going to get closer to the group and they won't realise that he is actually dangerous to them. Maybe the boys might start to suspect something, probably just because of the threat to James and Lily, but I'm still worried!

This letter from Petunia is so interesting! The fact that someone has tried to read the letter is intriguing, and I wonder if it's because they know that it's James' owl or just that people are trying to check mail going into the castle. One thing I'm grateful for in being so behind is that I know I can read on straight away and find out what's going to happen!

Sian :)

Author's Response: Hi my darling! I hope you've seem my mentions in statuses about being away, but if you haven't, that's why this response has taken so damn long! I'm going all around the country right now and visiting family, and trying so hard to keep up with HPFF stuff but apparently not doing so well :P

Aw I'm so excited that you liked the class scenes! I have so much fun making up curses and spells and all that, hehe. And I totally agree about Abigail needing a nice little reminder that she's not all that. I had a hard time deciding if I wanted Remus or Lily to give that answer, but it felt better for Remus to.

I was terrified people would quit half way through the potions lesson because, well, I don't think everyone likes learning about magic stuff as much as I do *hides* So I'm really relieved that you liked the potions lessons! And the water egg! You're making me blush over here, missy.

Yeah I'm with you on not being able to stand when Peter is made into a complete dunce. I'm so excited you're warning up to him, and if I'm able to write it how it is in my head, I think you'll feel more sorry for him than angry at him when the betrayal finally happens. Not that there are any excused for what he did, but I do hope to show it from a different perspective. Also, I hope this response is making sense. I'm currently have some younger cousins running in and out and trying to tune them all out and respond to your amazingness!

Aww Sian! Your compliment about how I write friendship is such a huge deal to me! I love that aspect of the relationships in marauders era just as much as the romances. Seriously, can I just come squeeze you?!

Hahaha no! Things can't be simple with James and Lily! What kind of fun would that be?! :P

Thank you so much for another amazing review, Sian! I'm really trying to get caught up on responses, so hopefully you'll see more from me! I'm in California until next week, then will be back in Idaho for a week and a half before going back to NY, but in Idaho I'll have a lot more time so hopefully I'll be back on the forums and in the CR lots!

Thank you so much again, m'dear ♥

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