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Review:GinnyPotterForever says:
Wow. You've done it again. Left me utterly speechless at the brilliance of your mind.

Dumbledore was a character who was always ready to give people second chances, be it Hagrid, Snape or Malfoy. But this, what you've brought out here, this is where that is shattered. Why didn't Dumbledore even TRY to find out Sirius's side of the story?

This question is completely applicable to canon as well, and the fact that millions of Potterheads have never asked it before (or at least, I've never thought of it that way) shows how much we trust Dumbledore to make the right decisions. In the first four books, he was ever-ready with an explanation of anything under the sun. Then in OoP we realise he can make mistakes and in HBP he dies. It's not until Deathly Hallows that we see how manipulative Dumbledore actually is, how much he leaves on chance, how he burdens people with tasks they cannot imagine themselves doing. My opinion on Dumbledore was mixed - a leader who can make mistakes and did whatever he could to make things right - but that was before this.

Sirius is my favourite character in the whole series, so pardon me if I'm a bit partial to him. When he got captured after Pettigrew blew up the street, he believed that he would be given a trial. But when he was taken to Azkaban, he probably wondered why no one fought for him - and came to the conclusion that everyone genuinely believed he betrayed James and Lily. But then this little thing comes up - Dumbledore gave Snape a trial but not him. I think what's biting him is the fact that SNAPE was given a second chance and not him. Snape, who's done some pretty horrible things, as Sirius points out.

Oh, did I mention that I absolutely HATE Fudge? I didn't? Oh well, now you know.

Gawain Robards. I was jumping with glee when he finally found Marlene and Pettigrew. Moody's reaction is brilliant - even he wants to believe Sirius, he just needed that tiny nudge to do so.
Marlene is so confused right now! She's obviously feeling really really guilty about trying to kill an innocent man - that too one who she knew and loved. And now she's scared of him, of what he'll say to her. Sirius has decided to actively ignore her, as we know already, and she was confused by his behaviour. But now, once she does pull herself together, she's going to want to apologize. If Sirius doesn't forgive her, I don't think anyone would blame him.

Moody and Scrimgeour grinning - they just love the fact that Fudge is going to go nuts in a couple of seconds. And the joke about chewing the furniture was a good speed breaker in the otherwise 'Sirius' chapter ;-) :-D

Then there's Harry with the fulfillment of the life-debt. How Harry knew that he had to order Pettigrew to spill, I don't understand, since all he knew was that he had power over Pettigrew. Maybe he just tried his luck.
It looked like dark magic, and anyone would guess the Imperius Curse was in play. Maybe Dumbledore understands what was going on. A tricky plot point - Pettigrew can't reveal anything about his time at the Malfoys, but Harry can. When Sirius and Remus - and probably Dumbledore - ask him about what happened, is he going to say he heard Snape and Narcissa talk about it? That's going to put everyone in trouble - especially Snape, who was lying to Dumbledore.

Finite. Another tie to James, who had also used Finite to end the 'shut up' order on Snape. Brilliant:-) It's like you play connect the dots!

Other crimes to be convicted for? Hasn't Sirius suffered enough? Now Fudge wants to convict him for becoming an Animagus to help a friend??? Did I mention I hate Fudge?
Hopefully, the sentence will be covered by the years he already spent in Azkaban.

Remus saying sorry to Dora is so sweet. Dora must have been on the edge the entire trial, with her believing Sirius was guilty and Remus was helping him. And then he's not, so she's feeling betrayed by Remus. She's spent so much time with him, helping him, telling him her secrets, and now, she finds out he didn't trust her the same way. But he couldn't - she's an Auror, if she knew, she would be duty bound to say something at the Ministry.

Sirius is angry at Dumbledore and wants him to stay away. Dumbledore is in the blame for everything after the war - from Azkaban to Harry ending up with the Dursleys. But there'll be a time when Sirius will need to forgive him. Because who else will know what to do with Voldemort's Horcruxes?

Like I said, you've blown my mind today, given me a lot to think about. The chapter was absolute genius:-)

Waiting eagerly for the next chapter!!

Author's Response: Haha, aww, really? :D
He is always so forgiving, but for some reason, he couldn't do that for Sirius. I think it was probably because he was so close to Lily and James, and because he believed that Sirius actually murdered his best friend, but still... in canon, he wasn't willing to talk to Sirius (and Sirius probably wasn't willing to share) until Sirius was awaiting the Kiss in Flitwick's office. In this, Dumbledore wasn't really willing until Sirius had been caught as well. I love Dumbledore, but I don't think he's ever really made the right decisions for Sirius (Azkaban, keeping him cooped up in Grimmauld...)
Sirius is incredibly upset that Dumbledore wasn't willing to give him a chance, and the fact that it was Snape who got one in his stead... well, it doesn't help matters. He, as he said, still likes and respects Dumbledore, but he knows he shouldn't trust him, at least for the moment. :(
Haha, you definitely aren't the only one. :P
Robards is starting to grow on me - I think he's a very fair character (probably a Hufflepuff) - and I'm glad it was him who found Peter; anyone else would probably have gone after Marlene, and left Peter for later. Haha, yes, all he needed was a nudge. :)
Marlene's story arc has only just begun, I'm afraid, and it's probably going to get worse before it gets better; she knows exactly what she's done, and she also knows that there's probably not a lot she can do to fix it. :S
Haha, yes, like I said, you're not the only one who isn't a fan of Fudge... :P
That's exactly it - Harry had no idea what he was doing, and he was just going off of what he'd overheard and hoping for the best. :P It definitely looked bad - to anyone that was paying attention. There's going to be quite a bit of discussion about that. :P
Haha, it was an allusion to James - it's absolutely awesome that you pick up on little details like this! :D Thank you! :D
I think the Ministry (and Fudge) feel rather cheated and embarrassed, and they're probably going to try to pin something on Sirius, just to make sure he doesn't look completely innocent. :S Sirius will probably point that out, yes. :P
Remus and Dora have reached quite a complicated point in their friendship. To Dora, it seems like a lot of the trust she thought was there never really existed; I don't blame her for that, because it's a huge secret, but at the same time, he couldn't risk telling her, and I think she'll realise that eventually. :)
Sirius and Dumbledore have a lot to sort through, that's for sure. :S
Haha, yay! :D I'm so glad you enjoyed it!
The next chapter's up!
Thank you so much for the review!

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