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Review:Pheonix Potioneer says:
I think Rose and Albus, or the Professors, need to do something to get Blackburn more confident. I know she isn't really popular right now (Okay, bit of an understatement) but she shouldn't let these people get to her! She needs a self-confidence boost. Really, she must understand that not ALL people are prejudiced against werewolves. It just happens that the people who are prejudiced are speaking out.

Albus is different than his father in many ways. He isn't very confident, for one. I think he inherited that part from his Uncle Ron.

You forgot to put a period at the end of, "She'd never shown any particular interest in playing Quidditch in the past".

I'm actually beginning to actually be pleased that Albus didn't have high hopes. It makes him so much happier, and if he gets rejected, he won't be as devestated. (I hope he makes it though!)

I wonder what will happen if he does makes it, and he gets to play James? That will be exciting!

Ooooh, I wonder what punishment Professor Sinistra will give to the Slytherin students. I hope it's bad. Really, disrespecting the dead? Tsk tsk.

I think you did that mainly to show all the anti-werewolf feelings. If they are willing to fire spells at a statue, and parents send threats in howlers, then Professor Blackburn better watch her back. Dun dun dun. (Oooh! I just thought of sometjing! What if the mystery is that Blackburn is attacked and they can't figure out who is doing it!)

Great chapter, and I can't wait for the results of the Quidditch tryouts!

Author's Response: Yeah, Blackburn really needs more confidence. Her self-esteem is worse than Remus's, I think. Like I said, I've a whole backstory for her and there are reasons why getting the job in Hogwarts meant an awful lot to her (Umbridge's laws about employing werewolves have been repealed obviously, but between the prejudice and the whole being out sick once a month, it's still not that easy for a werewolf to get a job) and now she's worried about losing it.

And yeah, she's definitely underestimating the level of support she has.

That, of course, was what Neville was trying to do by asking her to babysit. I mean, he did really want somebody to babysit, but he was making up the part about everybody else he could ask being busy. He just wanted to show her he trusted her, like the way Remus asked him to take on the boggart after Snape put him down or the fake Moody brought up that stuff about how good he was at Herbology. I thought he'd have a good understanding of how it feels to lack confidence.

There is probably a limit to what Rose and Albus can do, as they are only 12 and she's a teacher, though Rose will probably have a go and Albus may well get dragged into it, though he'd probably be nervous about butting into a teacher's business like that. He rarely really speaks up to Rose though.

And yeah, I got the impression Albus was a more sensitive character from the epilogue, plus I like the idea of Harry's children not necessarily having his confidence and abilities.

Your mention of Ron is amusing actually, because I think I mentioned I wrote a story before the last two books came out where Harry has a son who is a bit like how I imagine Albus? Well, it ended with Ron talking to Harry's son about how he'd felt inadequate when he was at school as well.

And thanks for pointing out the mistake. You're observant. *laughs at editing a chapter to add in a full stop* I'll see if there's anything else could be changed while I'm doing it. Actually, I already have it in the queue for editing, so adding another edit is probably a good thing.

I was actually considering making James a Beater at one stage, so then if Albus made the team, he'd have to throw Bludgers at him. *laughs*

And yes, showing the anti-werewolf feelings is one reason for that treatment of the statue of Remus. It's also to introduce a few possible suspects. After all, those three sure seem like possible A.W.L. supporters.

And you're sort of onto something about Blackburn being attacked. It's definitely a possibility.

Can you imagine how she'd react if that happened though? It would convince her all the more that everybody hates her.

Thank you so much for this review. I love getting reviews from you. You always seem to comment on the things I want to see how people feel about or if they've noticed. And I love your theories.

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