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Review:MargaretLane says:
*laughs* One thing both our versions of Rose have in common is bossiness.

I actually did laugh out loud at David claiming Albus had just imagined Rose yelling at him. It's even more ridiculous when he is doing exactly what she is supposed to have said.

*laughs at James* He reminds me a bit of my brother whenever we have a chocolate cake. He complains he doesn't like chocolate and that eating it is a chore, but still always eats it.

I'd actually like to see more of Dominique in your story. She sounds a bit of an interesting character. But I guess there are 6 and a half stories to go, so plenty of time.

Hmm, David's "probably not" intrigues me. I mean, yeah, most people wouldn't want to write to a complete stranger asking for something, but David strikes me as somebody who'd be an exception to that rule. He seems to have plenty of cheek. Plus I feel the fact you brought it up is relevant. *ponders* I don't see what it CAN mean, but I've a feeling there's SOMETHING.

*laughs* Funny to think of Albus being more excited by school presents than Rose is. I like it though. After all, she can't be excited by every subject. Nobody is, except maybe Hermione, and even she wasn't interested in Divination.

I also like the fact Albus isn't too good at Defence Against the Dark Arts, since more stories seem to have that as his best subject. I don't think I've ever seen an Albus who was good at Potions, but not Defence before. I like characters to have strong and weak points, rather than everybody either being good at all subjects or bad at them all or good at all aspects of a subject or bad at all.

Fuchs seems nice.

I would like to see more of the teachers in this. Apart from Dire, I'm not too familiar with them. I've had to look back over the chapter they're introduced a few times to figure out who taught a particular subject or something.

Fawley sounds nice too. Albus isn't doing too badly as regards teachers.

Author's Response: Why do I get distracted so easily? Right after I recieved your latest PM, I started reading the story you recommended, Albus Potter and the Global Revelation. I've been reading that for the past few days, all the way through what's up of book four, instead of doing useful things. Oh well, at least I'm here now.

I think a lot of people have Rose be smart and bossy. She inherited a bit of a bad temper from her parents as well. Poor David. Rose hates him for being so annoying.

I love chocolate. My mom loves chocolate as well, I inherited that from her. We're both crazy about chocolate. The more chocolate, the better. My brother, on the other hand, is a vanilla person. I don't get him at all.

Dominique is an interesting character. Very interesting. She is in a family of heroic Weasleys, with a stunningly beautiful mother, and a cool dad. Her sister Victoire is beautiful, smart, Head Girl, and she has a steady boyfriend. Her brother, Louis, is cool and funny, and a likeable person by all. This all has an effect on Dominique's character.

David is very confident and comfortable around people he knows. When meeting strangers, however, he is nervous and wary. The reason this wasn't showed during the feast, however, was because David was so eager and excited he temporarily forgot to be nervous. You may find more about David's personality later. He is a very complex character, although it doesn't really seem like it.

Rose is good at subjects like Charms and Transfiguration. Potions? Not so much. She is still a wonderful student in all of her classes, she just likes Charms the most. And Albus is top of the class in potions (Very far ahead, Albus is an expert at Potions) so naturally, he would be much more excited about all the potion things than Rose.

I wanted Albus to be good at Potions because I like Potions. Or, I would, if I went to Hogwarts.

Albus isn't particularly bad at Defense, he's just bad at any subject that requires spell-casting. He's perfectly fine at the practical part, as well. Albus is rather bad at pronunciation, so he has trouble casting the spells. And once he says the words properly, he casts the spells perfectly. Don't worry, Albus will find his way around this obstacle eventually.

Good suggestion. I really should mention more teachers. I guess it's because they're not very interesting, and what's happening in Albus's outside life is much more exciting. I think I'll try to include more classes in the future.

Thanks for the review, and especially for the suggestion!

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