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Review:patronus_charm says:
So true! ĎIt had all come down to this.í Gah, 22 whole chapters and here we are! If Iíve been waiting anxiously for this Beth, I dread to think how youíve been feeling! I just realised something though, Dumbledoreís meant to be borrowing the Cloak on Halloween but if Bethís going to get it the mystery only thickens!

Ok so why is James there? Heís meant to be getting killed, unless something falls through and he has to go back earlier. E.g. Dumbledore catches them, gets the cloak and James goes home. Hmm, I just donít know! I liked having the three of them all reunited for one last time though, it was really nice to see that they had a final farewell. Also, the fact that Remus not being there works well with the traitor idea and obviously I know what Peterís up to.

Wait. James just left. Perhaps he has gone home then. The final scene with him chuckling about getting the password out of Dumbledore was really perfect. I really donít want this series to end because I wonít be able to read your Marauders anymore. Youíll have to carry on writing lots of Marauders stories, Rachel!

Your descriptions of Hogwarts seemed a lot more terrifying and scary this time round. Obviously, itís Halloween so itís bound to be like that but it tied in with my idea that something is going to go very, very wrong. Then Bethís precise thoughts about what she had to do just confirmed my fears about it.

All the Hogwarts things and this chapter was perfect though! With the map, Peeves and Filch it really felt as if the story had come to a full circle from them being innocent students here, to Beth breaking in to get Snapeís memories back. I just hope that Beth and Snapeís relationship wonít be kept to how it was at the beginning.

When she was thinking of Snape and whether he did love her, it made me aw so much. Seeing their relationship progress has been one of the best things about this story, which is good considering it is a Snape/OC one :P Ok that didnít really make sense, but what I mean to say is that youíve really made me ship Sneth, Rachel! I never thought I would ship someone with Snape but you made it happen. Now, I just have to hope that my fears about something bad happening are wrong.

ĎAnd there it was.í! Moment Iíve been waiting since February I think! I actually thought Fawkes was going to ruin the moment then and I was already to scream insults at the bird, but thank Merlin it didnít! Fawkes was even nice enough to get a thank you.

Iím actually sitting on the edge. I canít think. Where is the cloak? I was actually innocent to think that everything was going to be ok, but no. Then the students being out of bed made everything even worse. The suspense was brilliant, it was just unwanted, though that is a biased view :P

Gah ĎHeís in the castle.í All reason and logic went out of the window at that point. I mean, I knew Snape was going to be a teacher there I just didnít connect up the dates. This really complicates things! Is Beth going to go after him now? Is she going to go to James and Lily and save them? Is she just going to flee?

Too many things you wonít tell me! I need the next chapter now! ♥


Author's Response: It's probably been worse for you guys, because I always knew what was going to happen... but then again, I'm very nervous to hear your reactions, because this is a BIG moment! The Cloak and how the map comes into Filch's hands are both explained away, I promise. And now I will bite my nails until the end of the book, because I can't wait to see what everyone thinks!

I think that, if I do ever return to write another big HPFF book (and I don't really have any ideas right now), it just might have something to do with the Marauders. I just can't give them up easy. And, of course, sprinkle it with characters like Filch and Peeves and Sir Cadogan, who are some of the best bits about writing fan fiction. I love getting to play with them and make them say funny things!

I am really just glad to have reached the point in the series where Snape and Beth have (or had, at least) some semblance of an actual relationship. I feel like getting up in the faces of early readers and being all, "SEE. I told you so!" But that's not a very attractive thing to do, and so I'll desist.

All logic is gone from Beth's mind for sure. And I just can't reveal why! But chapter 23 is up now, after some heart-stopping events of the past 24 hours, and it won't be much longer before you know the proper answers. Don't fret!

Thank you for reviewing! ♥

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