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Review:Cirque Du Freak says:

I'm so sorry this is late, it's been a rough couple of days, but I am here now to finally review this beauty. ♥

I'll be very honest with you - I had seen you had Fraternization as one of your favourites and when I saw you were doing swaps I thought maybe it'll get her to read my latest chapter if she hasn't seen it yet. :P You don't know how much I squeled when I saw you had favourited my Chudley considering I, too, am a silent reader of Down Comes The Night. (':

I thought I would go ahead and try and see if I can review every chapter seeing as I need to re-read the whole thing before reading chapter 9.

You have a wonderfully solid start here and it really pulls me in - we don't know an awful lot of Hufflepuff's (or any of the Founders) childhood so it was really refreshing to see your take on it and how you interpreted it as. I'm not going to lie - after this chapter I was half and half not exactly sure whether I loved Huffindor or Slytherpuff more. I was very conflicted, I remember!

I love the way you've written all the characters - I've always done well to steer well away from the Founders, mostly because I just don't think I have it in me to give them the justice they deserve. I think I really would butcher them with my sort of writing. You've done it ever so well and really this has the first story that was longer than a one-shot that I have thoroughly enjoyed.

I like the interactions with all four characters and you separate them and define their personalities very well when there's a scene that begs them all to be present. I feel like Rowena's lack of conversing in the chapter is well done seeing as she seems the type to speak with clarity and reason and not with idleness. She speaks when something is called for otherwise she doesn't see a reason to.

The argument of allowing Muggle borns with Salazar and Gryffindor I think was really important to uphold and you've still put the huge bond between them yet include the hostility and the tension that the subject brings in Salazar's character and attitude.

The last interaction with Salazar and Helga, I think, are one of my favourites - it shows Helga in a new light and Salazar can clearly see that there is something off about her when it comes to her magical ability. It's clear from here that Helga is rarely interrupted in her classes that her magical ability is only shown in small form and mostly to her students. And here Salazar thinks even less of her. It's nice to see the arrogant get their comeuppance.

I still love the banter between Helga and Godric - I think they have a really admirable friendship (here come the feels for them again).

This, as I'm sure you can guage from my review, was a lovely chapter and I'll make sure to not be such a stranger and come praise you some more again!

Hannah ♥

Author's Response: Hannah! I'm so sorry to be so late in responding to this beastly (by which I mean, fantastic) review! Thank you so much for the swap, and I'm so glad we turned out to be mutual favorites :). And I definitely wouldn't complain if you wanted to review all the chapters, but I'm especially excited for you to get to chapter 9!

You're not the only one to bring up Godric/Helga after reading this chapter, and I have to say it's an interesting possibility. It had actually never occurred to me before, so I'm always a little shocked that people see something between them! But that's the fun thing about stories; everyone reads them a little differently :) I'm so happy you like this first glimpse of the Founders. It's been really fun to explore them, especially as the story goes on. I love that you found them all to be distinctive even in this first chapter! I've done a LOT of editing since I first posted it, and maybe it's paying off :)

The Muggle-born argument was a recent addition; some reviewers suggested more dialogue to break up the monotony at the beginning, and I thought that would be an important thing to add. The Founders have their differences, but they are very focused on what's best for Hogwarts.

I love the kitchen scene too! At this point in the story, Salazar and Helga definitely don't understand each other. He can't see anything special about her, so naturally he assumes that there's nothing special there. And Helga, easy-going as she is, won't let that stand. I'm with you; I love that moment when he starts to see her in a different way :)

Aww, Helga/Godric feels! That is the last thing I expected to hear when I started writing this. Haha I love it!

Thank you so much for the lovely review, Hannah! I'll definitely keep looking out for updates on Fraternization...I really do love reading it! Thanks again for the swap, it was so much fun!


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